03 Apr 2020
Best Travel Destination In The World With World's Third Weakest Currency
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

How surprised would you be, if we told you that out of all places, BALI has one of the weakest currencies in the world’. The place that’s on the bucket list of every beach lover. The place that is without a doubt the best travel destination in the world, has such cheap currency! Quite shocking right? Want to know another fact?

80% of Bali’s economy is dependent on tourism. Yes, no kidding, most of its income is generated from hotels, sightseeing, and other activities of the tourism industry. So, let’s discuss, what this means for you and how you can benefit from this currency difference. You’ll also get the hacks to complete a Bali trip in the cheapest way possible with ineedtrip. How rich you’ll feel in the world’s best travel destination? Super rich. Ever wondered how the Americans feel when they visit India? You’ll feel richer, as 1 Indian Rupee will get you 196 Indonesian Rupiah. This means if you take 10000 Rs along, you will have a whopping 19 lakh 60 thousand IDR. 

Okay, so that’s about how rich you’ll feel. But does that currency difference mean that you can travel around Bali with a few hundred rupees? Nope, sorry to break your heart, but since you’re so rich there, you’ll be paying hefty amounts too! How much?

Let’s have a look. Visit every attraction within a tight budget! Let’s be honest, you have seen countless images of Bali and you haven’t been able to stop yourself from drooling over those spectacular beaches. Do you want to visit those white-sandy beaches with lush greenery and dive into those turquoise blue waters to see the vibrant coral? Or maybe you also want to visit the cultural heritage and do some fun adventure sports, but you’re worried about the budget.

Well, here’s good news, ineedtrip offers you the best holiday packages to Bali with the cheapest prices and an amazing itinerary. If you want to know more about the places and the budget first, let’s go straight to it.

Kelingking Beach

You have probably seen this picture multiple times on Instagram or Facebook. This t-rex jaw shaped cliff is located at the Kelingking beach, which is one of the must-visit beaches in the world’s best travel destination. Besides this view from the top, you can go down to the beach to dive in those big waves and experience the pristine white sand of the beach.

Mount Batur

You’ll probably be wondering, why we have mentioned a mountain when there are so many beaches in Bali. Well, Mount Batur offers such mesmerizing sunrise that people trek to the top on their very first morning in Bali. Your Instagram stories of the Bali trip would be incomplete if you miss this one.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekumpul Waterfalls are the cluster of seven waterfalls hidden in a lush green forest. You will have to take a 1-hour ride to visit this hidden gem and make sure to pay for parking only at the central parking and get yourself a guide, to help you walk down the steep path.

You can also visit other places like the Uluwatu temple or the Monkey Forest in Ubud. All the traveling and entry tickets to certain places will cost you around 1,000,000 IDR around Rs 5000. So, you’ll be visiting almost every tourist attraction in Bali within Rs 5000, given that you rent a vehicle for 3-4 days which will cost you Rs 3000 at tops. Food for two will cost you maximum Rs 1500 (given you don’t fancy yourself to some big restaurant or hotel) and other local travel can be done within Rs 5000. So if you plan a trip for 3 days, the complete trip cost including hotel should be around Rs 30000 per person (excluding flight cost).


Now, that the budget is in line, the question is, do you want to enjoy the place, or keep checking your budget and making note of the expenses every minute. If you want your Bali trip to be adventurous, fun and stress-free, head on to ineedtrip‘s customized holiday and honeymoon packages section right now! You can pick from the available options or customize the whole package according to your needs. You won’t get such cheap prices anywhere else, if you do, don’t forget to match the itinerary! Till next time!