07 Jan 2021
How to choose the best honeymoon package for Dubai
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Dubai is emerging as one of the most revolutionizing tourism centers. Be it a family tour, romantic honeymoon destination, or a fun trip with friends. It is because Dubai offers exceptional luxury and comfort. Over the years, the city has been a holiday destination for youths because of its architectural marvels that are famous worldwide. And it is now emerging as one of the best places to go for a Honeymoon. From world-class entertainment and shopping experiences to exciting adventures and the most photographed historical monuments, a honeymoon in Dubai is sure to delight you and your better half and make your romantic getaway the most memorable. That being said, people are often confused about choosing a package to Dubai, so with this blog, we will help you choose the best honeymoon package for Dubai.

Choosing the best honeymoon package for Dubai Based on Timing

Cozy seasons are best for Honeymoons, and Dubai’s winters are the most pleasing. It lasts from November to April, giving you enough time to select what month will suit you the best. Mornings in these months are chilly, however, afternoons are gloomy and bright, which allow you to do all the outdoor activities and create memories to cherish lifelong. If you are someone who loves to shop, you must plan your Honeymoon between January to February, as it is when the Dubai Shopping Festival is organized in the city. Dubai is indeed a synonym for luxury living. If you visit during this time period then our Dubai package for DSF (starting at just Rs 26,999) is the best honeymoon package for Dubai.

Choosing the best honeymoon package for Dubai Based on Budget

A planned budget helps you avoid overspending on your honeymoon. Start with estimating your budget and then decide the number of days you want to stay. Make a list of all the amenities you want on your honeymoon (if you book with us, we cover almost everything in our honeymoon packages).

Let’s talk about the services you will get in Dubai under a budget.

1. 25000-35000 INR above:

If you plan to stay for four nights in Dubai, it will cost you around 25,000 to 40,000. It will include all your meals, flights, sightseeing, accommodation. Let’s take an example of our very own honeymoon package that’s priced at Rs 26,999 per person. We offer airfare, stay, daily breakfast, dinner at dhow cruise, dinner at desert safari, a half-day Dubai city tour, Burj Khalifa tour, and more. 

2. Between 35,000 – 50,000 :

Five days of luxury living experience in Dubai will roughly cost you between 35,000 – 50,000. All the basic facilities like meals, accommodation will be included. Though, with this budget, you can visit Burj Khalifa and enjoy a visit to Bollywood parks as well. With our best honeymoon package for Dubai, we will also take you on an Abu Dhabi city tour and a tour of the Ferrari world as well. Our package is priced at Rs 37,999.

Choosing the best honeymoon package for Dubai Based on Travel Company

To make your honeymoon worth remembering, ineedtrip will assure you of giving the best honeymoon packages for Dubai. After all, you won’t be spending bucks just to feel like usual. You will have dinners, short tours to fancy markets, all inside your budget. The couple can select any Honeymoon Package, according to their budget, which will cover all major sightseeing. You can even customize your own package. Ineedtrip provides different honeymoon packages according to the client’s needs. The package depends on the number of days and the places you want to visit in Dubai. You will be able to utilize the pleasure of choosing the places you want to see with your partner, the things you want to do together, and the experiences you want to explore with them. They make sure to customize a package that suits your idea of a honeymoon in this luxurious city and a memorable trip to cherish forever. 

You can also explore most of the city with a budget of Rs 30k-40k with ineedtrip. We will bifurcate your total budget into various categories of food, sightseeing, major historical infrastructure, and any other demand made by you. Our company will give you the best experience by fully optimizing your budget. S


Dubai is distinct from the rest of the world. To make your honeymoon memorable, you must visit The manmade island, Jumeirah Palms. They are a treat to the eyes. The perfect way to explore Dubai and its culture would be to take a desert safari ride and visit the local souks.The most amazing part about ineedtrip is that we provide affordable yet wonderful honeymoon packages according to one’s budget. Our honeymoon packages are worth every single penny, as we make sure to provide you the best, which is far beyond that amount. What are you waiting for? Check out our packages now!

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