02 Jul 2020
5 Best Things To Do In The Maldives For Honeymoon
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Wedding, and the honeymoon, both are truly once-in-a-lifetime affairs, hence you should put all your heart and mind to make them spectacular, and to celebrate the essence of these occasions no destination is better than the Maldives. The elongated and sun-kissed white sand shorelines, turquoise blue waters, exquisite beaches, and dense forests precisely characterise the country. The Maldives is all about a rendezvous with mother nature with all the grandeur, and for this reason, it is constantly in the bucket list of honeymooners across the world. From astounding panoramas to scrumptious foods and Man made waterside bungalows to a romantic candlelit dinner right on the water, there are a hundred things to do in Maldives, the Manhattan of Indian Ocean.

If you are also captivated with the amazing shades of blues, vibrant marine life, over water bungalows, underwater dining, then you should plan for the Maldives to experience the things in reality. The south-Asian country is not only popular for its serene beaches and ample water-related sports, but it also houses a vibrant culture of Buddhist and Islam. If you are overwhelmed with so many things to do in Maldives, and unable to figure out what to do being a honeymooner, then fret not.

We at ineedtrip, are here to advise you on the 5 best things to do in the Maldives for the perfect honeymoon with your companion, which will be stimulating and cherished for eternity. Post this blog we’ll also give you a short overview of our Maldives honeymoon packages and the amazing features the hold!

Book an Underwater Bungalow Pic Cred: Conradmaldives

Visiting the Maldives is null and void if you’d miss a few days stay in an underwater bungalow, as it is one of the best things to do in Maldives for sure. Forget about sea-view villas or forest-view, these are long forgotten in the tropical paradise, Maldives. If you ever dreamt of living right under the water and add its vibes in your romance then come to the Maldives, it is the only place that fulfils your dreams. You will unquestionably love your stay amidst nature’s best location and enjoy its breath-taking views. All the bungalows offer you world-class amenities and all the essentials to make your stay stamped on your memory. So, embrace your partner and submit to an amorous moment within the blues and greens of the Indian Ocean.

Dinner on the Beach 

A candlelight dinner is the essence of romance and ardor, it never goes out of fashion for sure. There’s no better way to rejoice your newly married life under the stars, a serene environment right beside the Indian ocean, and accompanying the resonance of the waves in between your tête-à-tête. The starlit sky right after the sunset, some luscious cuisines along with a bottle of champagne, a dreamlike surrounding can surely amaze both of you. Beachside Movie things to do in maldives Fondling your partner and watching your favourite movie right on the white-sand beaches isn’t a sensational idea! but as you know Maldives is the abode of fairy-tales and marvels, there are lots of resorts in the Maldives organises such arrangements for the honeymooners. Nestling in each other’s arm and lying on the beach under the starry sky is a passionate affair for sure. It can be the outset for some intimate moments and bring both of you much closer.

A Romantic Walk at the Glowing Beach 

When the Sun waves off his hands and calls it’s a day, it’s the time to go for a romantic walk on the shoreline of Vaadhoo Island. If you want to catch a glimpse of one of the most enchanting things in your life and looking for the best things to do in Maldives then here it is. At Vaadhoo Island you will see that the beach glows with blue sparkling lights. The glow occurs due to the bio-luminescent plankton who floats in large quantities near the beach and responsible for the emanation. It is a natural phenomenon known as Bio luminescence and there’s nothing strange in this although there are lots of myths. Still, let’s come out of all this as romance is not all the science only but the feeling, imagine you and your better half around these twinkling blue lights. It is truly a sight to behold forever and you should not miss this one during your honeymoon in the Maldives. For better sighting, you should plan your visit to Reethi Beach, Veligandu Beach, and mostly in between the months of late June to August. You can read more about “glowing beaches’ in our blog on the “where are the world’s so called glowing beaches?“.

Satisfy Your Taste-bud at Underwater Restaurant 

The world is a wonderland, and the Maldives, the romantic paradise of the Indian ocean is the best example of it. If you are in the Maldives with your spouse then choose Ithaa a submerged restaurant without failing. It is a one-of-its-kind restaurant in the world that offers you an enchanting way to enjoy marine life along with mouth-watering cuisines. The Ithaa submerged restaurant belongs to the Rangali Island resort and a pictorial treat to your eye and a nice blend of elegance and mystery. Dining here is one of the most romantic as well as exhilarating things to do in Maldives for sure, so be on your toes and make your reservation in advance to awestruck your significant other as the restaurant can only accommodate up to 14 persons. Above all, if you want to add a little bit of buzz in your itinerary then you can plan a day trip to Male and make yourself immersed with localities and their rich culture and history. Hence plan your honeymoon to the Maldives, and explore this paradise on earth without escaping the best things to do and strengthen your love and affection for eternity. This blog was about things to do, if you want to know about the best places to visit in Maldives, read our blog here.


The Maldives, the island country entices you to walk on the white sand and explore its pristine beaches alongside your other half far from the hullabaloos. Honeymoon in the Maldives is the perfect destination to instigate a new journey and take your intimacy to the zenith. Now, coming to ineedtrip’s packages, we have designed some amazing Maldives honeymoon packages for you, with a long list of inclusions and exciting itineraries to make your honeymoon a memorable one. We even have an option of package customisation, we understand you might want to add certain things to the package and you can use this option to do that. Our deals and discounts will make you want to book your packages instantly. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get booking instantly!