16 Aug 2021
Honeymoon Escape to the Maldives & We Can’t Stop Gushing the Reasons
Posted by: Manjeet Thakur

So, you’ve decided that Maldives will be your honeymoon location, bravo! You are off to create a lot of memories. Let’s start with some facts about your honeymoon destination.

Located in the Indian Ocean, The Republic of Maldives is the perfect place for a honeymoon destination. The collection of over 1,192 islands that the Maldives offers is a vast array of serene beauty and is home to over 187 species of coral reefs. The exquisiteness of the location is such that the Maldives was awarded the Best Honeymoon Destination of the Indian Ocean Award in 2019, beating both Mauritius and Seychelles.

Maldives honeymoon packages are one of the most searched tour packages in the last couple of years. The best time to visit the Maldives is between November and April and the weather there is mostly warm year round.

I’ve heard a lot about beaches in Maldives, which ones are the best?

You had to, the water there is so clean and clear that you can actually see the seabed straight through, imagine standing in the water, looking down and staring at the vibrant coral. There is a common saying amongst the people who have traveled to the Maldives, “It’s a place that has 2 worlds, one on the land and one underwater”. Enjoy your Maldives trip to the fullest.

The uniqueness of Maldives is that it is not just one single place; it’s an assortment of over 1190 islands and 22 atolls, each brilliantly crafted by Mother Nature. The team of experts at iNeedtrip has designed all the Maldives holiday packages in such a way that you get to experience every facet that the location has to offer, from glaring white beaches to stellar coral reefs. Maldives’ group of islands has hundreds of beaches to visit. The most popular of them are:

Hulhumale Beach

Veligandu Island Beach

Bandos Maldives

The Glowing beach

& more

Are there any fun activities that I can enjoy with my partner?

Taking a Maldives honeymoon package and not getting yourself enrolled in adventurous activities with your better half would be unjust. Here are some most popular activities that can be done in the Maldives:

Snorkeling & Diving

Dolphin, Whale Spotting

Underwater spa date


& more

How will I travel around?

Even though you will get options like private yachts, seaplanes, and speedboats to choose from, the economical ones are the more enjoyable ones. In major cities like Malé and Addu City, taxi and bus services are easily available. Islands in the Maldives can be discovered on foot (the hand in hand walk, during sunset, that you have been watching in movies), or on a bicycle to ride along the coastline.

Travel to different islands can be done by taking cheap ferry rides or the ‘Dhoni’ (a local boat). If you want to know about this in detail you can visit our blog that has everything from fair to availability.

P.S. You will get to ride on a speedboat in all the Maldives holiday packages by iNeedtrip

It’s my honeymoon, what should I order for the candlelight dinner?

You can always go with classic Italian or French cuisines on that special dinner date, but trying the local dishes will be more fun. The key ingredients in the local food of Maldives are Coconut and Tuna. You will find the true taste of Maldives in some of these famous dishes:

Garudhiya: It’s one of the most basic and traditional Maldivian dishes. If you miss out on this one, we would say you’ve not tried the local food. The bouillon of this dish is made from Tuna found in freshwaters in the Maldives. It is a soupy dish which is eaten with rice or roshi (Maldivian chapati).

Masroshi: This dish is prepared by making dough using flour, oil and water and then they stuff it with smoked Tuna, grated coconut, onions, hot pepper, garlic and lime. It looks like our parathas but is far more superior. You have to try this one.

Mas Riha: As we mentioned in the first line, the Maldivians love coconut and tuna. They make this dish by cooking Skipjack Tuna in a curry with onions, spices, and water and serve it mostly with rice.

But hey! We are vegetarians, what about us?

We know how it is, for our vegetarian friends out there, the first thing that pops in your mind while planning an international trip, is the food. Is veg food easily available? Are there any famous dishes for vegetarians? 

Although there are no such signature vegetarian dishes in the Maldives, you will get plenty of veg options everywhere you go, the hotels and restaurants will even cook vegetarian food especially for you. Some of the best restaurants for vegetarians are:

Atmosphere Kanifushi

Belle Amie Bistro

Bombay Darbar

There must be local markets for shopping, right?

Yes. Of course! A Maldives honeymoon would be incomplete if you don’t go shopping together, whether to get souvenirs or to get some locally made garments. Here are some of the best places to shop in the Maldives:

Male Local Market

Majeedhee Magu

Chaandhanee Magu

What are my currency options? What’s the exchange rate?

All this shopping, outdoor activities, food, is going to cost money, here’s a quick overview on currency and exchange rate in the Maldives.

The local currency of the Maldives is the Maldivian rufiyaa (Rf), the exchange rate on the date this article is written is INR 4.633 = 1 Rf. Ideally you won’t have to use much of the local currency, bills in resorts and most restaurants in the Maldives can be settled in US Dollars but for us that too would be a problem. So, it is a common practice amongst people travelling to the Maldives for their honeymoon to get INR exchanged to US Dollars here itself.

Since you are traveling with iNeedtrip made Maldives honeymoon packages, in most cases you would be spending money only on food that you eat outside the resort, or for shopping and adventure sports.

A dinner for two on average will cost you anywhere from $60-$100 depending on the type of restaurant you visit, shopping however is cheap and you won’t be spending much on that.

It’s safe to carry over $1000, if you are traveling for 4 days and won’t go berserk on the adventure part of the trip. It is also advised that you do not convert much of the Indian currency to the Rf because you will not be allowed to convert the remaining INR back again.

Why iNeedtrip?

If you are planning to visit a place that has serene beauty and utmost peace, Maldives is the place for you. If you want to read more about the Maldives, visit our blog. You can customize Maldives honeymoon packages offered by iNeedtrip as per your needs.

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