06 Jan 2021
5 Activities in Dubai for History Lovers - Ineedtrip
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Stunning landscapes, some of the finest specimens of architectural wizardry, gorgeous beaches, and shopping hubs: there’s something for everyone in the marvel that is Dubai. One of the most sought after tourist destinations, Dubai attracts over 15 million international tourists every year. And if you are a history lover, this place would undoubtedly entice you at very first sight. With tons of sites you can visit here, this place is a little haven for the history lover in you. Today, we’re going to explore some of the sites you must not miss if you’re passionate about the beautiful thing that is history, so here are the activities in Dubai for history lovers.

Burj Khalifa

This name makes its way every time you talk about Dubai. And its historical background makes it even more fascinating a site to visit and admire. The tower was opened in 2010; six years after its construction began and was built primarily with the aim of getting Dubai international fame and deviating from the region’s primary economic reliance on oil-based products. Inspired by the regional Islamic architecture and designed by Adrian Smith, the tower was earlier going to be named Burj Dubai but was later named after the ruler of Abu Dhabi (he assisted in the completion of the building through financial aid). The building also holds the title of the tallest building on Earth since 2010. Definitely one of the top activities in Dubai for history lovers.

Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum

Built in 1787, the Al Fahidi fort is the oldest standing building in Dubai. It houses the famous Dubai Museum, a must-visit location for anyone visiting Dubai to experience its cultural heritage and history. The museum showcases the culture of the region especially in the 1800s and displays antiquities and artifacts (some local, some traded with the African and Asian countries). It gives you a glimpse into how life used to be here before the oil trade flourished and spread all over. There are also archaeological finds in various excavations put on display, some as old as 3000 BC. Any history lover wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. A tour of the Al Fahidi Fort makes its place on every list of activities in Dubai for history lovers.

Dubai Heritage Village

Created in 1997 to show a live example of the old life of the Emirates, the Dubai Heritage Village or the Hatta village showcases the traditional culture and way of living of the particular region way before it rose to international fame. Various aspects of traditional customs and characteristics are shown here and you can get an idea of how life was here (and not just human life, but marine and wildlife as well. It also shows the armory and utensils of that time along with architectural specimens and pearl-diving traditions.

Etihad Museum

Earlier called the Union House; the Etihaad Museum showcases the social, military, scientific, political, and cultural aspects of Dubai. It has in its possession everything belonging to the previous rulers of the United Arab Emirates, from their personal items to their documents. It also possesses the signing of the Constitution of the UAE as well as the raising of the UAE flag for the first time. Also, the museum is located on the same site where the formation of the UAE as a country took place. The site is built in the shape of a manuscript with seven columns built to symbolize the pens which were used to sign the declaration.

Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

One of the most fascinating historical sites in Dubai, this museum shows the role of the region as the crossroads of trade between several civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, Ubaids, Babylonians, and other civilizations which passed through this region, hence the name. And several artifacts that were part of these civilizations are kept on display in this private museum. The museum shelters a form of history that transcends boundaries, something which reflects all the major cultures from around the world. There are collections, there are galleries, there are manuscripts along with exhibits of several other artifacts and weapons.

Al Shindagha Museum

The landmark Dubai Creek area is home to the Al Shindagha Museum and a result of the very ambitious Dubai Historic District Project. Visitors get to see the original culture and heritage here along with Emirates’ relationship with the rest of the world. It highlights how Dubai and the surrounding region came to be what it is now, how this modern society formed out of a traditional landscape. The museum appeases not just your visual senses but complements it with ultramodern multimedia experience through which you get to thoroughly live and experience the place. If you are looking for the must do activites in Dubai for adventure, read our blog here.

Jumeirah Beach

Roam around in this beautiful white sand beach on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The name of the beach is after it’s housing district (Jumeirah), the place has several large resorts, hotels and parks. And once you visit the beach, you can explore the district itself, which is a hotspot for excavations. The excavations found in the Jumeirah Excavation Site suggest that the area was inhabited as early as the Abbasid era (which refers to approximately 10th AD). The region was inhabited by traders, fishermen, and pearl divers. The site used to lie on a caravan route that connected India and China to Iraq and Oman.

So, those were the activities in Dubai you must-do if you’re a history lover. Dubai has so many attractions, that if you plan a short trip you will miss out on a lot of things. And if you don’t take help, you will end up spending a decent amount of money. However, if you plan your trip with us, we can help you save a lot and you’ll also cover most of the sightseeing within the package inclusion. Our all-inclusive Dubai honeymoon packages and Dubai holiday packages start from just Rs 27,999. Don’t believe us? Check out our packages section for details.

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