28 May 2021
10 best things to do in Uttarakhand
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Uttarakhand is nature's best work. The beauty and serenity of this place compel tourists to plan a tour here at least once in a lifetime. The site comprises an array of different activities including, adventure, spiritual, inner healing, romantic spots, which makes it a must-visit place for adventurers. People usually refer to Uttarakhand as "Devbhoomi" as it comprises spiritual places of Hindu pilgrimage such as Haridwar and Rishikesh.

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Now, Let's gear up to know the 10 best things to do in Uttarakhand:

1.      River Rafting in Rishikesh

Are you an adventure baby? Well, if your answer is Yes, then surely this place is just for you.

Adventurers and Rishikesh have a golden bond. Those who love to enjoy adventurous activities choose to visit Rishikesh. Why? Because, this place is full of water and other physical activities that can boost up your adrenaline rush. It is one of the most popular adventure destinations in India. So, if you are visiting Uttarakhand, do not skip going to Rishikesh; otherwise, you'll miss a chance to glimpse the charm of the Himalayan foothills.

The main activity which is carried in this city is River Rafting. Normally, around three stretches of river are open for the rafting activity, ranging from 9 km to 26 km area. So, if you are an adventure baby and willing to try the hardcore adventure, Rishikesh is surely your place.

People visiting Rishikesh either are pilgrims or tourists who would love to explore the adventurous side of the city.

However, the most preferred rafting route is from Rishikesh to Brahmpuri, which is just 9 km long and the shortest route available. A large number of people prefer this route as it consists of amazing abodes of beautiful scenes.

The next famous route is from Rishikesh to Shivpuri, which is 15 km long. Plus, if you are a pro adventurer and want to add an extra thrill to your rafting experience, you must opt for the longest route starting from Rishikesh to the Marine Drive route is 25 km long.

What is an Ideal time for Rafting?

All the seasons except the monsoon season ( from June to September), are best for gaining rafting experience.

During Monsoon, the waves are at a peak which can be risky, so ideal months of rafting lie between February to May, and in the winters, October and November witness the highest number of rafters.

Cost of Rafting

The cost of Rafting might range between INR 500 to INR 3000, depending upon the season and other parameters.

2.      Jim Corbett National Park

One of the oldest parks in India is the Jim Corbett National Park, which is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayan ranges. This place offers exotic flora and fauna which is why tourists love to explore this happy place. Along with that, tigers and leopards are the main attraction of this place, so your kids can enjoy and have fun at this destination. One who visits this city always comes to this place to witness the natural habitat as it's one of the best things to do in Uttarakhand.

Jim Corbett National Park was established in 1936, and it was anciently known as the Hailey National Park, but later the name got changed. This park is largely famous as it has the Royal Tiger of Bengal to witness its densely populated habitat.

The exact location of the park is alongside the Ramganga River in Northern India. The total number of species surrounding the park is somewhere around 600. The park is spread across a large area of 500 sq km and under different terrains. The existence of luxurious resorts around the park makes your stay comfortable.

Another main attraction to visit Jim Corbett National Park is the Jungle Safari. Tourists need to book the safari ride previously for any zones they would like to visit, among Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela, and Durgadevi. Pre-booking the Safari is a must so that you don't miss out on the fun due to the non-availability of tickets at the same time. There are two-time slots assigned to Safari, mainly the Early morning Safari and the Evening Safari. Why? Because tigers are most active during this period and go out searching for food during these hours of the day. However, the jungle safari's prices may vary for Indians as well as for foreigners.

What is the most suitable time to visit Jim Corbett National Park?

Depending upon your purpose of visit, there are certain time frames for different activities. If you plan your visit to the park for sighting tigers, summers would be an ideal season for your visit. On the other hand, if the purpose of your visit to this park is to sight birds, winters would be the perfect time to visit. Apart from this, visitors can plan their holiday during the monsoon season too as it's pleasant out here.

3.      Tiffin Top, Nainital

Among various spots in Nainital, Uttarakhand, this spot is the most loved spot by tourists. As the name suggests, tiffin top means that people usually come here to have their food or have a small picnic outing with their family. It is a crowded place in the peak season. Kids can play games like badminton, football, and other sports here in this park while enjoying the stunning view of the Kumaon hills.

So, if you are searching for some good places from the picnic point of view, then Tiffin Top is your destination.

·        The ideal time to visit Tiffin Top

An ideal time to visit the Tiffin top is during favourable climatic conditions. There's no such restriction in visiting this place.

4.      Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Are you looking around for some fun in the water? Eh! Head towards Kempty Falls, a waterfall that is most popular in the state of Uttarakhand. Tourists visiting Mussoorie always strike this vibrant place as it is the most prominent waterfall in India. This waterfall is edged with a high mountain cliff. This is a pristine waterfall that is present in Mussoorie. It is mainly located at the Dehradun highway and presents a beautiful cascade of water that looks like that of a milky way galaxy when it falls from a height of 40 feet. Kempty fall is surrounded by high mountain peaks and is nestled at over 4500 ft above sea level.

The view present here around this waterfall is serene and panoramic. Do not forget to take your lenses to capture the mesmerizing view of nature. People usually visit this fall for swimming and chilling as the pond at the bottom of the waterfall is an excellent spot for these activities.

Kempty Falls is located at a distance of 30 minutes from the city of Mussoorie, so you'll have to hire a private taxi or book a bus to reach this destination. The journey from the hotel room to kempty falls is itself a fantastic treat as it includes lush green sceneries with an amazing jungle view.

Also, if you plan to swim or take a quick bath at the kempty falls, you don't have to worry about where to change your clothes after a bath. Many changing rooms and washrooms are made available to the general public to avoid any inconvenience to the tourists.

· What's the ideal time to visit Kempty Falls?

Of course, the ideal and the best time to visit damp places is during the summer season between March and June as the weather is favourable and you can easily enjoy swimming activities here. Also, avoid going here in the monsoon season as the flow of water might be heavy, proving to be risky.

·        Cost of Ticket

No entry tickets

·        Daily Timings to visit

Between 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.

5.      Sonprayag

Are you on a spiritual visit and searching for the famous holy places to visit in Uttarakhand? En route towards Kedarnath Dham comes Sonprayag, which is located between Gaurikund and Rudraprayag. Sonprayag is a wonderful place, and people believe that just a dip in the water can lead them to the doors of Moksha. So, you can surely head towards this place and offer your prayers to this divine destination.

6.      Valley of flowers

Valley of flowers is located in the city of Uttarakhand and is famous for its floral diversity. So, you can surely plan a day here. As the name suggests, the Valley of flowers, it's completely like that of a valley with the accomplishment of beautiful flowers around. Photo freaks or photojournalists usually visit this place to capture the tranquillity of the site. It is mainly located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, and we are sure that these things to do in Uttarakhand would make you realize why this place is like a dream destination for all.

Uttarakhand is regarded as the Dev Bhoomi, or the land of Gods, as it is famous for its Char Dham Yatra consisting, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath.

This place is home to around 500 varieties of flowers that engages everyone in love for nature.

The quality of flowers has attained this destination to a status of a National Park and made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

·        The ideal time to visit Valley of Flowers

The Valley of flowers is all surrounded and covered by snowfall at the end of May. So, from May end till the September end, it is an ideal time here.

Also, please note that the authorities placed some restrictions for setting a temporary or a permanent camp. However, you can trek here for as long as you want.

7.      Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Rishiksh

Rishikesh is well known for its many famous activities; it is a divine destination and consists of the famous Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. It is located at a distance of 32 km away from the city of Rishikesh. It witnesses large crowd gatherings at the time of Shivratri when thousands of followers gather here to offer their prayers.

·        The ideal time to visit Mahadev Temple

The temple remains open throughout the year as people come here to offer their respect to God. However, it is feasible to visit this temple at the time of Shivratri.

8.      Camping in Kaudiyala

Rishikesh is an amazing adventurous destination with thrilling activities such as river rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, rappelling. Moreover, one should not miss the chance of camping in Kaudiyala. Amidst the beautiful Himalayan ranges, it is a complete dose of adventure which cannot be explained in words. Unlike Haridwar, Rishikesh is a place that has camping activities, and Kaudiyala is among one of them. Lush greens surround this place with a thick and dense forest area which may be your next selfie destination.

However, if you are travelling towards Kedarnath, you must travel via Kaudiyala as it is in between your passage.

If you are spending a night in the camps of Kaudiyala, just not forget to set up a bonfire, which is a must when you're camping.

·        The ideal time to visit Kaudiyala

The best time to visit Kaudiyala for camping is between February to May and September to November to attain a lifetime experience with the same. However, if you want to visit Kaudiyala in the monsoon season, you can, but only if you are among those thrilling enthusiasts who wish to explore nature with wild adventure.

9.      Skiing in Auli

Do you want a vacation full of snow-capped peaks and perfect selfie spots with an overwhelming destination that can absorb your stress and heal your soul at the same time? Well, if your answer is Yes, Auli is the perfect place to head to. Auli is a beautiful and serene hill station in the Chamoli district and has the best things to do in Uttarakhand. The beautiful hill station of Auli is surrounded by the dense tropical forests of Deodar and Oak. Cool-weather is surrounded at this place for a whole year. The site offers a panoramic view of the spectacular Himalayan view like Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, and others. This hill station is not so crowded, and hence it is one of the less explored hill stations of the country.

Skiing is the famous adventure sport of this place and is the dream location for beginners to start their journey.

Along with skiing, many other adventure sports such as rope lift, snowball fights, cable car rides, and others.

·        The ideal time to visit Auli

Though Auli can be visited throughout the year, the best time to visit Auli is between May to November as, during these months, the climate is cool and pleasant for tourists.

10.  High Altitude Zoo, Nainital

Have you ever seen a tiger roaring from near? No, right? Plan your visit to Nainital Zoo, also known as the High Altitude Zoo. It was established in 1984 and is located on the Sher ka Danda hill in Tallital, Nainital. This is the most loved tourist spot by the visitors as it is the home to many endangered species. Usually, the ones who have come here to holiday with their families are the ones who mainly visit the zoo. Why? Because children love to visit zoos and glance at their favourite animals. Kids have learned about various animals in their school's books, so they are curious to see those animals closely.

·        The ideal time to visit the High-Altitude Zoo

The zoo is closed only on Mondays. Rest from Tuesday to Sunday; it is open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Final Takeaway

Owing to this beautiful tourist destination, we have come to the end of this article. We discussed everything essential from a tourist point of view as some people head to this place for multitudinous adventure activities while others search for heaven or Moksha. This divine destination comprises a mixture of ethnicity and thrill.

Uttarakhand is a place for people of all age groups. Kids can enjoy themselves in the zoo, whereas, those who want some thrilling adventure can pack their bags and move to this city to explore varieties of rides. Along with that, this is the divine destination of the Country, so pilgrims from all over the World come to this place to offer their prayers to God.

Uttarakhand promises you a plethora of thrilling yet harmonious activities for you, awaiting!