24 Aug 2020
5 Best Places To Shop In Maldives
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

A trip cannot end without shopping, especially if you are visiting a place like the Maldives. Somewhere down the road, everyone is a shopping freak and everyone wants to bring back happy memories from a trip. The Maldives is a place where you will find a string of islands full of water sports activities, nature, and a peaceful environment. When the place is that good, how can you miss out on souvenirs? With this blog on the 5 best places to shop in Maldives, we’ll not only help you with the best spots, but we also help you with the things to shop there. The island may not have shopping malls but it includes many small shops, street shopping, high-end boutiques that will fulfill your needs. These spots will introduce you to the culture of the island as well. The Maldives is famous for its beauty, clean environment, fresh air, blue waters, and of course white beaches. If you wish to read more about the best places to visit in Maldives you can read our blog here, or if you’re looking for a complete guide, read this one.


The male locale market is one of the most crowded street markets in Maldives. A street shop lover will enjoy this market to the fullest. There are a huge number of stalls which attract all tourists and locals to visit there. Within these wide variety of stalls you can buy fruits, local handicrafts, gifts, accessories, home decors, and some Maldives special traditional showpieces. It is a very pleasant market where you can just relax and do some chilled out shopping. You can enjoy good traditional food at the local cafes and bring some great Maldivian souvenirs back with yourself. The Male Local market is definitely one of the best places to shop in Maldives. Photo Creds: Instagram/cryptonomadian


Majeedhee Magu Market is a splashing street local market where you can shop a variety of things. A bargainer’s heaven, this is a market where you will find everything, it is a complete market under one roof. You can find items like clothes, accessories, electronics, apparel, food items, local cosmetics, and much more to shop. Once you’re tired of shopping you can either fancy yourself with beverages at the cafes nearby or try Maldivian cuisine at restaurants like the Shawarma. So if you’re short on time and looking for a place that has it all, the Majeedhee Magu is the best place to shop in Maldives for you.

CHAANDHANEE MAGU MARKET best places to shop in maldives Photo Cred: instagram/buddys.insta

Chaandhanee Magu market is popular by the name of “Singapore bazaar”. As the name suggests, here you will find a huge variety of Singapore stuff starting from apparel, accessories, electronics, scarves, cosmetics, and more. You can find a variety of local and imported items mainly from Singapore. For a minute you’ll feel like you’re shopping in Singapore itself. The place is a great mix of items from both the Maldivian tradition and the Singapore-Malaysian region.

CENTRO MALL best places to shop in Maldives

There are not many malls and supermarkets in the Maldives, but located in the Huvandhumaa Hingu, lies the Centro mall where you can find some luxurious brand items on sale. If you are brand conscious and used too to malls, this is the perfect place where you can shop some good brand items of apparel, accessories, Maldivian souvenirs, footwear, and more.


The Oevaali Art Shop is one of the most renowned, traditional, and old shops located in the Bodufungadu Magu region in the Maldives. Here you will find a wide range of paintings, sculptures, items made out of shells, and coconuts. As mentioned above, the shop is one of the most renowned places to shop in Maldives and its products are guaranteed to be 100% Maldivian. Although items can be on the expensive side, the quality and appearance of items sold at this place are spectacular. So, this is one of the best places to shop in Maldives for art lovers who just love the naturality of the product. Now after reading this blog we hope you will surely get an idea of what to shop and where to shop in the Maldives. However, we still haven’t shared the best part of your trip to Maldives with you yet. You see, we at Ineedtrip offer Maldives holiday and honeymoon packages at prices that will make your jaw drop. Moreover, the list of inclusions will make you want to book them straight away. After all, we would want your trip to be full of fun, excitement, and stress-free. You can check out our Maldives packages here.

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