29 Apr 2020
There’s A T-Rex In Bali | It’s Dangerous But doesn’t Bite
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Yes, you read that right! There’s a t-rex in Bali. The exotic province that has secluded beaches, lush green volcanic mountains, stunning waters holds such danger and people visit Bali especially to have a look at it. What? Why didn’t we see it in the news? Okay, we’re guilty! We should have told this in the title itself. The dangerous yet amazing place that we’ve been talking about is a cliff. Yes, the famous cliff of the Kelingking Beach is The T-Rex in Bali. The cliff’s name is based on its bewildering structure, which looks exactly like a t-rex’s head. Sounds dull? Have a look at the picture below and then we’ll talk. How about now? Doesn’t the site take your breath away? The overlooking blue watered beach, powdery white sands, make it a perfect hotspot for people in search of adventure and lone time.

Where and how to to get to the t-rex in Bali?

To witness this amazing site, you’ll, of course, have to travel to Bali, the most popular province of Indonesia. When you’ve reached Bali and have explored the mind-blowing beaches on that particular island, head over to the Nusa Penida. This is the island, where you’ll find the t-rex cliff that’s adding to the beauty of Kelingking beach. 

To reach Nusa Penida, you’ll have to either take a speed boat or a ferry from the Sanur beach in Bali. A speedboat will get you there in about 20-30 minutes but will cost you around Rs 800 per person while the ferry will take around 90 minutes to get you there, but just under 200 Rs. per person. Depending on the time you have in hand, you can choose either of these options. If you plan to stay for a day or two on the mesmerizing Nusa Islands, get a ferry because you won’t be in a hurry. If you intend to hit the Kelingking beach and get back on the same day, a speedboat would be more ideal, since it’ll save you time. Once you’re on the Nusa Islands you’ll find multiple taxis or bike renting options to get to the Kelingking beach, if you chose to rent a bike, drive safe because the roads are bumpy and uneven. 

How to get down at the Kelingking beach?

There’s an entry fee of 10000 IDR per person and parking fees of 5000 IDR for Kelingking Beach. Once you’ve reached this hotspot, settle in for some adventure. You’ll find a flock of tourists taking pictures of and by the T-rex cliff and sometimes it gets so crowded, that you have to wait for your turn. But if you’re brave-hearted and are up for a dangerous hike, you can witness a mind-boggling site. 

The cliff at the left is naturally shaped like a t-rex and at the right, you can see a cliff that looks like a tail so from head to tail there’s a complete t-rex waiting for you in Bali. If the turquoise blue waters and white sand attract you and you want to hit the beach there’s a steep hike for you. The hike is dangerous, rocky and there’s no strong safety measure whatsoever. You will have to hike down with minimalistic support from stairs and railings made out of bamboo sticks. Since the railings are not maintained and the hike is too steep, any wrong step can lead to disaster.

Take a good look at the path that’ll lead you down before you start hiking down. You’ll not only have to hike down but you’ll have to hike up too, there’s no other way of getting back on top. The steep hike down will take you around an hour or more given that you go slow, keeping safety as the top priority. The hike back up will take even longer (about 2-2:30 hours) as you’ll have to rely on the stairs and lose rails to pull yourself up. 

What after you reach down to the beach?

Once you’ve reached down, the hike would seem worth it. There are multiple caves, where you can relax after having fun with the water and sunbathe. Kelingking is a shore-break beach thus the waves hit the beach hard. Although the water looks very tempting because of the dazzling and barreling, it is advised to try body surfing near to the shore itself rather than swimming if you’re unsure about handling the waves. 

If you’re not up for that risk, fear not, there’s another great thing. After exploring the t-rex in Bali and getting those pictures you can hit a few other stunning places before coming back here. Crystal Bay and the Broken Beach are two other famous sites of Nusa Penida that offer a spectacular view of nature’s beauty. (If you want to read more about things to do in Nusa Penida, you can read our blog) After exploring the two places, you can come back to the Kelingking beach around 5 PM and find a good spot to sit at the right side (the tail of t-rex). The sunset at the Kelingking beach is exhilarating. Witnessing the sun setting down on the peninsula, the reddish-pink clouds, with the sound of waves crashing on the cliffs, will make you feel that nature’s beauty is way too underestimated. Make sure you carry a nice pair of shoes, drinking water, and a lot of courage (if you plan to hit the beach).


This t-rex in Bali attracts thousands of tourists every year and the pictures of the Kelingking keep resurfacing on social media every other month. It’s a site worth visiting and Bali itself is a complete blockbuster destination for beach lovers. To explore Bali with the best itinerary and within a decent budget, head over to our Bali Honeymoon Packages right away. We have jaw-dropping deals and discounts specially designed for you, and we even have the option of customizing your tour package. If you want, we can help you choose the best package over a call too, contact us here!