22 Jun 2021
Top 7 Dishes To try In Uttarakhand
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Indian Cuisines are famous worldwide for the special blend of spices and mouth-watering flavours. The delicious flavours attract people from all over the world. People often visit India to experience the taste of such aromas. Uttarakhand is one such state in India that serves you up with that extra – delicious to creative savoury which must be appreciated for its amazing delicacies to subtle flavours.Uttarakhand is famous for the perfect use of the Panch Phoron or the five spices plus other spices varieties. Uttarakhand Cuisine proffers a highly tempting blend of the piquant spices with their ultra-fine aromatic flavours. While having a joyful trip to the famous hill stations of Uttarakhand, you will eventually be welcomed with the aromatic flavours of the famous Panch Phoron plus rest spices in recipes you taste and feel their presence in the traditional food of Uttarakhand that have attained global popularity.

Kafuli – Mouthwatering Dish

Taste the famous blend of green leafy vegetables in the form of Kafuli which is the most traditional food of Uttarakhand from the Pahari cuisine. It is offered to all guests and is loved by the Pahari inhabitants as much as travellers seeking to taste something unique. It is an amalgamation of green leafy vegetables which is a rich source of healthy nutrients. Two main ingredients which are essentially required to prepare such dishes are Spinach and Fenugreek Leaves. Both are added together and cooked in the pot followed by salt and spices. Kafuli is popularly known as the State Food of Uttarakhand. It is served with the gravy made out of the paste of rice or wheat and water.

Phaanu – Lip-smacking Delicious

Considered another most popular food of Uttarakhand, Phaanu is the complex of different varieties of lentils. It is prepared by mixing lentils soaked overnight in water. It appears to be as a type of soupy meal. It is consumed primarily with rice. Phaanu will definitely create a spell on your taste buds.

Baadi – Traditional Food

Baadi remains the most popular food of Uttarakhand. It is not only famous for its delicious taste but also it carries all the nutritional elements essential for the human body. Indeed, it is a combination of taste and nutrition and so is it considered as best traditional Food of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. Prepared from the black coloured kwada ka aata, it is best served with Phaanu.

Kandalee Ka Saag – Must Try Dish

Uttarakhand Cuisine meticulously chooses the delights taste buds to make the most use of the available resources in the state. What if you are getting splendid flavours and all essential nutrients in the same delicacy! Yes, Kandalee Ka Saag offers altogether the piquant aromatic spices and proper vitamins essential for your immune system. Major ingredients of it impart the taste and flavour to almost all food items of the Uttarakhand that include the leafy vegetable and major local spices. Kandalee Ka Saag is a green leafy veggie prepared just like other green vegetable dishes. However, its main ingredient Bichhu Ghas makes it different from the rest similar dishes.

Chainsoo – Delicious

One of the most popular recipes in the Garhwal region namely Chainsoo is prepared from the Urad Dal. A popular Uttarakhand Cuisine will definitely contain the bulk of protein and essential nutrients. Chainsoo due to its higher protein content might take some time to digest but still, this delicious savour deserves a try! Toasting the lentils initially and then making a fine paste out of it is a foremost step to prepare this delicacy. You enjoy the aromatic flavour of this famous food of Uttarakhand especially because of its unique cooking method of keeping that in an iron kadai on slow flame.

Dubuk – Tasty Meal
If you have to pick the tastiest meal out of all the delicious dishes and the perfect state food of Uttarakhand, then give a try to Dubuk. Enjoying the title of one of this most popular food Of the Uttarakhand, Dubuk is helpful for your stomach and can be easily assimilated. It is ideally served with rice and Bhang Ki Chutney making it subtle in taste and carrying a twist of Tang too. To prepare it, Bhat Ki Dal or Arhar Ki Dal is converted into fine paste followed by its slow cooking in a kadhai. It is commendable, especially during wintertime. Dubuk lovers reap the benefits of its mesmerising taste throughout the year

Aloo Gutook – Excite Your Palate
Aaloo Gutook is a purely mesmerising recipe from the famous cuisine of Uttarakhand similar to its people—simple yet incredible one. It is specially made on all occasions like birthdays and family functions. This popular food of uttarakhand entices everyone just to savour it. Undoubtedly, it can be declared as a regional food of Kumaon yet becomes the food for the heart when served with the Bhang ki chutney, Pooris and famous Kumaon Raita. Every house in Uttarakhand has its own way to make it yet all of them maintain amazing delicacy. Prepared with the steamed potatoes and garnished by red chillies and coriander leaves, this dish at least deserves a try during a trip to this state.

While travelling to Uttarakhand, you should have a well-planned itinerary where to go and what to explore. But don’t forget the amazing dishes from Uttarakhand cuisine to make your travel experience worthwhile and get to know the Pahadi culture better!