20 Apr 2022
The Sea of Stars Beach In Maldives: For What Reason Does The Beach Glows?
Posted by: Manjeet Thakur

The Maldives is known for its breathtaking beaches: warm white sand, waves that move back and forth musically and gorgeous blue lagoons. This tropical nation comprises of 26 ring-shaped atolls, which in turn comprises of more than 1,000 coral islands. While taking a gander at what the Maldives has to offer, we're not astonished it's a top holiday or honeymoon destination. The glowing beach, known for its widely popular sea of stars, is situated in the Vaadhoo Island, one of the islands of Raa Atoll in the Maldives.

This beguiling island is situated in the north of the Maldives in the Huvadhu Atoll. During unique times of the year, the island gives guests a show which is past magnificence, the peculiarity of bioluminescence. This enlightened peculiarity is delivered by the phytoplankton, a bunch of little marine life creatures which includes organic and organic substances involving solar radiation as a source of energy. Maldives Packages don't miss out on a dream holiday!

The Maldives is the home of many islands, including Raa Atoll. Vaadhoo Island is only one among the many. Vaadhoo Island is a piece of the Raa Atoll in the Maldives. It's little in populace; however because of the radiant shine of its currently well known beach, it has turned into a famous vacationer location inside the island chain.

In spite of its little size, under 500 inhabitants, this small island has acquired global prevalence in view of the glow. A many individuals call it the Sea of Stars due to the blue glow. Before, relatively few individuals knew about the glowing beach, it was viewed as the mystery of the island. However, presently since the mystery is out, voyagers are arriving at this area to partake in the amazing perspective. Find affordable Maldives Package from India!

For what reason does the beach in the Maldives glows?

The blue light water you see on the ocean front isn't nevertheless a Bioluminescent Beach Phenomenon. OK, let me separate this for you folks when you see the ocean side lit in a blue glow at the dark, it is known as the bioluminescent. The glow or the light you see is radiated by the marine living creature.

The explanation for this glowing beach in the Maldives is a direct result of the sea planktons present in it. These are viewed as the major mindful animals for this bioluminescent phenomenon. The animals emit light which is just seen in the dark at the evening time. The beach in the Vaadhoo is loaded up with this light emitted microorganisms and microbes which have the inherent ability to deliver a vivacious blue glow. This interaction in entire exemplifies the excellence of the beach and makes an inconceivable situation to the guests. Various voyagers from around the world come to specially visit this spot to encounter this amazing peculiarity. Check out the popular Holiday Package Maldives!

What Makes Bioluminescent Plankton Sparkle?

Researchers have as of late found that this sort of plankton glows when they are unsettled - amusing when you consider how relaxing seeing the shining waves is in obscurity night. Bioluminescence is used as a protection shield to scare away hunters coming towards the animal trying to eat the plankton. The little blazes of light disorientate and amaze the hunter.

The cycle of making a bioluminescent light, which is basically light delivered inside a living animal, varies between organisms. Some need a specific food or one more animal for the impact to occur. These little organic entities produce light utilizing a chemical called luciferin. Yet, this type of plankton, called dino flagellates, produces luciferin all alone. The light the tiny plankton transmits is called cold light; meaning fewer than 20% of the light creates heat.

Immense region of the sea can become populated by glowing plankton yet the impact is particularly normal in warm-water lagoons that have thin openings to the ocean. This causes the plankton to assemble and become caught, making the water become orange.

Where is The Glowing Beach in the Maldives?

Arriving at Vaadhoo Island is very easy from Maldives airport. Above all, if you want to arrive at the Maldives capital city called Male, Vaadhoo Island is only 8 kilometers from Male. The capital city of Maldives, Male has an International Airport. The most ideal way to arrive at Vaadhoo is to travel to the Maldives you will reach Male, from that point you could take a speedboat ride through which you will arrive at Vaadhoo by 15 minutes. The best chance to observe and partake in the best of the most splendid bioluminescent phenomenon in the Maldives is between June and October. Maldives Honeymoon Package for a romantic and fun vacation!

Things to do in Vaadhoo Island

Without a doubt, bioluminescence or sea of stars phenomenon stands apart as the most well known action on Vaadhoo Island. Travelers hurry to the seashore around evening time to observe gleaming sea shores. Other than this peculiar phenomenon, the retreats at the island offer villas and extravagance services. Here, you will get a valuable chance to absorb and find out about the Maldivians and their culture on this seldom populated island. Tourists can participate in the accompanying different activities to encounter island life.


You can walk around the beach and leave your footprint on the beach. You can swim in the water and bold the sparkling waves lapping the seashore.

Scuba Diving

A reef safeguards the Vaadhoo Island, and the diving sites rank high among the world's best positions. At Maldives Atolls, scuba diving is an amazing and costly activity. Underwater some larger fish and beautiful reef fish adventure, and individuals can see them intently.


Kayaking is one more interesting activity for the guests in Vaadhoo Island. It is entrancing after the dusk since you can observe the lovely shades on the waves. It additionally empowers us to appreciate the sea of stars phenomenon after it turns dark. Kayak is a kayak like boat or watercraft, and individuals impel it with a twofold bladed oar.

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As all of you realize the Maldives is a famous romantic honeymoon destination to visit in Asia. There are bounty of activities to savor and astonishing spots to investigate for explorers. You can constantly unwind on the beachside around evening time calmly with quiet blue shining waters touching your feet, the delight and the vibe of this profound experience must be felt well as there are no words left to depict this unmatched magnificence.

As one of the famous tourist destinations on the planet, there are a lot of spots to investigate or visit. However, you can constantly partake in the serene night at the beach. You can just sit and partake in the view. Or on the other hand you can go for a walk near the ocean, let the water contact your feet, and the air touching your face. Magical holiday experience with Maldives Holiday Packages!

So, Where Else Can You See Glowing Plankton In The World Other Than In Maldives?

There are a couple of puts on earth where you get to observe this peculiarity, the one which we are centering here is in the Maldives and other places include Thailand, Jamaica, Australia, San Diego, and Vietnam.

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