03 Apr 2020
Dubai - One Of The Most Searched Tourist Destinations In The World
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

We would have loved to see your reaction when we told you Dubai had no zip codes till 2015. The city that is one of the most searched tourist destinations for holiday and honeymoon, that very city which hosts uncountable movie shoots, trade fairs, expos and much more DID NOT HAVE ADDRESSES UNTIL 2015.  Sounds unbelievable right? It is true, Dubai had No addresses, zip codes and postal system until 2015. But then how would people deliver something?’, well, the majority of directions would go like “behind that black-colored building, the third house with a cruizer parked outside”, which sounds a lot like our own country. The government finally launched a system called Makani, by which they assigned a 10 digit code to all buildings.

Addresses or no addresses the fact is that Dubai was and is the best all-in-one holiday destination in the world. Why do people love Dubai so much, and how come it is one of the most searched tourist destinations? Dubai caters to all sorts of tourists, whether it’s people looking for adventure, luxury, beaches or the desert for dune bashing or camel rides. There are a lot of must-do activities in Dubai and they can take a good amount of time of your trip.

What makes Dubai one of the most searched tourist destinations?

The cloud touching skyscrapers and the ultimate glimpse of luxury that Dubai offers, has led it to become one of the most search tourist destinations around the world. Dubai is globally known for its diverse beauty. The city truly offers an all-in-one experience in terms of tourist attractions. Some tourists visit the place just to see the extensive skyline. The Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and the biggest man-made island in the world, the Palm Jumeirah are the pearls of Dubai. We know your next question, “but why should I visit the place?”

Why? Because you’ll get a once in a lifetime experience of the class, beauty and authentic culture of the gulf. “That’s okay, but what else?” The place which was once considered to be just a business destination now offers an exquisite experience to travelers around the world. If you love adventure, Dubai should definitely be on your bucket list. Imagine skydiving in Dubai and looking at the dazzling Palm Jumeirah from 15000 feet above the ground. Or go for dune bashing in the Sahara desert or maybe trying water sports at the Jumeirah beach. Before you start putting together a holiday plan to Dubai, just a gentle reminder that ineedtrip offers customized Dubai holiday packages. WITH CRAZIEST DEALS and UNMATCHABLE PRICE we make sure you experience every ounce of beauty that Dubai has to offer & get the best Dubai Package out there. 

Watched ‘Tom Cruise’, climbing Burj Khalifa in the movie ‘MI4’? Why don’t you take a tour of the hotel. Go to the top floor and have a look at the magnificent skyline of Dubai. (We’ll get you there for free, book now). Or maybe go for that romantic dinner on a cruise that you have always dreamed about (ineedtrip covers this too). If you love shopping, go shop your pockets out at the world’s largest mall. If you feel like reading more about these, read our blog on the top 10 things to do in Dubai.

What’s more?

You can see the world’s biggest underwater aquarium and also go for a desert safari in Sahara and roll down those sand dunes. If you love snow, Dubai’s got that covered too, you can go skiing (skills don’t matter, just enjoy the ambiance *winks*) at ‘Ski Dubai’ named as the world’s best indoor ski place for 3 years in a row. Want someone to help you plan the perfect Dubai trip? Read our blog on how to make the perfect Dubai trip plan from India on your own!


Dubai offers a combo of calmness and thrill for its tourists. If you want to experience water, sand, and snow all in one place and also get to shop and eat at the world’s finest malls and restaurants, Dubai’s the place for you. It has so much to offer that even a month’s visit doesn’t guarantee that you visit each tourist location of the place. It might sound too overwhelming and costly but with honeymoon and holiday packages from ineedtrip, you will get all of this at crazy discounts. Just go ahead and check our prices and package inclusions, we’re sure you won’t have to think twice before planning a trip to Dubai.