11 Jan 2021
5 Best Offbeat Tours for Traveling to Maldives on Honeymoon
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal


The mere mention of the name evokes beauty, freshness, and adventure in one’s mind. And why not? The country offers gorgeous beaches, stunning clear waters, sparkling sand, peaceful palm trees, serene blue skies, diverse marine life, and much, much more. It’s like a little piece of paradise on the earth. Known for being one of the most romantic places on this planet, the Maldives is quite popular among couples looking for a suitable honeymoon location to travel to. And therefore, traveling to Maldives on honeymoon is something many, many couples plan for. But is that what you want too? The same old touring a place, clicking some pictures and coming back? Where’s the fun in all that? Why not explore a bit, do some unusual activities together as a couple which would further serve to increase the dynamics between you two. Piqued? Keep reading the article where we show you some of the most offbeat things to do in the Maldives on honeymoon.

The Best Time to Travel to the Maldives

While this beautiful country observes sunny days and a warm climate throughout the year, it does have a dry and a wet season. The best time to visit the Maldives is generally between November and April, as this is the time with minimum levels of precipitation and mostly warm weather. But since this is also the busiest season for the tourism industry in the Maldives, you’ll observe higher prices than usual. If you choose to travel between May and October, you’ll see cheaper accommodation and lower prices in general. But you’ll also have to face strong winds and constant rains throughout the day. Best Offbeat Tours for Travelling to Maldives on Honeymoon There can be a wide variety of things you can try out when you’re traveling to Maldives on honeymoon, from dining in seclusion to going on a fishing trip to visiting a historical site. Here are the top 5 offbeat tours you can take on your tour to the Maldives:

Try Your Hand at Snorkeling

For the unaware, snorkeling refers to the activity of swimming on a body of water or through it while wearing a diving mask, fins, and a snorkel [a breathing tube]. One of the most unusual and fun ways to spend your honeymoons, snorkeling is full of fun and adventure. Viewing the marine life at such close proximity is something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Most of the resorts in the Maldives have their own private reefs which means you don’t have to go anywhere and you can snorkel around to your heart’s content. The reef fish often surrounds the humans snorkeling around and it’s a visual treat with a blast of colors around you. Not just that, you can often come across small sharks (they won’t eat you, don’t worry!), turtles, and a wide variety of marine life so closely and vividly. It’s fascinating to say the very least. Even if you just put on a mask, and lay somewhere, the fishes will come to you. It’s an experience you’ll never ever forget and to say it’s an activity which everyone must try their hands on is stating the obvious.

For the History Lover in You

If you are a couple who loves roaming in the ancient alleyways of history, the Maldives offers several attractions that will surely amaze you. Old Friday Mosque: Also known as the Hukuru Miskiy, this is one of the oldest mosques in the Maldives and its majestic nature and atmosphere is something every tourist admires. It has gorgeous coral engravings and it also has been listed as a UNESCO heritage site.


If you’re interested in the history of the Maldives, you simply can’t afford to miss visiting this place. The very famous Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu was born here, known for his bravado against the Portuguese invaders, and plays a major role in the history of the Maldives. National Museum of Maldives: No historical tour is complete without visiting a museum and it’s absolutely true in this case as well. This stunning place brings to you the entire history of the region in one place. The Museum is built in a palace and therefore, the museum is as fascinating as the different items being displayed in it.

Mulee aage:

Once the Sultan’s palace, Muleeaage is now the president’s residence, which means you aren’t allowed to enter it. That shouldn’t stop you from visiting the place and admiring its beauty! For the history lovers traveling to the Maldives on honeymoon, these sites are something which must not be missed at any cost. Visit a Local Island maldives on honeymoon There are many, many, many islands across the Maldives and you can arrange a trip to one of those islands that have been kept for the tourists. Visiting one of these islands gives you a glimpse into the life of Maldivian culture. Many of these islands are inhabited by folks who still live with the very basic of amenities, the same way their ancestors used to, several hundred and thousands of years ago. It’s an enlightening experience and you get to feel the soul of this country up close. You get to watch their routine, their different activities like the way they catch and dry their fishes, or how they build their boats. Not just that, you and your partner will have shared memories to smile and laugh over years from now.

Fishing in the Maldives

maldives on honeymoon What better way to spend a different honeymoon in the Maldives than sitting side by side, patiently, as you wait for a fish to catch your bait. There are multiple fishing experiences here that you can try out for yourself: Night Fishing: Leave your resort at sunset and ride the Dhoni, the traditional transport medium in the Maldives, and get ready to catch a wide variety of fishes like snappers, jacks, and emperors. Shore Fishing: With so many species roaming around, you’ll easily get to catch some fishes from small groupers to breams and jacks. Jigging: This is mainly used in sportfishing and you get mostly the same fishes as with shore fishing along with tunas, amberjacks, and barracudas. Several folks book liveaboards for 7 days to try and catch the majestic big GT.

Enjoy a secluded experience with your partner

Pic Creds: atmosphere-kanifushi The vast number of resorts that the Maldives has means you always get to choose which type of experience you want. If you’re traveling to Maldives on honeymoon, it doesn’t necessitate that you travel and explore all day long. Sometimes, holding hands and gazing at each other holds more mystery and excitement than a full day’s frenzied activity. At the Maldives, you can experience some of the finest culinary experiences at the most unlikely of locations (there’s even an underground restaurant!). Not just that, some resorts can arrange expeditions to secluded islands where you can enjoy each other’s company without any interruptions whatsoever. Depending on the resort you’re living in, there are spas, there are underground wine cellars, there are private islands, and so much more.

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