06 Apr 2021
10 Best Places to Visit in NorthEast
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Are you looking for the most satisfactory places to travel in the northeast for a honeymoon? Look no more because we have made a list of the 10 best places for a honeymoon in 2021. We have collected all details regarding places to travel. If you want to spend some time with your partner in a cozy place. Then your choice is perfect as the northeastern part of India. Here, you get beauty and solitude mixed in a perfect blend. You even get a combination of elegant and adventurous voyages depending on your choice. 

Do you prefer dwelling in luxurious resorts? Ain't no need to worry because we got you covered. While you want to spend time with your partner, it is best to explore a world of gorgeous panoramas. Do you hate sitting idle, even when on vacation? Then, walk around the towns full of magnificence and grace that comes naturally. You would find many such places in the list of towns we've created.

Do you wish to have a honeymoon that you remember for your whole life? Then, you should choose a location that gives you memories to cherish. You can choose the locations perfect for trekking if you like an adventure. This would make you closer to your partner as well and you would get quality time in a stunning environment. The North-East is a perfect place for newly-wed couples. Here you would get to know your partner, as well as to enjoy their company in a quiet habitat. And if you want to spice up your relationship with a second honeymoon, you would get the best places for a second honeymoon here. 

Our list contains the most exotic, romantic, authentic, adventurous, out-of-world, and all-inclusive honeymoon destinations of the North-Eastern part of the country and they also have been counted as the best in the whole of India. The list also contains the best places for a honeymoon on a budget if you have a rigid allowance. 

1. Shillong

The capital of Meghalaya is the fairest of all the spots as well as a personal favorite on the list. This spot gains attraction from all kinds of tourists. Be it adventure preferring soul, or silence loving soul the capital welcomes all. 

Things to do 

Cozy and hazy mornings make the grace of Indian Scotland much more gorgeous. You can boat in Umiam lake, visit Nohkalikai Falls, Kayak in Kynshi, fish in the Dawki river, and try local cuisine. Lake Haydari park has quite many adventures to offer. The Elephant falls offers the most impressive arena to enjoy. You can take a walk around the city. Because the atmosphere here is adequate most of the time, you would enjoy the trip around town even on foot. 

The famous cuisines are available at any local motels or restaurants. Mainly you would find Khasis cuisines, Tibetan cuisines, and local influenced Christian cuisines.

2. Guwahati 

Looking for the most romantic place where you can lock hands with your spouse? Guwahati welcomes you. Because of the cold climate of the capital of Assam, it is the best and a favorite getaway for couples. 

Things to do 

The city offers you famous temples, cruise sailing, Wildlife tours, shopping, and picnic at the zoo. The most famous thing in the city is to travel to the temples and shrines. 

The temples like Kamakhya Temple, Navagraha Temples, and Umananda Temple serve as the most beautiful sites of the city. Being at the top of the hill Kamakhya Temple presents the most spectacular views. Built-in the 18th century the pilgrim called Navagraha Temple is an astronomical center. It is one of the best places in Guwahati to explore. The Umananda Temple has the most beautiful engravings in the whole North-Eastern region. Not only pilgrims are special here, but the city has so much more to offer you. If you have no fear of water then just enjoy the boat ride in Umananda Temple. Although, boat rides are completely safe even if you have fear of water. Book a cruise in the river Brahmaputra. The vastness of Brahmaputra will take your breath away. Tour the wildlife of the city. The rich flora and fauna would win your heart. If you visit a new place and do not bring a souvenir, the trip is incomplete. So, you must plan to visit the street markets of the city. Planning a picnic in the zoo and botanical gardens would make your trip the best one of life. Here you would find the species, which you can not find anywhere else. 

3. Darjeeling  

Although Darjeeling is famous all over the world, it is not outdated yet. It attracts visitors from around the world. You would find it busy during the vacation season. Yet, a trip to the city situated in West Bengal with tea gardens is worthwhile.

Things to do 

Ever heard of the famous Batasia Loop? Now go visit it. Here you can ride a Toy Train around an ecological garden. The ride would also exhibit the beauty of Darjeeling and the peaks of KanchenjungaYou can visit Peace Pagoda and the Japanese Temple in Jalapahar. You can visit the Rock garden, which is also known as Barbotey Garden. Nightingale Park is one of the most renown place to plan a picnic. Visit the observatory hill and Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park. Plan a shopping trip to Nehru Market. Here you can find every kind of item. You can find all kinds of tea here. Speaking of tea, without visiting the tea valley your trip to Darjeeling would be incomplete. So, plan to visit Happy Valley Tea Estate immediately. Cable Car Ride of Darjeeling should be on your "must-to-do list", once you reach Darjeeling. You can add a visit to river Teesta to the adventure list. River Rafting in Teesta would become a lifetime experience for you. Enjoying the taste of the street food of Darjeeling, like Thukpa, Momos, etc should be top priority in your list.

4. Ziro Valley 

Situated in Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro valley does not have a lot of visitors. The same reason is a boon. If all you want to have is your spouse and solitude with you, Ziro valley would give it to you. Being Nominated to the world heritage site has now made the valley famous. 

Things to do 

Visit Talley valley, a wildlife sanctuary with the least human intervention. You can trek and hike in Midey, which is popular for its pine trees. You can pay a visit to the beautiful research center, Tipi Orchid Research Centre. The Valley has a cave temple named Meghna cave temple. Dating back to 5000 years, it was founded in 1962. You can also visit a ridge named Khile Pankh. After all of the hardship performed for climbing the ridge, you would be gifted by the beautiful views of Himalayan topsA trekking trip to Dolo Mando would be great with your partner. Make sure to visit Hapoli which is visible from the hill, after trekking. Or you can visit the twin hill Diployang and Maniipolyang famous for the grassland views. 

After all the adventure, make sure to visit the Pine grove and Bamboo grove in the Ziro Valley. Once you're done with Pine and Bamboo grove, move towards Tarin Fish farm. The farm is used to breed high-altitude fishes.

 5. Tawang 

Another destination situated in Arunachal Pradesh that is one of the best places for honeymoon couples during summer is Tawang. 

Things to do 

Tawang Monastery is located in the center of the city and could be reached from anywhere in the city. Situated in the Tawang river valley the monastery is the largest in India. The best thing to love about the monastery is its library. Although the library isn't a place you would want to take your spouse, but you can take a tour of 65 residential structures. Take a road trip in Sela pass. It is the only road that connects Tawang to the country. So wait no more and start the road trip. You would find the best scenic views of Sela lake and many other lakes from the pass. Tibetan Settlement Market is a place where you can buy various kinds of items related to Chinese and Buddhist culture. The most famous of them are the Chinese crockery and religious items of Buddhist culture.

Relish the local cuisine. The market is the place where you can also eat local cuisine. So, you must try a few local cuisines to remember the taste of Arunachal.

6. Gangtok

Believe me when I say there's nothing like Gangtok in the whole world. The out-of-world valley can pose as a dream world for love birds all over the country. The capital city of Sikkim would make your honeymoon all dreamy and exciting.

Things to do

If you want to enjoy the adventure with your soulmate, must try Paragliding in Gangtok. This is a popular activity to be done in the city. If you do not prefer to take any big risk at the first time then go trekking. The city has various trails where you can trek. If not trekking then take a cycle tour. The Valley has a rich amount of flora and fauna which is worth exploring. If you want to keep all the adventure at bay and just enjoy the silence while spending quality time with your partner. Then, you can pay a picnic visit to Seven Sisters Waterfall.

Want a bit of an extra peaceful place to visit? Then, pay a visit to the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology. The place is not only for touring, but you can also learn the peace and spirituality of Buddhist culture. Travel plans are incomplete without a road trip. And If you are one of those who believe this, then you owe a road trip to NathuLa Pass. The pass is part of the ancient Silk Road and connects India and China. Don't forget to take a Yak Safari. Which would double your fun. MG Marg is the best place in the city for shopping and dining.

7. Haflong

If I can sum up Haflong in one word I would say "delightful". Once you see the splendid scene of Assamese city you would lose your breath for sure.

Things to do

The town is full of genuine elegance. The town has every natural thing to offer. You can enjoy the beautiful Sunsets, by Lake Haflong. The town also has to offer a beautiful waterfall named Panimoor. Visit Jatinga, and if you plan to go during August and November you can attend the mysterious phenomenon of birds committing suicide. Not interested in experiencing the strange phenomenon. Then you can observe the beautiful migratory birds. One notable place to visit is the Borail wildlife sanctuary. The city offers paragliding, trekking, and shopping. The markets have antiques made of bamboo.

8. Kaziranga

Besides the Natural park, Kaziranga is also famous for its coffee and tea plantation. The best holiday gateway can prove itself as one of the best places for a honeymoon as well.

Things to do

You can enjoy the Elephant safari, Jeep safari, and bird watching. You can visit Orchid Park, Kakochang waterfall, and Tea Estate. The most exciting thing about Kaziranga is Boat Safari. The safari would give you a chance to watch Gangetic Dolphins.

9. Majuli

An incredible Island in the sturdy Brahmaputra river, Majuli is the largest river island in the entire world.

Things to do

Never miss a sunset or sunrise in Majuli. Every one of them is different from the earlier one. You can give a chance to the country boat ride. Enjoy the countryside of the Island. Spend some time with craftsmen of Samaguri Satra.

10. Lachung

If you and your spouse are feeling done with the toxic atmosphere of cities and can handle the hardships of a small town for a few days. Then, Lachung is something you should give a try to, for sure.

Things to do

Trek in Yumthang valley. Enjoy nature at Rhododendron sanctuary. Trekking at Zero point. Spend some time in Gurudongmar Lake. Travel to Naga Falls and Bhim Nala. Trek to Mount Katao and visit Chungthang Mandir. Whether you choose to go for a simple honeymoon or an adventurous one or want to spend time in cities or villages, make sure your partner wants the same as well. A honeymoon should be memorable for both partners. So before finalizing anything must ask your partner. If it is a gift from you then keep in mind what your partner can handle and what they cannot. By keeping this tiny thing in your mind you can make your honeymoon best for both of you guys.