17 Aug 2021
Dreamlike Picture-Perfect Wedding Destinations in & Around Delhi
Posted by: Manjeet Thakur

What you need to know about tying the knot in an ethereal setup

Have you ever checked out your friend’s social posts full of vacation photos? Though jealous, many times you might have liked and commented on how the captured moments look amazingly beautiful.

Some months later, you find the perfect way to surprise your friend, getting hitched in one of the top destination wedding venues with an amalgamation of picture-perfect location and value-added facilities.

Just like the day you met him, shared your first and the first time you said ‘I love you’, you want your wedding day to be etched in everyone’s memories for a lifetime.

Steal away from the exotic destination wedding venue around Delhi without traveling too far. From Bollywood wedding themes to luxurious Royal-style, to something exceptionally magical and romantic with the backdrop of hills, rivers, forests, and mountains; the right place to celebrate your big day.

Some destination wedding venues work with you to create a unique and memorable affair. We are talking about the feeling of being surrounded by flowers, lights, and lanterns and so much more to create a fairytale wedding.

And with that, comes the choice of your destination wedding venue around Delhi that is truly enthralling. To keep it a fun-filled hush-hush affair we have traced out the dreamy destination wedding venues.

Getting hitched in the city capital, Delhi

Don’t let your dream of getting hitched in a destination wedding venue be interrupted by the COVID-pandemic. Get married within a small circle of your family and friends, these amazing locations in Delhi will provide you a grand wedding experience.

The Heritage Village Resort & Spa 

Take your vows in a Rajasthani style haveli, located on the NH8 highway. Far from the helter-skelter city life, yet not too far away from central Delhi, its location makes it the perfect destination wedding venue around Delhi. It needs no introduction that it holds for a signature wedding.

It comprises an array of facilities like a spa, wellness retreat center, kids club, multiple restaurants, bar, and other exciting activities to entertain you and your guests. This resort is also dog and cat-friendly, you don’t have to leave your pets behind.

With unique wedding decorations, this location can actually do wonders as one of the stunning destination wedding venues!

Where: NH8, Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana

Price for one night: Rs 5,600 onwards

The Westin Resort

Enveloped in lush greenery, the Westin Resort is a fabulous place to hold a destination wedding. An amazing way to trick the chaotic city life to host an elegant wedding in a big dramatic ballroom or eye-catching green luxuriant gardens, this place is honestly one of the top destination wedding venues near Delhi.

Where: The Westin Resort, Sohna road, Haryana

Price for one night: Rs 8,099 onwards

The Umrao 

With breathtaking architecture, gorgeous exterior and interior designs, and beautiful lawns, the Umrao will definitely make you go crazy to want to have your destination wedding here if you cannot travel out of the city due to the current COVID-pandemic situation. What’s on the plate? It offers posh rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a spa and much more for you. One of the top destination wedding venues near Delhi you can rely on.

Where: National Highway 48, Samalkha, Rajokri Rd, Block- D, New Delhi

Price for one night: Rs 2,500 onwards

Why is a wild wedding at Jim Corbett a great idea?

Are you dreaming of a secluded and wild backdrop destination wedding in hills that don’t compromise on luxury? How about an adventurous wedding in Jim Corbett National Park? Located only a few miles away from Delhi, this place is abuzz with some of the wild wedding venues. Top destination wedding in Jim Corbett and around in Uttarakhand you are scouting for is here, tucked in this lush green wilderness.

La Perle River Resorts, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Situated in a serene location on the banks of the River Kosi, the La Perle River Resorts in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand was opened in 2004 spread over a sprawling area of 4.5 acres of land amidst verdant green forests. Well-maintained gardens and mango orchards give the perfect touch to this resort. Jim Corbett La Perle River Resort is a top wedding destination amidst the wilderness.

With all the luxurious facilities available on your platter, it is surely one of the best jungle theme properties to let you chill out and relax. This Jim Corbett Resort is located only 6 km away from Ramnagar, this resort is loved by guests for its connectivity and great location, right at the heart of the wilderness with the Koshi River flowing in the backdrop. 

To make it more exciting, this resort has three party lawns. One party lawn is located in the middle of the mango orchards that add the jungle vibes to your event. The second one is located by the pool to let you enjoy pool parties. The third is located near the riverside that is the Koshi River. This venue is a complete package of bonfires, breakfast, lunch, and dinner as per the requirements of the guests.

Sounds exhilarating right? Plan your dream destination wedding in Jim Corbett in an adventurous way, yet in luxury. Take your vows near the Koshi River; let your guests enjoy dinner near the bonfire. Plan your bachelorette party near the poolside.

Surely, you have heard it all; don’t miss this chance to accomplish your dream destination wedding in Jim Corbett La Perle River Resort.

Where: La Perle River Resorts, 6 km away from Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Price for one night: Rs. 10000/- onwards

The Den Corbett Resort, Ranikhet Rd, Uttarakhand

Situated in Ranikhet Rd, Uttarakhand in the midst of a forest reserve with a grand view of the hills and the forests. The Den Corbett Resort could be the ideal place for you for a forest mystical destination wedding in Jim Corbett. Varied facilities and arrangements are available according to your requirement and choice of your wedding theme.  

The venue comes with added adventurous activities like nature walks, camping, bird watching, forest safari, and much more.

Where: The Den Corbett Resort, Kumeria Reserve Forest, Ranikhet Road, Uttarakhand

Price: Rs. 6000/- onwards

For further information about the Jim Corbett destination wedding cost get in touch with ‘I Need Trip’.

Divine ways of tying the knot at Mukteshwar

An epic destination for those who wish to have a destination wedding in a serene way surrounded by lush green forests and mountains. Destination wedding in the mountains adds charm to your wedding. The majestic hill ambiance of Mukteshwar offers easy access to mountains, forests, and other astonishing locations to capture every moment. Get a chance to tie the knot with the one you love like the unified bond of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the sacred land of Mukteshwar. Here’s your chance to tie the knot in the top wedding destination in Mukteshwar.

Digantaa Resort, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

With the growing demands in urban lifestyle, Digantaa Resort seeks to cater to every need of the guests. Located near Dhanachuli, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand, this unique place comprises all the facilities that one looks forward to.

The wooden-style cottages provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience. The cottage rooms overlook the snow-clad mountains and the flourishing green forests. It is the perfect venue for a destination wedding in Mukteshwar.

There are around 43 wooden cottages and are named after the Kumaon birds like Magpie, Myna, Yuhina, and Tesia. Interesting right? The unique way of naming was mainly to connect with nature and the environment of this region.

It is the only resort that follows the philosophy of Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Tradition of Panchmahabhoot Shabd (Sound), Roop (Vision), Sparsh (Touch), Ras (Taste), and Gandh (Smell).

Cuddled up in a rich green 10-acre orchard in the lap of the mighty Himalayan Mountain region overlooking the snow-covered peaks and the green forests, the Digantaa Resort welcomes you. If your dream destination wedding is in the foothills of the Himalayas, connecting to Mother Nature and getting unified with your better half in a divine way, this spot is simply waiting for you.

Where: Digantaa Resort, Dhanachuli, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

Price: Rs. 4700/- onwards

Casa Dream The Resort, Satbunga, Uttarakhand

There is something romantic and magical about this place. Situated in the beautiful hilltop village town of Satbunga, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand, Casa Dream The Resort brings in the concept of a luxurious woody hilltop wedding right below the stars.

Tying your knot on top of a hill right beneath the stars is truly an exceptional feeling. The resort has a lawn with beautiful flowers and forests surrounding it. With decorated flowers, lamps, lights and lanterns it truly gives a fairytale woodland feeling. Picture yourself taking your vows in the daytime and at night enjoy a bonfire and dine out right below the stars. For a grand unforgettable destination wedding in Mukteshwar, this could be it.

Where: Satbunga, Bhowali-Ramgarh-Mukteshwar Road, Uttarakhand

Price: Rs. 7567/- onwards

Tying the knot the royal way in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Want to do it the royal way? A destination wedding in Jaipur is a combination of the castle, vintage architecture, and traditional Rajasthani attire. Dress like the beautiful Princess Jodhabai like in the Bollywood movie Jodha Akbar.

Beautiful landscape with grand palaces, temples, and walled gardens, this is definitely one of the top destination wedding venues, not far from Delhi to fulfill your dream destination wedding.

As you wander around to take your wedding photos, Jaipur is surely going to give you a glimpse of history. It is the ideal location for couples who want to get wed in a Prince and Princess style- the Rajasthani Royal way.

But can’t decide on a historic venue with ample palaces around, we have rounded two luxurious destinations within your reach.

Neemrana Fort Palace, Delhi - Jaipur Expressway, Neemrana, Rajasthan

Only a few kilometers away and close to Jaipur, this grandiose fort is a prominent fort for couples who want to get hitched in a palace. This fort is located on a hill and has lawns in the form of hanging gardens. With its architectural designs with the backdrop of deserted hills and vegetative growth, organizing a destination wedding here would be dreamlike.

Also, offers post-wedding activities like cultural performances, camel cart ride, vintage car ride, and even a gripping zip lining tour.

Crash in to enjoy this mesmerizing experience!

Where: Neemrana Fort Palace, Delhi-Jaipur Expressway, Neemrana, Rajasthan

Price for one night: Rs 5,400 onwards

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Most talk of the town destination wedding venue that has been popular for a couple of decades now. So what’s making this place in the news? The famous Hollywood celebrity couple Katy Perry and Russel Brand got engaged here. Also, the movie ‘Lamhe’ starring Sridevi and Anil Kapoor was shot in this location.

Don’t you want to feel like a celebrity and a princess? Get hitched in this destination wedding venue around Delhi, located in Rambagh, Jaipur.

Where: Rambagh, Bhawani Singh Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Price for one night: Rs. 30000/- onwards 

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