11 Dec 2020
Top 5 Must Try Dishes in Maldives
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Maldives! Ah! The heaven on earth. Although it attracts tourists year around the year 2020 has got something special. Even with the Covid-19 lockdown, the global problems, everything, the beauty of Maldives couldn’t stop people from visiting the place. Now that things are almost normal, Maldives is seeing many celebrities doing circles of the amazing destination. About Maldives? Maldives doesn’t need any introduction and we’ll go out of words if we start describing its beauty. Many people are only known about the beauty of Maldives but we can say that Maldives is just A1 in all the things whether it is its places, resorts and of course the most importantly food. While we’ve talked about sightseeing, activities, resorts in other blogs, today we’ll talk about the must try dishes in Maldives. Without further ado let’s start with the list of the delicaices that’ll make your mouth watery.

MALDIVIAN VEGETABLE CURRY must try dishes in Maldives Pic Creds: Instagram/@nomadic_chefs

Just like the Indian curry, Maldives too has its own curry, popular as the Maldivian vegetable curry. Maldives where you will find a lot of seafood has this gem of a veggie dish that people often miss out. Maldivian curry is also known as Tharukaaree Riha, and as you can guess by the name, the curry is full of mixed vegetables like carrot, beans, pumpkin, potato, along with some tempting aroma of curry leaves, pandan leaves and is served hot. This is the perfect meal for all vegans visiting the Maldives and one of the must-try dishes in Maldives if you’re one of the brick and bones one.

GARUDHIYA must try dishes in Maldives Image Creds: Instagram/@off_toseetheworld

This is one of the traditional dishes in Maldives. Garudhiya or Garudiya is one of the simplest dishes you can try in Maldives. It It is a fish soup made up of the freshness of sea fish along with water and some salt. The dish is very light on your stomach and well, perfect for breakfast after a heavy party night. Garudhiya is the best option for fish lovers. It is served hot with some lime, chili, and onions. A perfect healthy, light and tasty meal for all our fish eating friends out there. Garudhiya is definitely one of the must try dishes in Maldives.

BOSHI MASHUNI must try dishes in Maldives Pic Creds: Insta/@thetravelbugindia

Boshi Mashuni is also one of the most healthy dishes in Maldives. Why are we focusing on healthy dishes so much? We know you’ll be partying there and your stomach has to be light both before and after the madness. Boshi Mashuni is a salad purely made up of fresh banana flowers, fresh coconut along with the juicy flavor of cucumber, turmeric, cumin seeds and to add up some more aroma, fresh curry leaves. Boshi Mashuni ranks high on the list of must-try dishes in the Maldives and you just cannot afford to miss this dish. You can also add up some Maldivian spices as per your preference.

SAAGU BONDIBAI Pic Creds: Instagram/@fiya101

If you’re looking to add some sweetness to your cuisine, this is the perfect dish for you. The dish somewhat looks and tastes like our “desi kheer’ but has certain twists. Saagu or sabudana is a popular ingredient that adds up to many meals in the Maldives and is used to create this dish too. Saagu bondibai is a pudding made up of warmed coconut milk, some fresh condensed milk, a little flavor of cardamom and a rose that makes the flavor more tasty and aromatic. It is one of the most delicious dishes which will make your mood and day sweetened.

FISH CURRY must try dishes in Maldives Pic Creds: therawtextures

Being an island with such pretty waters, Maldives obviously has cuisines that are heavy on fishes. We talked about the vegetable at the start and now we’ll talk about Fish curry. This dish is creamy, juicy, spicy, and has an amazing flavor of coconut oil, which you will love for sure. You can try out specialties of fish like yellowfin tuna, bigeye scads, little tunny and many more, there you can have a lot of variety in fish. You can try out fish curry with some boiled rice too. Now that you’ver read this blog, you know about the dishes that you cannot miss. This blog will be very helpful to decide your meals in advance and you won’t have to do the “pass the menu – you decide’ thing. Well, if you’re looking someone to help you with Maldives honeymoon packages or maldives packages for families, head on to our packages section. We’ve got some amazing deals and discounts running year around!