10 Best Places to Visit In Seychelles

16 Apr 2021
10 Best Places to Visit In Seychelles
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

The world is full of gorgeous landscapes, from stunning mountains to human-made city skylines. While different people have varying tastes when it comes to locations, one area that surely appeals to many are oceanic views. Case in point, the island group of Seychelles, off the Kenyan coast of Africa. 

This archipelago nation sits atop the Indian ocean and is home to multiple plants and animals, both land and water. Overall, the stunning landscape includes 115 islets, coral atolls, and cays. Not to mention, the beaches of this archipelago nation are of diverse types. But all of them carry a distinct attractiveness about them. While there are manybest places to visit in Seychelles, you should plan your itinerary properly. 

If you are wondering what places you should check out, here is a list of the top ten Seychelles spots. Read on and begin planning your trip dates around these stunning locations. 

  1. La Digue Island 

This island is the fourth biggest island found in the Seychelles region. Frankly, its one of the obvious option you should add to your trip schedule as soon as possible. 

This island showcases the natural beauty of the coastal lifestyle in such a thoughtful manner. The gorgeous beaches with fresh white sand under your feet will make for a comfortable experience when you reach here. The beaches themselves are stunning to look a, with granite rock outcrops splattered around the coast. It adds a sense of unique yet calming aura to the area, which travelers enjoy immensely. 

Besides the beachy lifestyle, which surely is your main focus, the civilization here is worth checking out. For one thing, people travel around on oxcarts or bicycles here. So, if escaping the dull and fast city life is your goal from the vacation, this island is a lovely respite. 

There are many attractions to see at the la Digue island as well. First, go to the L’Union Estate, where you can roam around the traditional vanilla plantation and copra factory. Plus, the Veuve Nature Reserve is a good option if you enjoy watching exotic species in their habitat. Here, the one you would see is the black paradise flycatcher, an endangered bird species. 

Other adventurous options you can opt for here are rock climbing or diving activities. Also, you can take a hike along the La Pass to Grand Anse Trail for a fun-filled sightseeing opportunity. 

  • Things to Do: Sightseeing, wildlife, photography, and trekking

  1. Morne Seychelles National Park 

One of the best places to visit in Seychelles is this national park region on the island of Mahe. Indeed, the whole park takes up over 20% of the overall and is aptly touted as Seychelles's largest one. Overall, the spot is a favorite destination for many tourists and locals who enjoy natural views.

There is a chain of mountains that is present within the forested region. Here, the highest peak reaches up to 905 meters and is the namesake of this park. Overall, the stunning point looks over the area of Victoria. 

If you are one of those people who enjoy hiking a lot, there are multiple trails that you can go on. One marked trail starts from the Danzil village and reaches up towards the park. It moves through plantations and gives a view of Mahe Island's southwest side the further up you go. 

Besides that, you can take a hike along the Morne Blanc trail and see the underlying summit area is all its glory. Afterward, if you travel within the park towards the west, you would come across the Port Launay Marine and Baie Ternay parks. 

If you enjoy watching the wildlife types in an area that you visit, you would appreciate this trip highly. There are many types of birds available here, like the bulbul, Seychelles scops-owl, and sunbird.

  • Things to Do: Photography, wildlife 

  1. Mahe Island 

When you plan a trip to this area, you would hear about many of the best places to visit in Seychelles. Here, one name that is worth remembering is the Mahe Island. This place is one of the most popular spots for tourists and locals. 

There are around 65 beaches scattered around the coastline of this island. Plus, you can view the mountainous panorama of the Seychelles peaks. Of curse, the thick forests are not attractive in their rights, with diverse exotic fauna and flora.

One of the stunning factors about visiting Seychelles is the pink sands at some parts of its beaches. Plus, the granite boulders at the sides are worth checking out as well. Especially when the seawater laps against its structure, creating beautiful imagery. 

Certainly, Mahe Island gives off a very romantic vibe. If that is what your trip is for, you and your partner will make wonderful memories together. 

  • Things to Do: Sightseeing, bird-watching, sunbathing, photography, snorkeling

  1. Moyenne Island 

Nother of the best places to visit in Seychelles is Moyenne Island. This area is full of old-school ruins and leftover pirate groves. So, if you are a fan of historic artifacts and stories, this is a must-visit!

Not to mention, the island is the home place of giant tortoises who live and roam around freely here. It is situated slightly off the coast of Mahe Island. 

Previously, there was no human habitation on this island. Until, in the latter end of the 1960s, a Yorkshire editor bought the land and lived there till 2021. While it is still not a place many people can call home, Moyenne Island does bring many customers. It is a natural reserve that is the main spot for multiple types of trees like mango, mahogany, and palm trees. Also, there are 16,000 different types of plants here as well. 

If you are visiting with your family, the little ones would surely enjoy seeing the stunning tortoises. Plus, you would get the chance to feed food to these tortoises as well. There are some old-school buildings here as well, as the church of saints. The locals believe in some of the paranormal stories of such spots. Indeed, you would have a fun time listing to those stories. 

  • Things to Do- Photography, wildlife, sightseeing

  1. Aldabra Atoll 

The attraction about this spot is that the Aldabra Atoll is the biggest raised coral atoll in the world. Thus, UNESCO has even ranked it as one of the World Heritage Sites. 

Four channels connect to the lagoon in the middle. Through these channels, the lagoon fills up and even empties at least twice each day. Therefore, you can see the mushroom-shaped pinnacles when the water recedes, which are called champignons. 

There are multiple types of aquatic animals that you can see in this area, like the manta rays and tiger sharks. These usually stay near the shallow areas. Besides that, you can see many types of birds here as well. Some of the notable mentions are red-footed boobies, Aldabra sacred ibis, dimorphic egrets, Malagasy Kestrel, white-throated rail, and many more.

Plus, you would get to see many Giant Tortoises here as well; there are approximately 200,000 of them in Aldabra alone. 

  • Things to Do: Wildlife, Sightseeing, Photography

  1. Bird Island

Much like a land mostly for tortoises, in Seychelles, there is a land of birds. Indeed, Bird Island home to many migratory sooty terms. These go up in number, reaching 1,500,000 counts between the mating season. 

Thus, if you like bird-watching or wildlife photography, this is one sight you should not miss. This land was originally known as Iles Aux Vaches and is the residence of many species now. 

This place hosts many other wildlife creatures as well. Those include ground doves, noddy and fairy terms, mynas, cardinals, plovers, and crested terms. You can also go to the Seychelles bank close to this island for fishing. To reach here, you can take a half an hour flight from Mahe.

  • Things to Do- Photography, wildlife, bird-watching 

  1. Beau Vallon Beach 

One of the best places to visit in Seychelles is Beau Vallon Beach. Compared to other options, it is more of a commercial beach that visitors enjoy going to. Some of the fun water sports you can enjoy here include water skiing and jet skiing. This place is also wonderful for sightseeing, especially with the stunning Silhouette Island so close by. 

The area itself is very calming, and you would have a fun time there with your friends and travel partners. There are many resorts in the region for those who want to relax in the lap of luxury on their trip. 

  • Things to Do- Photography, sightseeing 

  1. Fregate island 

This is one of the best places to visit in Seychelles, and there are various reasons why. First of all, you would get to take part in many aquatic and adventure sports here. From yachting to scuba diving and even snorkeling, there is not much you cannot do at this spot. 

The island essentially a private spot, and those who stay here can enjoy a fun and intimate time amidst nature. One of the main draws of this island is the Anse Victorin Beach. Certainly, it is a stunning place to visit, and you can make loads of memories at this spot. 

  • Things to Do- Water Sports, Photography, Sightseeing

  1. Silhouette Island 

Another of the natural beauties of this land is the Sillhouette Island. It is the home of many wild animals and plant life, and there are many caves at this spot. Some of the species you would get to see here are skinks, turtles, chameleons, geckos, and multiple birds. 

Visitors enjoy multiple activities here as well, like snorkeling and swimming. They certainly add to the experience in a very pleasant manner. For nature lovers who enjoy exploring the lands they go to, there are beautiful trekking trails at this spot. 

You and your partners can go around this spot or walk along the different walking trails present here. Also, there are trekking routes available as well if you are more of an adventure lover. The island is made of granite with some portions of volcanic syenite as well. The inside area of this island is a national park. If you wish, you can go and visit that area.

  • Things to Do: Photography, wildlife, trekking, hiking 

  1. Cousin Island 

There is much to do and see on this island. Indeed, it is one of the best places to visit in Seychelles. There is a national reserve here called the Cousin Island Special Reserve. The institution is tasked to guard the rare Seychelles warbler bird.

Here, other endangered bird species are also kept in protection. Not to mention, this carbon-neutral nature reserve, the first of its kind, is a mating site as well. Especially, it is the mating spot for the endangered species of the hawksbill turtle. 

It is not far from Praslin Island. So, if you reach that area, you can easily launch a trip to the reserve from the island. Most tours that are already organized for visitors take 5 minutes to complete. You would learn more about the ecology of the place and learn about the different species that live here. For a fun time, this surely is one trip you should not miss when you reach Seychelles. 

  • Things to Do: Sunbathing, photography, wildlife 

When should you visit Seychelles? 

All in all, there are many places you can see in Seychelles, and the climate is more or less comfortable throughout the time. So, whenever you reach, you would like the weather. However, for particular activities, some months are better than others. These include:

  • Bird-watching- April to October 

  • Sailing- All the time 

  • Surfing- Ma to September 

  • Snorkeling- October-November and April-May are the best periods

  • Diving- September to November; March to May


Overall, there are many places to go to and many things to see in the beautiful nation of Seychelles. Plan your trip properly and take the items that you would need to this spot.