03 Apr 2020
Seven Colored Earth | A True Wonder Of Our Solar System
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

What if we told you that there exists another earth called ‘the seven colored earth’, which is just as beautiful as the one we live on? Where is it? Is it in our own galaxy, or is it far away?  Answer to these and many similar questions is, that to visit The Seven Colored Earth, you won’t even have to leave this ‘Earth,’ sounds confusing? Let’s clear it up. 

At some point in our lives, we all have just wandered about the beauty that nature withholds, and this ‘another Earth’ or ‘The Seven Colored Earth’ is one of those nature’s wonders. It’s not another planet; it’s a place which you can visit if you plan a trip to Mauritius (all the more reason to visit it). This ‘Seven Colored Earth,’ is located in the Chamarel Plains in south-western Mauritius. But you didn’t come this far just to know that, did you? Let’s take a virtual tour of the place through this blog.

What’s so special about this Seven Colored Earth?

By the looks of it, you’ll feel like someone splashed multiple colors and played “holi” here. Thanks to the volcanic activity that took place some hundred years back, these magnificent dunes are now a huge tourist attraction in Mauritius. And there’s a strange fact that often bewilders people visiting here, it rains a lot in Mauritius, and these are dunes, still, the formation doesn’t erode, quite fascinating, don’t you think?. Also, they are so majestic that if you pick sand from all these colors, mix it, it’ll separate and form different color layers. (Kinda spooky!). Want to visit the place? We’ll take you there in no time! Get to our customized holiday & honeymoon packages section now to find the best deals to visit Mauritius. Wait, there’s more scroll down!

There’s another wonder in Mauritius and it is popularly known as the underwater waterfall. Hey! We didn’t name them, You can read our blog on the underwater waterfall to know more about the wonder. Here’s a picture for you to gaze upon

Mauritius as a tourist destination!

The place is a favorite honeymoon destination worldwide, and we cannot be surprised, 

Mauritius doesn’t need an introduction; the place has exquisite beaches that offer unmatchable peace and adventure. The tropical climate, blue lagoons, and beaches with white sand give a spectacular view of nature’s glory in real sense. Those pictures of crystal blue beaches and corals of Mauritius that you have been seeing are all true.

Why don’t you read our blog on the 5 best places to visit in Mauritius to find more about the beauty of Mauritius? It’s not just a honeymoon destination, if you are planning an international trip with your friends or family and want some adventure, Mauritius should be on the top of your list. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling to see the vibrant coral or go for extreme activities like skydiving, kitesurfing. If all of this is already exciting, you, we have some crazy deals waiting, let’s quickly get a customized plan for you! 

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