23 Nov 2020
The Best Dubai Package for Couples & Honeymooners
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Dubai’s larger than life experience attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Be it the sky touching buildings or the luxurious lifestyle, everything about Dubai is glittery and worth loosening your pocket for. Although it’s popular as a trade and business city, with certain additions to the list of tourist attractions every year, the emirate has become quite popular amongst travelers. People of the Indian sub-continent in particular, have a soft corner for Dubai, whether it’s the cheap gold or the exquisite lifestyle, almost everyone living here, plans to visit Dubai at least once. But how? Ideally it should be done by booking a Dubai package. Dubai has so much to do, that a normal internet search often overwhelms travelers. Without having a plan and a guide, people either end up spending a lot of miss out on many of the must-do activities. To help you have a memorable trip, we at ineedtrip have created this blog, that has details of the best Dubai package for a honeymoon.


How will you travel to Dubai without a Visa? Visa comes off as a scary process for many people, fear not, while you sit and plan your trip, we’ll take care of your VISA and OTB. We’ll make sure that you have all the documents ready before the trip to avoid any stress before, during, or after the trip.


Doesn’t matter where you’re traveling to, it’s important to take care of your flight/ship bookings and local transfers as well. Here’s a deal, even ineedtrip’s cheapest Dubai honeymoon package covers your airfare and airport to hotel and hotel to airport transfers. The local sightseeing you can, of course, do with the Metro or rented vehicles.


To do all that sightseeing and shopping, you must be super active and to ensure that we will help you with a healthy breakfast that’ll keep you going. You can customize your package with add-ons if you want us to cover all your meals.


We know, you have been waiting for this and we’ll not disappoint you. In our aim towards making your trip as complete and enjoyable as possible, our Dubai packages for couples cover a lot of sightseeing activities. Let’s get to them one by one.

Burj Khalifa + Dubai Mall Tour

As we said earlier, we want you to enjoy yourself to the fullest while being light on your pocket, so we will take you to the Burj Khalifa Tour and the Dubai Mall tour. Burj Khalifa, needs no introduction, being one of the tallest buildings on earth, it is an epitome of modern architecture blended with Dubai’s art. Moreover, the views from the 124th floor are mesmerizing, you can see almost all of Dubai from the observation deck. Also, lying in close vicinity to the Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall. With over 1000 shops inviting you with all sorts of stuff it would be hard to control the urge to shop. Moreover, the Mall has many other famous attractions in Dubai too, like the Underwater Zoo and Ski Dubai a ski resort.

Half-Day Dubai city tour

Visiting Dubai and not taking a city tour would be unjust, so we’ll take you on a half-day tour of Dubai which will include major sightseeing and tourist attractions, Dubai’s skyline, and a lot more.

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

You are visiting the Sahara, and the world’s largest desert calls in for some dune bashing, stomach-churning rides in SUVs, sliding down on skates, and a lot of other activities. We’ll cover your transfers, give you a free camel ride, let you have fun around the dunes and then we’ll take you to a BBQ dinner within the desert. It’s nothing normal, you’ll sit around with other tourists, watching local artists perform belly dancing and the Tanoura dancing in front of you.

Dhow Cruise dinner

Dubai’s local cruise, the dhow cruise is a state of the art wooden cruises where you can dine along with your friends and family. The cruise leaves in the evening and it’s normally a 2-hour ride in the Dubai creek. You can see Dubai’s skyline from the cruise itself and enjoy Dubai delicacies on the cruise.

Abu Dhabi City tour

You’re not tired, are you? Good. Because the Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi is waiting for you. You can get on to some thrilling mini rides and know a whole lot more about Ferrari at the Ferrari world. We’ll even take you on a city tour of Abu Dhabi, where you’ll get to see all the famous tourist attractions.

We know what you must be thinking. This should cost a lot! Well, here’s another surprise, ineedtrip covers all of this within Rs 37999 per person. Yes with a place that has a currency 19 times higher than ours, we’ll help you in all the above-mentioned activities within Rs 37999. Can’t believe it? Check out our Dubai honeymoon package list now, and book your best Dubai tour package for a honeymoon in advance, before the prices change.

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