01 Aug 2021
Goa, the Most Happening Place In India! Why Is It Worth Exploring?
Posted by: Manjeet Thakur

Goa is one of the hotspots for all whether it is a honeymoon, family trip, or vacation, Goa is full of all the fun activities. Goa is all about sprawling beaches, buzzing bazaars, casinos, fantastic nightlife, mesmerizing destinations, street shopping, dry fruits are one of the specialties.

Goa has all the amazing activities which you can enjoy: fantastic beaches, water sports, Dolphin spotting, mouthwatering seafood like cashew nuts, sausages, feni (a specialty of Goa), and much more, Trance parties and headphone parties, bike rentals, casinos, and much more. So here in this blog, we will let you know must-visit places in Goa. With the Goa Holiday Package, enjoy a hassle free journey.

Places to Visit in Goa

Tito’s Lane 

Tito’s Street is one of the best party places in Goa. So if you love to be at parties and are a party animal, head towards Tito's Street. Tito Street is one of the best clubs in Goa with its top-notch services. This club attracts the crowd with its amazing location and with stunning ambiance. The ground floor is for dancing people and a separate section for couple dance. The first floor is for the people who want to sit and enjoy seeing the crowd and enjoy their food. Whether it's off or on season, Tito place is always on the top for party people.

DudhSagar Waterfalls

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls which is located on the Goa - Karnataka border. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in India and is located on the Mandovi River. The Dudhsagar trek inside the park is closed to the public but still, you can do trekking from Kulem. Reaching the waterfall will not be an easy task but it will be worth it once you reach and adore the mesmerizing beauty.


This is one of the most renowned sightseeing places in Goa. It is one of the most devotional and people from all over the globe visit it for the pure and peaceful spirituality it has. They have devotees from all over the world. This church is a white gorgeous church with a multicolored interior that imparts peace. This church is best in the month of December followed by Christmas and New Year and Immaculate Conception day is also celebrated on the 8th of December. This is a must-visit place in Goa and you will be all at peace.

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Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise in Goa is a must-visit, at a basic level it is a restaurant but with this, it also offers royal casino features in Vegas style entertainment. The ship goes around many rivers in Goa and has a posh ambiance with top-notch furnishings.  

It is just like clubs but instead of DJ and party music, you can enjoy casinos and low music. There are also playrooms if you want to take children along. If your luck charms, then you might get rich from casinos. There are beautiful views and fine dining options you can find out there. So surely you cannot miss the casino life of Goa. 

Breathtaking beaches 

From North to South of Goa for every five minutes of travel, you will find a new beach. Not only beaches, you will see the shacks with delicious seafood to offer. Goa is nothing without its beaches. Beaches add life to Goa and make it a popular reason for people to visit it.

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The Food that’ll blow your mind

We just can’t live without amazing food can we? Goa’s got a different sense of taste and you must try the local dishes, mind you, they might taste somewhat different than what you are accustomed to. Here are the dishes: 


Chana Madra is one of the special cuisines in Goa Pradesh that comes from Goa’s Chamba district culture. Madra consists of chickpeas that are soaked overnight and many vegetables cooked in oil with lots of different Goai spices. It gives a zesty flavor of home food of Goa; it is served with rice or Chapati. 

Goan Fish Curry 

This is considered one of the healthiest dishes in Goa with lots of nutrition and a mix of a lot of ingredients. It includes rice, rajma, and curd, lentils with a touch of jaggery and boor ki kadhi. Only a specialized chef can make this dish named as boti’s which gives a proper Goan taste. This dish is especially found in Chamba and Goa. 


Babru is a Goan version of Kachori. These are found in the states of North India. It is made of black gram paste which is stuffed into the dough to get a special flatbread “babru”. Babru is a delicious dish that is served with tamarind chutney, ketchup, or sweet imli chutney.

Prawns Xeque Xeque

Siddu is the famous dish of Kullu and Goa. It is a side dish which is made up of wheat flour. It is a preparation that takes a lot of time and effort. The flour is left for 4-5 hours and roasted on direct flame. It is half-cooked. It is believed that half-cooked dishes will help hold the nutrients.

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Places to shop in Goa 

Whether it’s a trip or a casual Sunday outing, we just can’t help ourselves from getting a thing or two, right? And if you are on your honeymoon tour to Goa with a lot of time to spare, if you book Goa honeymoon packages with ineedtrip, you must visit these shopping hubs. 

Flea Market at Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Flea Market is the most popular flea market in Goa. Here you can buy all types of clothes, home decor, Indian range of spices and also musical instruments. You can enjoy a wide variety of street food. This is the perfect place for street shopping, enjoy your time here and bring some Goa souvenirs for yourself and families as well.

Baga Calagunte Road

This is one of the best streets shopping for summer clothes. You can find a huge variety of clothes like shorts, dresses, jewellery, swimwear, antique pieces and even furniture. Do not forget to upgrade your bargaining skills, bargaining is most important to shop in Calagunte road.

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

This is one of the most amazing experiences of shopping and especially at night. Here you can buy products at a very cheap price. Whether it is handbags, footwear, clothes, home decors, antiques or Goa souvenirs, Goa has it all. You can take along a lot of things with yourself and this market will just make your mood more shopaholic. 

There are countless other shopping hubs in Goa that include the famous Mall Road of Goa as well. But you can only shop from these places if you visit them right? So, here, check out our Goa tours and Goa honeymoon packages that are currently being offered at huge discounts.

Transport? What should you choose?

The choice depends on the duration of your trip and the places you want to cover. If you are booking an all inclusive package, then you will get a shared bus or private car that’ll take you everywhere. If not, then well, you’ve got to consider some scenarios.

If you are visiting one or two places:

It’s best to travel by train wherever you can, if not train then bus. Both options will be cheaper than a private car (unless you book a Goa tour package with ‘I Need Trip’). Once you’ve reached your destination, you can either rent a bike (if you’re a couple) or rent a car to travel around nearby places of interest. Just make sure you rent a bike only if you have experience driving at hill stations. 

If you are visiting more than two places: 

It’s best to get a rental car if it’s more than two places that you plan on visiting. If you choose to travel by bus or train not only will you be tired, but hiring a taxi every time for local sightseeing wouldn’t be budget friendly either. So, best get a car and be clear about all charges including holding charges, driver fees, and tolls (if any). 

Why wait? 

Goa’s got that charm that’ll let the party animal out in you. It gives the best of both to tourists, a party heaven and a peaceful destination. A Goa tour package can make it possible….