13 May 2021
Top 10 Beaches to visit in Goa for couples
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal
A travelogue for the best tour of Goa and its gleaming beachside areas. Whether you go to the Agonda fishing village or popular beach spots like Palolem, you would find much to appreciate in Goa.

Aptly termed as the "sunshine state" of India, Goa is a primary travel destination for many individuals looking for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. Whether you like the excitement of parties or the serenity of lounging on the beachside, there is much to do here. The coastline of this region stretches for 105 km and is home to many idyllic beaches. Indeed, there is a laid-back and stress-free aura around these spots, which prompts every visitor to let down their defences and, simply put, relax. 

Hence, if relieving stress is your main intention, you cannot go wrong with a visit to this scenic state. In fact, it is home to some of the cleanest beaches throughout India and boasts of many ecologically vibrant areas as well. 

For a better travelling experience, we have created a list of top Goan Gplaces that you must go to for a fun-filled adventure. So, take out your bandanas and sunscreen and begin planning your trip to these top 10 best beaches in Goa.

What makes Goa the Best?

Truth be told, there are many reasons why Goa is one of the best vacation spots in the entire country of India, and perhaps even the Asian continent. The place is full of tranquil beaches, visual natural landscapes, bustling bazaars, interesting food types, and hardcore nightlife. So, whatever travellers fancy (food, relaxing, etc.) for the day or whomever they go with (alone or with a partner), Goa has something for everyone.

To note, those who prefer learning the historic past and significance of an area would also find Goa interesting. Indeed, there are many spots that highlight the rich history of its people over several centuries. Here, you would get to see and observe particular areas with Indian and Portuguese influences. However, the main draw for tourists is the best beaches in Goa, and ten of them are mentioned below.

North Goa

  1. Ashwem Beach

Located in the Mandrem coastal village, this beach is a popular but secluded spot in Goa. Generally, not a lot of people flock to this beach, even during the peak season. So, if you want a quieter and peaceful experience, Ashwem Beach is a good choice. A notable point about this beach is the presence of olive ridley turtles in the area. Unfortunately, though, they only appear during particular periods. 

How to reach: The Goa International Airport is just 53-54 km away from this beach. The total time to move from one spot to the other is 1-2 hours approximately. 

Activities to do: Sightseeing, Relaxing, Parasailing, Sun-bathing 

  1. Baga Beach

The Baga beach is just 2 km away from Calangute Beach and is a well-known spot on its own. Many tourists choose to reside in the beach huts or luxury resorts with a visually pleasing landscape. In particular ways, it holds particular similarities with its namesake, Baga Creek, which lies near the beach end that touches the Arabian Sea. 

From pubs to fun-filled clubs, the younger visitors enjoy their trip highly. Other than that, you can go for water sport options like parasailing, jet skis, speed boat riding, and banana boat riding. 

How to reach: It takes around 1-2 hours to reach the nearest airport, which is the Goa International Airport. It is just 41-42 km away. 

Activities to do: motorboat rides,dolphin rides, jet skis, diving, and spa visits

  1. Vagator Beach

Location-wise, Vagator Beach resides just 9 km away from the Goan city of Mapusa. Appearance-wise, the beach looks a lot like a crescent moon, with a white sandy surface and black rocks. 

Another beautiful element about this spot is, of course, the lush greenery that supports the beach. You can go on the cliffside that overlooks the ocean as well and notice a stunning landscape. Not to mention, there is much to enjoy about the locality here as well, like nightlife, shopping, luxury resorts, musical celebrations, and water sport activities. 

Overall, locals divide the beach into Small Vagator and Big Vagator; both are equally beautiful and have fun activities to offer.

How to Reach: The Goa International Airport lies 43-44 km from this Beach, and you can take 1-2 hours to reach there. 

Activities to do: Shopping, parties,and Water Sports.

  1. Arambol Beach

This is one of the most popular best beaches in Goa. So, it is almost important not to mention the option in this list. Stretching over sixteen kilometers along the coast, you would notice cliffs on both sides as well. When you visit, you will notice men and women in colorful clothing and fancy hats.

Also highlighting the vintage feel, the huts and clubs here play common 80's songs at this spot. Regardless, it is a fun activity to partake in to experience Goa's hippie culture and nightlife. Moreover, you would notice a marketplace near the beach alongside a freshwater lake.

How to Reach:The distance between Goa International Airport and Arambol Beach is approximately 55-60 km. Similarly, the time difference is 1-2 hours, at most. 

Activities to do: shopping, surfing, and food.

  1. Miramar Beach

This beach is easily one of the most well-known and best beaches in Goa. It is not far from the capital city of Panjim, approximately3 hours. You would certainly get to see a lot here, like the view of Mandovi River mixing into the Arabian Sea. 

Plus, if you wish, you can go for a river cruise and have a fun and adrenaline-rushing casino experience. Overall, getting to enjoy such activities and the calm moments at the golden Miramar beach are both equally sweet experiences.

How to Reach: With a 28-29 kms distance between Goa International Airport and this beach, you can reach the area in around 50-55 minutes.

Activities to do: bar-hopping, water sports, and food

South Goa

  1. Hollant Beach

This beach is not far from Vasco city or the Bogmalo beach, which lies just 7 kms away. The water here notices low currents; thus, you can easily and safely swim in these shallow waters. 

While the area is comparatively isolated, it is still one of the most gorgeous locations in Goa. You would have to hire a car to visit the beach. After visiting, you can go for some fun water-based activities or enjoy the view of the picturesque sunset.

How to Reach: This beach is very close to the main Goa International Airport; approximately 4-5 km. So, you can easily reach here within 10-15 minutes roughly.

Activities to do:Kayaking, Diving, and Parasailing.

  1. Velsao Beach

This area is one of the best beaches in Goa, specifically the Southern Goa region. With scenic appealing surroundings and shiny starfish and sea-shells on the beach, you would like the visual delight of the area. Also, there are luxury resorts and relaxing spa destinations to have fun at here as well. 

To be fair, the area is more solitary than social; so, if you want to spend a quiet time away from society, Velsao Beach is a good choice. Notably, if you visit the beach during January, you can go to the Chapel of Nuestra Señora de las Curas for the Feast of Epiphany celebrations. Here, both the tourists and the locals get to experience a fun and cultural side of Goa. 

How to Reach: With just a distance of 10-11 kms, it would take you only 15-20 minutes to reach Goa International Airport from Velsao Beach or vice versa. 

Activities to do: Shopping, Diving, and Parasailing.

  1. Palolem Beach 

This South Goan beach is essentially the tip of this side and is around 25 kms away from the town of Margao. There are many interesting cafes and restaurants in the area that serve many local and multi-cultural delicacies. Therefore, the beachside is reasonably popular with tourists, besides the many water sport opportunities one can experience here as well. For example, the popular aquatic activities to do here are windsurfing or paragliding. 

Moreover, you can plan a hike to one of the islands in the vicinity of the beach or choose to canoe there. Or, you can simply go to the Isla de Los Monos in this area and have a relaxing time to yourself. To note, Palolem Beach is a popular honeymoon destination; you can choose this spot if that is the purpose of your trip. 

How to Reach: Situated around 60-62 km from the Goa International Airport, it takes 1.2 hours to reach Palolem Beach or the opposite. 

Activities to do: shopping, party, food, water sports, and diving

  1. Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo beach was not always a tourist beach spot in Goa; previously, it was a coastal fishing village. With close proximity to the airports and the increasing tourism industry in Goa, many people frequent this beach. However, it is important to mention that the local livelihood here is still fishing for many citizens. 

While you can enjoy the stunning sunset at the sea's horizon here, you would get the chance to interact with the local culture as well.

How to Reach: You can reach the Bogmalo beach from the Goa International Airport in 10-15 minutes. The distance between them is around 4-5 km. 

Activities to do:Water sports, Bar hopping,and food.

  1. Majorda Beach

Last but not the least, one of the best beaches in Goa is Majorda beach in South Goa. It is visually appealing with soft and clear white sand, shining blue waters, and palm tree tops all around. The area here is very soothing and gentle; plus, not a lot of tourists congest the beach. 

So, if you want to spend some solitary moments, this is a good spot to visit.

How to Reach: With just a 17-18 km distance between the Goa International Airport and Majorda beach, it would take you only 30-35 minutes to reach either spot. 

Activities to do: skiing, surfing, shopping, snorkeling, and water sports.

Final Words: To visit or not to visit?

If you ask us, we would surely admit that Goa is one of the vacation spots you should not miss. From multiple exciting activities to enjoy to stunning areas to see, there is no limit to how good the experience here can be. 

So, if you want to travel for the fun, the history, or just relaxation, Goa delivers on all fronts. The beaches mentioned are just some of the best spots that would improve your overall Goan experience. Thus, carefully consider your options and add one or more into your itinerary. 

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