01 May 2020
Fabulous Things to do on Sentosa Island Tour
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Singapore’s charm is one of its kind. The luxurious lifestyle and unique tourist attractions make it the perfect destination for the newlyweds. But the Sentosa Island of Singapore is where all the primary action happens. It might sound unbelievable but a decent number of tourists skip Singapore and plan a sole Sentosa Island Tour. With all due respect, Singapore is an amazing city but to get hold of beaches, adventure sports, and all-day fun, Sentosa Island is the place to hit. Without further ado, we’ll let you in on our quick guide to the fabulous things you can do on your Sentosa Island Tour. Now, we’re not suggesting that you skip Singapore, you might be able to do all these things in a single day. However, to do something and to enjoy something is totally different. If you want to know about the best places to visit in Singapore, then read our blog here. 

Enjoying the beaches on Sentosa

Everyone loves beaches, don’t you? Sentosa has three beaches, namely the Siloso, Palawan, and Tanjong Beach. Our favorite is the Siloso beach, now don’t be mistaken, all of them offer splendid beauty and alluringly blue waters. However, Siloso offers something more, the right kind of calm within a crowd. If you want to enter the most popular beach Siloso in style, you can go ziplining 450 meters from the mega-adventure park. Siloso is a lively beach with a decent number of shacks, restaurants, and bars. It is also the best place to try kayaking, skimboarding, and other light water sports. 


Visiting the SEA Aquarium

The SEA aquarium located on Sentosa Island is one of its kind and the best part of the Sentosa Island Tour. With over a hundred thousand species of marine life, it offers spectacular sights of our tremendous ecosystem. Sharks, octopuses, dolphins, and seahorses are among the top attractions of the Sea aquarium. The large touch tanks and overhead tunnels, will get you up and close to the life that we don’t see very often. We suggest you visit the place to cool off after a wild night party at the Siloso beach or maybe the day after the visit to Adventure Cove Waterpark. 

Indoor Skydiving at iFLY

Have you ever pondered over the thrill of skydiving but the sheer risk has stopped you from trying it? Then, Indoor skydiving is one of the perfect things to do in Singapore for you. The activity is as interesting as the name. At iFly on Sentosa Island, you can get the complete experience of skydiving without any risk. You’ll be taken in a tunnel with an instructor. Within the tunnel, the air pressure and speed will make you float, and it’s so expertly designed, that the tunnel and time duration will give the experience of a skydiving freefall from 15000 feet. The time taken for each dive is about 1:30 which includes gearing up, training, and the actual dive. One person can opt for multiple dive sessions. A dive costs you around $80, which if you ask us isn’t much considering you get the complete skydiving experience.


Taking a tour of the Universal Studios

No one misses out the Universal Studios, it’s the most loved part of the Sentosa Island Tour. The Universal Studios on Sentosa offers multiple rides, attractions and over 23 shows (including 3D) to entertain you throughout the day. Featured rides like the Battle Galactica and Transformers attract people the most. Your tour of the Universal studios will be like stepping into a lot of Hollywood movies altogether. You can also get pictures with your favorite characters while you explore the streets of the studio. There are many restaurants and cafes within the studio so if you get tired you can satisfy the hunger within HOLLYWOOD (figuratively).

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