18 Sep 2020
Top 5 Must-Try Dishes In Singapore
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

The city of hearts, with a roaring lion, Singapore, offers amazing views and a leap into the world’s finest modern architecture. From Gardens by the bay to the Marina Bay Sands, from Clarks Quay to the artificial Sentosa Island, Singapore shows you the true potential of man’s creativity.  When you are planning a trip to Singapore, even the thought of trying Singapore’s delicacies makes your mouth watery. Food is something you eat at least twice a day and since you’re in Singapore, why not try some local dishes? So, here in this blog, you will get to know about the 5 must-try dishes on your Singapore trip.

Roti Prata & Murtabak

Roti Murtabak is an awesome vegetarian dish in Singapore. It is just another version of Pizza. It is a dough of plain flour, butter, and eggs tossed with the crispy flavor. You can have it with curry which adds a spicy flavor to it or you can have it with condensed milk, or chocolate delight. If you want a heavy meal, you can try the stuffed Murtabak which is available in 3 variants,  soybean/chicken or mutton. You can try out this dish in Singapore and I am sure you will love the light taste of roti prata in Singapore style. 


If you are health conscious and want to try some healthy and tasty food rojak is the best option to have in Singapore. Rojak is made up of fresh fruits and vegetables which is mixed with some sweet, sour, little spicy, and some tamarind sauce. Rojak is made live on the spot so you can go for whichever vegetables and fruits you want in your dish and you can also pick up a vegetarian sauce.  Prawn paste is another option if you want to try something different. So go out for rojak and try out some freshness of fruits and vegetables of Singapore in the form of rojak meal. Rojak is a personal favorite and one of the must try dishes in Singapore.


Wonton mee is a Singaporean noodles dish. Everyone loves noodles. As in India, everyone loves to have zinc of Chinese noodles we must say this is the perfect dish for all. This Singaporean version of noodles are eaten with the dry noodles along with a yummy light sauce, some pork, and some wonton dumplings filled with pork served with a hot bowl of soup. So it is an amazing dish to have in Singapore and try a new version of noodles with a different taste.




Laksa is one of the famous and most common dishes in Singapore. It is a combo of Chinese and Malay flavors mixed with other ingredients in one platter. It is a meal of rice noodles with some vegetables and some gravy or curry and some portion of proteins. In Singapore, you will find a variety in Laksa and there are many specific laska restaurants that offer different flavors. It is definitely one of the must-try dishes in Singapore. 


Hainanese Chicken Rice


Hainanese chicken rice is another one of the mouth-watering dishes in Singapore. How can you not have rice in your meal? They cook steamed rice with chicken stock in this combo. This is an all-time dish but best when you want to have a heavy meal. It is a delicious dish with a sizzling aroma and the quality of chicken stock is very different than what we have here. 

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