24 Sep 2020
Latest Travel Guidelines For Maldives During COVID-19
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Maldives is the best place to enjoy your vacation. The country is filled with palm trees, white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, blue lagoons, and picturesque marine life. Maldives seems to be a dream come true for most of the tourists. Separated into islands and surrounded by lagoons the beautiful country is also called ‘the tropical paradise’ by the people living in the country. We know you want to go out ASAP and you’re waiting for COVID19 to slow down. Here’s good news! The Maldives is open to tourists and with this blog we will help you with the latest travel guidelines for Maldives. The country is covered with sea all around and it consists of over five thousand coral reefs and fishes. A beach in the vaadhoo island of Maldives glows at night, providing a mesmerizing scenery even after the sunset. The glowing effect is the outcome of the natural phenomena known as bioluminescence. Isn’t it awesome? Yes, then have a quick visit to relax at the mesmerizing island. Whether you’re planning for a relaxing vacation or a bit of adventure, Maldives is a suitable destination. You can do anything from snorkeling, water flying, fun tubing, paragliding, surfing, fishing, getting a spa treatment, visit local islands, visit Male, and enjoy the villas. What more? You can admire the mesmerizing sunset and get a chance to have your lunch right on the waters.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the whole world onto its knees and the recovery rate has been sliding up at the slowest speed. Well, despite the pandemic, many places are opening up by following the government guidelines. Here is the list of latest travel guidelines for Maldives Trip.


After being closed to the outsiders for over 3 months, the country is now welcoming tourists. A 30 days free visa is being provided by the Maldivian government for all the travelers. However, a negative PCR test is mandatory for all travelers.


Upon arrival, travelers do not need to undergo quarantine, measures as you will be providing PCR test results. However, all travelers should download a contact tracing app i.e., TraceEkee to allow the Maldivian authority to trace any possibility of virus infection. Only a few authorized resorts are open to help keep track of the tourists in case of any widespread. In case if the Maldivian authority finds a tourist with infection, the patient will be isolated and all measures to stop the spread will be taken.


As of now, over 50 resorts in total have been opened in the Maldives. The Maldivian government has issued a ‘Safe Tourism License’ to accredit tourist facilities in the resort that follows the COVID rules. The facilities such as accessing suggestions from doctors, stocking up the required protective equipment, and many more have been made in the resorts. Besides, the resorts in the tropical country will request the guests to produce a negative PCR original certificate to let them in. If the guests do not have a PCR certificate, they are requested to be tested at the airport. In case a guest gets positive in COVID, the guest is isolated providing the required treatment.


The ministry of tourism in the Maldives have permitted island hoping for the tourists but with the strict entry restrictions. The tourists who like to go for the island hopping needs to get permission to stay in more than 2 resorts from the ministry of tourism. Every resort must be free from COVID for about 28 days to make sure that guests stay safe.


Below are the few guidelines that are needed to be followed by the tourists before returning to India. If you do not have any symptoms of COVID-19, a simple PCR test is just required before coming back to India so that you will have no need to be quarantined. However, if you appear to have COVID-19 symptoms then take the PCR test and consult a doctor in the Maldives. If you get positive results in the COVID test then you are to inform the resort you stayed in the Maldives.


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