27 Jan 2021
5 Best Offbeat Tours for Travelling to Dubai on Honeymoon
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

The mere mention of the word Dubai brings images of towering skyscrapers that kiss the sky, of grand shopping malls where you can choose and purchase to your heart’s delight, of luxurious stays, and a lavish lifestyle. No wonder Dubai is such a popular tourist destination! Being a global hub makes it even more popular, and that’s why there are over 15 million visitors traveling to Dubai. This is also why Dubai’s such a popular destination for couples fixing a location for their honeymoon. 

But Dubai has much more to offer than what meets the eye at first sight. Dubai is also a city filled with color, history, spices, and scrumptious food. Now if you’re traveling to Dubai on honeymoon, there are multiple ways to explore this beautiful city. If you’re one of those who believe in doing something different and not following the herd, you’ve come to the perfect place. In this article, we’ll be showing you the best 5 offbeat ways in which you can enjoy the city that is Dubai on your honeymoon.

Best Time for Travelling to Dubai on Honeymoon

While Dubai remains a magnet for tourists all year long, it is between January to April that it observes the most number of visitors. Between November to April, the temperature remains moderate and that is why it’s the best time to visit Dubai. This duration sees an average temperature of 17 to 30° C, which is quite apt for traveling. This also implies, in turn, that the Russian traffic is the most during this time, and the prices are higher than usual.

If you visit the city between the months of June and August, you get prices much lower than usual. This is because of the lesser influx of visitors in this duration as the average temperature lies somewhere between 33 and 42° C during this period. So, if high temperatures aren’t a concern for you, this period would be a great time to visit this city as well!

Best Offbeat Tours for Travelling to Dubai on Honeymoon

For the couples who want to do something different, something unusual on their honeymoon trip, here are some offbeat tour recommendations which would certainly make your trip memorable and highly fascinating.

For the Adventurer in You

There are a plethora of activities for you and your partner in Dubai in which you can indulge and lose yourself in the thrill and the rush of adrenaline. Nothing brings two people closer than a shared adventure and what better place to do so than in Dubai? 

Private Flights: No, these aren’t those chartered flights we’re talking about here, but rather paramotors which are available over Dubai Marina or the desert. While these activities are quite costly, they are something worth lasting a lifetime. You get a 360° view of the city and can enjoy the grandeur of the city in a way which can’t be felt via anything else.

Hot Air Balloons: Nothing comes closer to the romanticness of you with your partner in an air balloon high up in the sky, watching the city and the sun rising as you rise up higher in the sky. It’s exhilarating and serene when you watch the city and you gain new perspectives towards the city and your life with this activity. The sites that meet your eye are inexplicably beautiful and you won’t be able to forget your time in the sky.

For the Sports Lover in You

Are you and your partner crazy for sports? Do you love spending time together while playing some sports? Dubai definitely has a lot to offer you in that account as well, and here are some:

Polo Matches: There are different types of polo played in this gorgeous city, including camel and horse polo matches too! The animals who’re employed in these sports are well taken care of, in case you were wondering. You can get some basic training at the camps and can play with or against each other. Sounds fascinating, no?

Surfing: For those of you who love water, there are several centers in Dubai if you want to spend a day together surfing with each other. 

Quad Biking: Riding a quad bike [a bike with four tires, through the wavy dunes of Dubai: if this is something which sounds exciting and beckoning to you, then you’re in luck because several operators offer quad bikes for rent which you can use to explore and enjoy the sandy dunes of Dubai.

For the History Lover in You

Pic Creds: Instagram/@tan_chik_love

Not many things convey the culture and the soul of a place the way history does. If you, and your partner, are fascinated by the past, Dubai offers several attractions for you to adore and explore.

Al Ahidi Fort and Dubai Museum: The oldest standing building in Dubai, the Al Ahidi fort holds an attraction for every person who is curious about the culture and the heritage of this place. Inside the fort is the Dubai museum, which houses antiquities and art pieces of past centuries.

 Dubai Heritage Village: This site showcases the way the regional folks used to live before Dubai became a global hotspot. You get to see the traditional customs and architectural samples of this place all of which are certain to enchant you.

For the Foodie in You

Pic Creds: Insta/@waelalteen

The city offers a diverse range of delicacies that would leave their imprint on your tastebuds for a long while!

Karama’s Shawarmas: The shawarma rolls in this region are literal perfection! For some mouth-watering experiences, make sure that you experience this local food item for yourself!

Camel milk ice-creams: You would be missing out on something quite unique if you don’t try ice-creams and milkshakes made of camel milk. 

Bateel Dates: These come in several varieties and flavors and you must treat your taste buds with these scrumptious dates.

For Those Who Want Something Crazy

Are you one of those couples who are always trying to do something entirely different from the conventional? Then here are some activities you might relish!

Watch a 6D cinema: Moving seats and externally simulated environmental effects! Movie-going is never this fun as the 6D cinemas experience you can get which usually have dinosaur-themed shows. 

Enjoy a belly dance performance: You can’t watch a belly dance performance if you’re in the middle east region. There are several shows which are held right in the midst of a desert which will surely double the experience you’ll have.

Enjoy the Experience of a Local Sheesha Bar: Visit any of the multitudes of local sheesha bars, occupy a seating area, and enjoy a movie or a game while trying a sheesha pipe of your favorite flavor. It’s a local experience you can’t afford to miss if you’re traveling to Dubai on honeymoon.

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