28 Oct 2020
5 best places to shop in Mauritius
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Mauritius the beautiful island country is a good place to shop as well. Once you are done having fun around the beaches and the must-visit places in Mauaritus you can relax and go for some shopping. Mauritius has many shopping malls starting from small street side shops to big outlets, you will find everything over here. You will get a lot of variety of things which will make your shopping experience more enjoyable. With this blog we will help you with the best places to shop in Mauritius.


It is one of the best shopping complexes in Mauritius. You will get a complete variety of eatables, clothing, electronics,footwears, accessories, statues, home decor and more. As you can see, this is one of those places where you will find everthing. There are near about 100 outlets where you will find top most international and local brands at very convinient prices. The Phoenix Mall should definitely be on your list of the best places to shop in Mauritius.


Quatre bornes market is best known for it’s textiles industry. You can shop out a variety of vibrant apparels made up of premium textiles. Here you can also shop kitchen cloths and many home decors items with a huge variety and at very reasonable prices. This market is open 2 days in a week and is held every Sunday and Thursday, so can you plan to visit according to your schedule. It is really worth it to visit the place if you are a textile lover. It is quite crowded with locals and tourists as it is a weekly market. If you are looking for the best places to shop in Mauritius, it is worth it to shop from here!


Flazcq market is one of the oldest and reputed markets in Mauritius with a big open airy dome -like structure. The market is full of colorful stalls that add to the beauty of the ambience. It is a market with where you can find a lot of variety of clothes, apparels, accessories, footwears and many more items. Here you will find aroma of different spices filling up the place. Flacq market is a complete street market where you will find all varieties of whatever you can think of. This place is definitely one of the best places to shop in Mauritius.


Mahebourg market is a market which is open for 1 day in a week and that is Monday. The Market is all about bargaining, so you should step out with your bargaining skills at the top. Here you will get all sought of varieties of Mauritius souvenirs, handicrafts, apparels, footwears, accessories and many more vibrant colourful things.
You can find a variety of Indian and chinese electronics over there which is useful for home decors. Many tourists purchase silk cloths and textiles as you’ll find a fabulous collection of silk clothing here.


Bagatelle mall is one of the most convenient malls to shop in Mauritius as it has many retail outlets as well as high end brands so here you will find a huge variety of brands here. You can find a lot of eateries as well. There are about 155 brands outlets available in this mall so you will find a high variety of clothes, accessories, footwears etc. It is one of the most popular and easily reachable places in Mauritius. This place is best if you want to go for window shopping. No need to buy anything just enjoy the beauty of this place, have lunch at the cafes, try out small activities like chair massage, etc. and go back home (only if you don’t want to shop).

So now you have an idea of the best places to shop in Mauritius. You can either visit all these places or select a couple of them according to your itinerary. If you need help in planning your trip to Mauritius, check out our packages or contact us straight away. Hope your trip is full of enjoyment and fun activities.