21 May 2021
Best Beaches to Visit in Andaman
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Andaman, the city of beaches, has the most serene, composed, and tranquil beaches which will soothe your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

Your search for the best beaches to visit in Andaman will conclude at Andaman as it is known to be the most charming place one can ever visit. The city is well known for honeymooners and remains packed with tourists during the peak season. Reposeful beaches in and around the city of Andaman make it a perfect place to visit.

Among many beaches in Andaman, one of the most popular and most clean beaches is the Radhanagar beach which is situated on Havelock Island. This beach is known for having various water and other activities such as scuba diving, paragliding, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and others.

Another beach located in the city of Havelock is the Elephant beach which can be endeavored by a 30-minute trek via jungle or through a boat ride. This beach is known for marine biodiversity, exotic coral reefs, and many more exciting pursuits.

So, till now you might be thrilled and want to explore this amazing place all by yourself. Of course, you should. This is just the beginning. We have many more interesting facts and places to share with you so that you can know this pleasant place more comprehensively before your visit.

So, what are we waiting for?

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1.      Radhanagar Beach

So, beginning with the best beaches to visit in Andaman, Radhanagar beach which is located on Havelock Island is a perfect destination for you to spend time with your loved ones. There’s a point in life when you tend to feel like escaping to a holiday-like destination and hence the shining sands, extravagant palm green trees, turquoise water bays and casual walks with your special someone makes this beach a worthy visit place.

This beach has been granted the title of Asia’s best beach along with the 7th best beach in the world. It is one of the most spectacular beaches in the world and is hugged by coconut and pine trees. This beach is full of relaxation and peace for visitors.

Best Time to reach Radhanagar Beach

This beach is ideally good for those who are underwater divers and in search of good weather for enjoying water activities. So, a good time to visit this beach is between March to May as, during these, the weather conditions are not too harsh and hot so the temperature remains favorable.

2.      Kala Patthar Beach

Your tour to Andaman would be partial if you do not plan to visit Kala Patthar beach, located in the Havelock Islands in Andaman. People come here in search of peace and harmony. The quietness of this place makes it a good fit for introspection.

This beach has a contrast of two colors, black and white, with having white sandy shores along with black boulders, it is a perfect scene of tranquility.

Moreover, if you are here with your family, you can plan a picnic by the shores of this forsaken beautiful island. Rejuvenate your soul, far away from the crowd, feel the eye-pleasing panoramic illustration and witness this mesmerizing feeling.

Kala Patthar beach is a perfect beach especially for nature lovers or admirers, exhausted souls, and tourists.

For those who want peace all alone with themselves and follow the path of self-discovery, this beach is just like a second home.

Best time to visit Kala Patthar Beach

The best month to visit this serene beach is in the spring season. Usually between February to March and October to November. Why? Because during these months the temperature usually sticks between 20-30 degrees Celsius which is a pleasant one to explore the beauty of the place.

Also, the beach is neither so hot nor so cold during these months, the weather remains crisper, calmer and perfect for having a relaxed holiday.

It is to be noted, to avoid travel to this place from July to September as the waves are menacing during this time. Due to viscous weather conditioners, flights may get canceled, road services may get blocked so you ultimately be wrecked somewhere.

3.      Elephant Beach

Another famous beach located in Havelock Island is Elephant beach. This beach just takes 20 minutes to reach by ferry. This beach is completely away from man-generated pollution and is tidy enough to fall in love with its crystal clean shores.

This beach doesn’t stay open or accessible for the whole day long so it is advised to plan your visit in the first half of the day to spend more and more time on the charming sandy shores.

You must enjoy all the activities which this beach has to offer. It includes water sports for water babies (for which Andaman is famous), swimming, kayaking, and fishing. It also has accessibility to underwater activities so that you can be a part of deep-sea life and look around coral reefs, colorful fishes, turtles, and many more such creatures.

Best Time to visit Elephant Beach

The best time to visit this beach comes in summers and winters. So, if you are someone who loves chilly weather and foggy days, the months of November to March would be an ideal time for your visit. However, if you feel like seeing this pleasant city in the golden sun, then you can opt to visit from April to June.

4.      Chidiya Tapu Beach

If you are a bird lover and love to observe different varieties of birds, Chidiya Tapu Beach is especially for you. This beach is a place like heaven for bird lovers and hence birds from different places migrate here, creating a temp for the visitors.

These birds cover the sky with their beautiful furs creating a design in the sky, a treat to the eyes.

This beach has a rich and alluring underwater sea life-giving an ultimate sporting option to sports lovers. From scuba diving to getting caught in the whirlpool of colorful fishes, this beach proves to be a divine tourist destination.

Now, coming to those who do not know how to swim. The island has an option of beach walking and playing non-sea sports like beach ball, volleyball, and others giving an ultimate option to everyone.

Best Time to Visit Chidiya Tapu Beach

An ideal time to visit this beach is in October to April as around these, the island remains in a pleasant mood and enjoyable.

It is recommended not to visit this beach during hot summers, mainly between May to July as the sand turns balmy and due to harsh weather conditions, roads are empty and the birds and other animals retreat to their jungles in search of cool weather.

5.      Wandoor Beach

This beach is located near Port Blair and is among one of the most beautiful beaches in Andaman. This beach is known for its quietness, calmness, and tranquility. It offers a serene environment along with crisp sounds of pristine waters.

It is a good place if you are planning for a sunbath or craving for a swim day. The clear blue water under the open sky makes it a perfect swimming destination.

Along with that if you love marine life, head towards Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, which is situated right along with the beach. This is a man-made destination that has a wide variety of maritime creatures for you to glance at. The vibrant colored starfishes, along with crocodiles and turtles make it a perfect hub for marine lovers.

Enjoy relaxing weather with adventurous rides and flavorful dishes along with the beach.

Best time to visit Wandoor Beach

One of the best beaches to visit in Andaman is the Wandoor beach. It is a place which can be visited round the year as this destination is filled with mild temperatures so there are no such harsh weather conditions over here.

However, during the monsoon season between June to September, the place witness’s heavy rainfall, so if you can avoid it during these months, it would be a nice idea.

Other than that, the temperature remains favorable during the summer season, between March to May, which makes it among the best beaches to visit in Andaman.

During the winter season, the temperature falls between 15-34 degrees Celsius which is neither extreme cold nor extremely hot, so visiting this beach from October to February would be a good idea.

6.      Lalaji Bay Beach

The pride of Andaman, Lalaji Bay beach is situated on the coast of the Island. It is gathered with lush greens along with peaceful vibes, making it a gorgeous destination to visit. For those, who love to be around the crowd and enjoy the activities with different people, Lalaji Bay beach is especially for them.

You will get to view attractive carroty sunsets and dolphins heading back to the sea, which is a perfect treat to the eyes.

You can trek or even hire dunghi which make their way through the dense jungles to set foot on the beach.

There are numerous activities here on this beach including, swimming, snorkeling for the ones who are on their adventure trip. You can hold on to a sunbathing chair and glance at the waves crashing on each other. Various activities here along with natural views keeps one busy and occupied.

However, you might face difficulty in finding eateries over here as there are limited food stalls at this beach. So, make sure you bring your food here or do not come empty stomach here.

       Best time to visit Lalaji Bay beach

The temperature here at this beach is completely amusing. During the summer season, between April to June, it ranges between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius.

During the monsoonal season, from July to September, the area gets reasonable showers making it a great destination for holidaying.

7.      Vijay Nagar Beach

If there’s a heaven on this planet, it’s nowhere else than the Vijay Nagar beach which is situated in the Andaman.

This is a place where you can witness the backwoods of the miraculous sunrise and sunsets. This beach is not crowded at all, you will only see some solo trippers with tanned faces and backpacks on their shoulders, who came here to establish a direct connection with heaven.

This place is a divine destination to sit back, read a book, nap and give your soul a powerful retreat.

Best time to visit Vijay Nagar Beach

So, we’ve gathered an itemization of the prevailing weather conditions in the area so that you choose the right time to embark on this beautiful destination.

During the months of March-May, the climatic conditions are neither too hot nor too humid. This is the perfect time to enjoy water activities.

During monsoon, that is between June to September, the temperature remains substantial. However, adventurous activities are on hold during these months to avoid any kind of mis-happenings.

Therefore, an ideal time to revive this beautiful destination is during the winter season, between November to February. During these months, almost all the water activities are on their function and it is also a romantic cadence for honeymoon couples.

Final Takeaway

If you are in search of a relaxing vacation and looking to escape from the monotonous stressful life, Andaman Beaches would surely give you a wholesome treat with pleasurable evenings, deep-sea clean water swimming, and exotic experience with birds’ whispers. The serene and relaxed environment would be pleasing and at the same time, exciting for the eyes.

So, with this, we’ve arrived at the end of this content. We hope to have served you with everything related to this content.

We will be back with more such interesting topics.

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