12 Aug 2021
Top 12 Thrilling Options to Satiate Your Thirst In Leh, Ladakh
Posted by: Manjeet Thakur

Ladakh is one of the top destinations in India which is pretty much on every voyager’s bucket list and is a fantasy destination which will stay in his mind forever! Ladakh's grand and untouched beauty is one which enthralls every traveler visiting this spot, furthermore wanting them yearning for additional.

Pump up your adrenaline rush, best adventurous sports in Leh, Ladakh

Rocky Mountains enhance the scenic beauty for what it's worth while the powerful Indus River which flows through the deep valleys and dramatic mountains will make you adore this spot over and over again. Need to know what Ladakh is renowned for? Leh Ladakh tour to enjoy the best!

Aside from the spiritual monasteries and audacious bike trips, adventure sports are another jewel of this frigid paradise. But every activity permitted here depends upon the months and its weather condition. So significantly relying on the climate you can engage in the activities in Leh, Ladakh. Be it frigid chilly winds or the rough territories of the Himalayas, Leh Ladakh has adequate exciting alternatives to satiate your hunger for adrenaline kicks. Test the adventure in you with our Leh Ladakh tour packages!  

Here are some of the top adventurous activities in Ladakh, making it one of the top destinations to visit in India for the adrenaline junkies!

1. Camping under the star-lit sky

Hope for nothing better than camping under the stargazing skies on your vacation in Ladakh. The unparalleled scene of grand fruitless mountains make for the ideal foundation and the high lakes make the ideal stance for partaking in the best camping activity in Ladakh. There are two sorts of camping that one can appreciate enormously in Ladakh- recreation camping and adventure camping.

Best places for camping in Ladakh:

  1. Zanskar Valley
  2. Tso Moriri
  3. Pangong Tso
  4. Thiksey
  5. Hunder Village
  6. Nubra Valley

Best time for camping in Ladakh: June to September. Go for the Leh Ladakh package for the best camping experience.

2. Trekking in the rugged mountains & jaw-dropping landscapes

The radiant mountains and stunning scenery make trekking in Ladakh perhaps the most exciting encounters for any sort of voyager. Wrapping the path in the freezing cold of the area and strolling over the frozen water bodies upgrades the fervor of covering the trips here. This spot holds unmatched excellence with huge loads of snow-cleaned tops, ancient monasteries, and alluring panorama that you will not see elsewhere. From simple to amazingly troublesome, treks in Ladakh oblige individuals of a wide range of wellness levels. View the stunning landscape on foot with our perfectly designed Leh Ladakh package.

Best places for trekking in Ladakh:

  1. Chadar Trek
  2. Snow Leopard Trek
  3. Markha Valley Trek
  4. Lamayuru to Alchi Trek
  5. Lamayuru to Chilling Trek
  6. Stok Kangri Trek
  7. Ripchar Valley Trek
  8. Padum to Darcha Trek
  9. & many more.

Best time for trekking in Ladakh: September-October is the best time for trekking and exploring the trekking routes on foot. Leh Ladakh tour for the spine chilling treks!

3. River rafting through the mesmerizing rivers

River rafting is one of the adventurous activities in Ladakh. If you want to take pleasure in the scenic views of the mountains while sprouting through the waters, then river rafting in Zanskar River and Indus River is the ideal testing sport you need to enjoy. Indus River upholds Grade 1 to Grade 5 which is great for novices just as experts. Witness the grand view of the monasteries above and slopes as you pontoon your way through the entrancing stream with our Ladakh tour.

Best places for river rafting:

  1. Saspol-Khaltsey
  2. Kharu-Spituk
  3. Phey -Saspol
  4. Phey-Nimmo route
  5. Upshi-Kharu route

Best time: June to October

4. Mountain biking (mountain cycling)

Mountain Biking is the ideal sport for each daredevil who loves to enjoy a daring excursion through the rough slopes, extraordinary territories, steep roads thus considerably more. Many motor bikers run to Leh Ladakh consistently to feel the ethereal beauty of this spot. It's on you to choose what sort of excursion you would incline toward- long or short. Leh Ladakh package for an amazing adventurous trip!

Best places for mountain biking: 

  1. Pangong lake shores
  2. Along the banks of Zanskar or Indus River
  3. Leh to Zingchem
  4. Zingchen to Skiu
  5. Diskit Monastery
  6. Khardung La
  7. Nubra Valley
  8. Thiksey Monastery
  9. Spituk Monastery
  10. & more.

Best time: Mid-June to Mid-September

5. The Bactrian camel safari 

This oversimplified experience can be accomplished through camel rides in Leh, Ladakh. It is an astounding encounter to ride a double-humped camel across striking routes of Leh, Ladakh. Ride through the high mountains of Leh, Ladakh to get the real experience.  Leh Ladakh tour packages to experience something unique, something exciting!

Best places for camel safari:  

  1. Nubra Valley
  2. Dixit
  3. Hunder Valley
  4. & more.

Best time: June to Mid September

6. Quad Biking

Many experienced aficionados are attracted to Ladakh for this stand-out activity. Ride an ATV in one of the most elevated motorable roads. Get set go for quad biking in Nubra Valley and wonder about seeing the most stunning views. The confound ways will challenge the adrenaline surge in you- each daredevil ought to be a part of this experience sports to extinguish their hunger for an exciting encounter.

Best Places for quad biking:

  1. Nubra Valley
  2. Magnetic Hill

Best time: April-Mid October

7. Ice Skating/Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey in Leh, Ladakh is also named as Skinny and Pond Hockey, partake in the genuine rush of skating in the open air on natural ice. It is perhaps the most famous adventure sport in Leh, Ladakh. Many campsites offer ice skating and ice hockey activities as the region freezes during winter season and turns out to be perfect for this game. Ladakh tour offers you the best activities here!

Best place for ice hockey: Karzoo Ice Hockey Rink

Best time: Mid-November to January

8. Jeep safari

Ladakh has endless spots to explore, from ancient monasteries to high passes. The glorious ambiance with an assortment of sights and sounds it offers to add further to the fervor of visiting Ladakh. What's more, what better way could it be to partake than undertaking a Jeep Safari. Opt for the Ladakh package for the best jeep safari experience.

Best places for jeep safari: 

  1. Pangong Lake
  2. Nubra Valley
  3. Manali-Leh Highway
  4. Dah Hanu
  5. Tso Moriri lake.
  6. Zanskar and Suru Valley

Best time: June-Mid October

9. Archery

Being a part of the traditional sport Archery which is organized in the National Archery Stadium, it holds a unique significance in the core of Leh Ladakh's identity, culture, and tradition. They lead different archery competitions throughout the midyear months; as the local game of Leh Ladakh it shows how people are profoundly pulled with their flamboyance for contest and skill. They have their own set of rules and regulations, which makes it seriously more intriguing.

Best place for Archery: National Archery Stadium, Leh, Ladakh

Best time: Summer months

10. Rock climbing

With regards to adventure activities in Leh Ladakh, rock climbing is one of the most recommended. You will get the opportunity to test your limits to climb on the strenuous path of Himalayan and Karakoram ranges. Prior to beginning the undertaking, you may need to get the vital clothing, tools, and different things. Additionally, letting you get accustomed to the mountains of Leh, Ladakh. Sounds thrilling, right? Go for the Leh Ladakh package!

Best places for rock climbing: 

  1. Stok-Kangri
  2. Nun Kun
  3. Chamser
  4. Lungser Kangri
  5. Markha Valley with Stok Kangri
  6. & more.

Best time: Mid-May to mid-October

11. Paragliding, fly around like a bird

Quite possibly the most enchanting adventure sport in Leh Ladakh is paragliding, one of the most daring activities and only for ones with a valiant heart. In this activity, you will be honored with a 10,000 foot view of the pleasant snow covered mountains and pinnacles. A tip, remember to take your camera along to record the most awe-inspiring scenic views of Leh with our exclusive Leh Ladakh tour packages.

Best place for paragliding: 

  1. Sakti-Tagar below Changla Pass
  2. Khardung ranges 

Best time: May to July

12. Motor biking in Ladakh

Experience the glee of riding through the highest passes of the world. Ride your monster through the rugged mountain tracks while partaking in the astounding terrains of the region. This is unquestionably going to be one amazing ride. It doesn't make any difference whether you are an adventurous person or somebody who loves to travel with their group for the experience, Leh-Ladakh tour will certainly astonish you.

Best places for motor biking:

  1. Leh-Pangong-Leh
  2. Leh-KhardungLa-Nubra valley-Leh
  3. & many more

Best time: Mid-June to Mid-October

Pick your favorite season & enjoy the beauty of Ladakh

The tough valley of Leh-Ladakh is no match to different spots as an optimal spot for the daring enthusiasts out there. Favored by high elevation ranges, gigantic lakes, picturesque paths, profound valleys and high passes, this area sets up a stage for an incredible assortment of adrenaline siphoning activity. You can enjoy many adventure activities here. These adventure sports in Leh Ladakh are exactly what you need to get a true adrenaline surge.

But wait a minute, confused? How to visit the best places & also enjoy adventurous activities in Leh Ladakh?

If you want to go on a Ladakh tour, then it is important to choose an exclusive Leh Ladakh tour package. These tours are affordable as well as expensive. If you want to explore everything and enjoy the adventure activities they are expensive. ‘I Need Trip’ provides Leh Ladakh tour packages, according to your convenience.

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