21 Apr 2020
How To Plan A Honeymoon Trip To Mauritius From India?
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Great Choice! Mauritius is perfect for a honeymoon. We’re glad that you’ve landed here, we’ll help you plan a honeymoon trip to Mauritius. We have answered all the when’s and how’s here. Before we dive into the how-to plan a honeymoon trip to Mauritius part, here’s a little info about Mauritius.

The stunning beaches and the perfect blend of blue-green make Mauritius a heavenly honeymoon destination. Mauritius offers stunning blue waters, splendid white beaches, profound greenery, diverse marine life, and an extravagant nightlife to its visitors. Some tourists visit Mauritius just to witness the unique wildlife. Mauritius is home to pink pigeons, tortoises, whales, sharks, manta rays and many other animal species. The place offers a big mix of both romantic and adventurous activities for couples.

Without further wait, let’s go through the things that’ll help you make a perfect plan for the Mauritius trip.

When to travel to Mauritius from India?

Mauritius is a tourist hotspot year-round thanks to its tropical weather. However, the best time to visit Mauritius is between May and October as it’s less humid. The summer and rainy season lie between November and April, with February being the hottest. July and August are the coldest months when you won’t even be needing ACs. Most tourists prefer visiting during the summers when watersports are booming and they can relax on the lively beaches.

But, we Indians want to travel to a destination, where we don’t have to face the extreme heat, right? Mauritius is perfect because our summers and Mauritius’ winters occur at the same time. A trip in June/July or August would not only turn out to be great weather-wise but economically too. The winters in Mauritius comparatively attract lesser tourists and everything runs on discounted prices. If you’re planning to visit with the “Mrs”, winters will be the ideal time as it’s less crowded and you’ll get more privacy.

Visa Handling

Visas and passports are mandatory for international trips and we stress too much over them. Thankfully Mauritius grants Visa on arrival for Indians, so you don’t have too much to worry about on that end. However, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Mauritius. Take note of all the other mandates like hotel bookings, return flights, etc. from their official site and carry the documents accordingly.

How to handle bookings and returns?

Book your flights from Mumbai if possible, most of the other airports have connecting flights only. The distance between Mumbai and Mauritius is approximately 4690 km and it’ll take just 6 hours to reach there in a direct flight. You can also travel to Mauritius on a ship if you’ve got the time and budget. Now, that you know how you can reach there let’s get to the booking part.

Money saved, is money earned, right? So make sure that you book flights at least 3-4 months before the trip month. Early booking will get your tickets at discounted prices and you can even reschedule in case of emergencies. We highly advise you to book everything that can be, like a hotel, tour, activity, etc. If you pre-book everything, you’ll have a plan that you can stick to and you don’t have to waste time deciding your itinerary every day. 

With Mauritius honeymoon packages by ineedtrip, your stay will be luxurious and fulfilling. We’ll take care of your breakfast and dinner so that you don’t have to look for restaurants every day. We’ll take you on certain local tours and get you enrolled in some fun watersports. Package booking will take off most of the staying and eating burden off your shoulders. Now, you will just have to plan on local commutes and sightseeing. Let’s talk about that. 

Local transportation in Mauritius and dinner date?

Local transportation is important when you step out for sightseeing. Thankfully, local transportation in Mauritius has great connectivity and is easily available. If you want to experience the culture, meet the locals and travel local style you can take the bus. If you want a more private option, plan to travel around on rented bikes. Make sure to drive safely and take taxis when you’ve had a little too much after those late-night parties. 


Although every moment on the honeymoon is romantic, that special dinner date has its own charm. For that special dinner, suit up and rent a luxury car to travel to the dinner destination (a speed boat or a beach would be perfect). You can add in some music and wine to seize the moment. 

How to plan sightseeing and other activities?

Choosing between places to visit and places to skip can be daunting. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the most popular sites, and neither would you want to miss out on activities that could be more fun. We’ve mentioned a few places here, and how much time each would need to be explored. You can allot trip days to these places and add some other romantic or adventure activity to complete the day.

Ile Aux Cerfs: This is the best place to visit on your trip to Mauritius. The blue waters and white beaches will leave you awe-stunned. With Mauritius honeymoon packages by ineedtrip, you’ll get a full-day excursion to this beautiful island. 

Seven Colored Earth: The majestic beauty of this place is unavailable. As the name suggests, the place has multi-colored dunes, all-natural. The different colored sand separates itself even when mixed thoroughly. You can go for the Chamarel Waterfalls trek on the same day.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden: With over 650 species of plants and trees to explore, this place is best to explore nature’s beauty. You can go for that special dinner date after a tour of this place or maybe go for a late-night party.


These are some of the many places you can choose to tour around depending on your stay. If you want to know more, check out our blog on the best places to visit in Mauritius. 

Summing it up


So, this was a short guide on how you can plan a honeymoon trip to Mauritius from India. You can take the tips mentioned here and make a list of things to do. Now, that you know everything about your trip, why don’t you head over to our Mauritius honeymoon packages? We’ve some mind-blowing discounts that you wouldn’t want to miss. Our list of inclusions will make your jaw drop. We bet you won’t be able to stop imagining yourself chilling in Mauritius. Let’s get there now!