Top 3 unique things to do in Mauritius after Covid-19

04 May 2020
Top 3 unique things to do in Mauritius after Covid-19
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

The whole world has come to a standstill after the reports of COVID-19 outspread. All of us have played a significant role in controlling the disease by staying at home and helping people virtually. This pandemic made us realize how tiny we are in comparison to nature’s wildness and vividness. A single disease bought even the top nations down on their knees. But there’s a lighter and brighter side to all of this. Nature reflourished the forests, the air, the beaches, and everything else with beauty. Once the dust settles and we’re ready for the dawn, all of us would want to cherish the natural beauty Earth has presented us with. To witness this beauty with peace and a little fun, we suggest you visit Mauritius after COVID-19. To cheer you up and give you a virtual tour of Mauritius, we at ineedtrip made a list of the amazing things you can do in Mauritius after COVID-19. Let’s Begin.

Hiking the Le Mourne Brabant to see the Underwater Waterfall

Did you see the image? Doesn’t the site look mesmerizing? This picture is taken from a satellite. What you’re seeing is popularly known as the underwater waterfall of Mauritius. However, this is an architectural wonder created by nature itself, it’s not a waterfall, it’s an illusion. The depth of the sea bed all around the island of Mauritius is between 100-150 meters. But, at this particular point, the sea bed suddenly steps down to thousands of meters. The sand at the shore and the average depth falls into this break of levels because of the underlying current of water. This phenomenon creates the illusion of an underwater waterfall.  You can read more about the underwater waterfall here.

Now, coming to the hiking part, the Le Mourne Brabant is located near the underwater waterfall. Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site, the cliff and the caves at this place were used by slaves during the 18th and 19th centuries to hide and take shelter. We advise you to take a guide who’ll help you cover the 3-4 hours hike with lots of inputs about the history of the place. The hike is challenging, fun, and adventurous, the views from the top are stunning and you can get a partial glimpse of the underwater waterfall. If you want to know about the beaches and other stuff that everyone does you can visit our blog on the best places to visit in Mauritius.

Visiting the 7 Colored Earth and The Chamarel Waterfalls

The Seven Coloured Earths is a truly unique attraction that’ll make you believe that sand doesn’t have only one color. The dunes are surrounded by lush green forests that add to the beauty of the scenery. Created from volcanic activity, the different colors blue, red, yellow, green, violet, purple, and of course brown, shine bright when sunlight hits them. There’s also a mystery to the place, even if you mix the different colored sand, it’ll separate automatically in its own spectrum.

This place is best to take out the camera, the bright colors and a big smile will make for a good Instagram post. The Chamarel Waterfalls, where the water drops from over 100 meters are close by and perfect for a relaxing swim. Take a taxi to get there and begin a 3-hour hike down to the base of the waterfall. The sight is truly awe-inspiring and the cool sprinklers and breeze at the bottom will make you forget about all your worries. If you want to relax and take in the splendid beauty of nature, this is the place for you. We’ve also written a separate blog on the seven-colored earth, you can read more about it here.

Driving the underwater Sub-scooter 

This is exclusive to Singapore experience. If you’re scared or not really a fan of scuba diving you can try out this unique sub-scooter. As you might have already guessed by the name, it’s a combination of Submarine and a scooter. You’ll get to watch the rich corals and have a close look at the diverse marine life up close safely. It does look like a sewing machine from a distance, but the complex design helps 2 people ride together. It’s fun and quite enthralling to ride on the sub-scooter but sadly if you’re taller than 2 meters, it’s not for you. The sub-scooters are operated in the North of Mauritius about 2kms from the Grand Bale. The whole duration of the ride is about 2 hours but it’s a little costly. You’ll have to pay 90 Euros per person to ride the Scooter together with your partner. Trust us, it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT! If you want to find out about the best places to visit in Mauritius, read our blog here.

We’ve fought together in this time of crisis, and the Sun will shine brighter once again. To help you explore Mauritius after COVID-19, we at ineedtrip have some amazing Mauritius packages for you. With a big list of inclusions and unbelievable discounts, we aim to make your getaway fun and stress-free. To have a look at our packages or customize your own, visit here.