20 Apr 2020
Add thrill to honeymoon try adventure sports in Dubai | ineedtrip
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Beaches, sand, snow, luxury, Dubai has all one could wish for, while on a honeymoon. But you would have already looked at those “must-do activites in Dubai“, so why don’t we add some adventure to your itinerary. Why do you need adventures on your honeymoon? Until and unless you create memories that you can laugh about in a distant time in the future, it won’t be a “fun” honeymoon. Imagine telling your kids about how scared both of you were while trying ‘skydiving in Dubai’, or while jumping off Burj Khalifa, wouldn’t that hit you with nostalgia? So, let’s have a look at some of the best adventure sports in Dubai, that will keep you off your feet (literally) and keep your adrenaline rushing. Once we’re done with that, we’ll help you with the best Dubai packages for you.

Burj Khalifa Base Jump

If viewing Dubai’s skyline from 100 floors above the ground, behind glass is too mainstream for you, why don’t you see it without the glass? Yes, you’re in for an adventure after all. Jump off from the top of Burj Khalifa and witness the stupendous skyline of Dubai while free falling towards the ground. The courage that you’ll have to gather before making the jump is incomparable. This is the first activity in Dubai that you should enroll in and you can do it on the same day of your Burj Khalifa tour with ineedtrip.

Skydiving Over Palm Jumeirah

Join the league if you’ve ever drooled over the architectural beauty of Palm Jumeirah. This artificial island is designed so magnificently that exploring it has become a popular tourist activity in Dubai. If witnessing the exoticness by foot wasn’t enough, you can take a top view when you skydive over Palm Jumeirah. Imagine jumping out of a plane 15000 ft above the ground, the wind gushing past you and everything looking like a mini lego land. All those dreams where you saw yourself freefalling will come true, except the fact that you’ll be enjoying this particular freefall. As you get closer to the magnificent islands, you will wonder about the symmetric design and fall in love with it. 

Shark Diving in Dubai Mall

Scuba Diving is too mainstream, isn’t it? Let’s try shark diving then, it’s as scary as it sounds. If you and your partner love extreme adventure, then Shark diving is the perfect sport for you. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to dive in the middle of the ocean. In the Dubai Mall at the underwater zoo, you can jump in the 10 million litre water and come face to face with the earth’s deadliest predator. You’ll have to spend around 650 AED to explore the exotic marine life and come close to the tiger sharks. You’ll be doing all of this under expert supervision, but even they can’t guarantee a close encounter with the sharks. 


It doesn’t look that difficult, but once you get on that board, you’ll know that reality is totally different. Flyboarding is our personal favorite because you can literally have the feel of flying over water. The speed of water will be over 100 kph and you’ll be flying about 15-20 feet above the ground. With proper balancing, you can imagine yourself flying around in IRON MAN’s suit. Careful though, you might fall in the water at a very fast speed if you’re unable to maintain the balancing as told by the instructor. 

Dune Bashing


Visiting Dubai and not paying the Sahara a visit? That would be unjust. Any blog about adventure sports in Dubai would be incomplete without Dune Bashing. If you’ve always wanted to ride a Quad Bike or drive around the sand in a SUV as shown in the movies, this is for you. You can sit behind the wheels of a luxury SUV and drive down those dunes like in the FAST & FURIOUS movies. The movement will make your stomach churn and might cause you dizziness. But if you like that frizzly feeling in your stomach, you wouldn’t want to stop driving around. 

Once you’re done with all that adventure, you can take a camel ride in the evening to relax and witness the marvelous sunset over the shifting dunes. 

So, to add some thrill to your honeymoon and get past the boring itinerary, this was our blog on the best adventure sports in Dubai. If you want to do all this at the cheapest price possible, ineedtrip’s Dubai packages are made for you. With our Dubai honeymoon packages and Dubai Holiday Packages, you’ll get the best deals on hotels, and local sightseeing. We have some more surprises waiting for you, why don’t you have a look here. 

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