02 Jul 2020
Top 7 Things To Do In Nusa Penida For Couples
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Can you name a better place than Bali for a honeymoon? If you can, you probably haven’t visited Bali yet. Bali’s secluded beauty and cheap currency has made it the top destination choice for honeymooners in the recent years. Although Bali has countless tourist attractions, the Nusa Penida island in particular has become a favorite among tourists. The Island is one of the three Nusa Islands known for their spectacular beaches and greenery. Once you’re done visiting the main attractions in Bali, this is the spot to hit. (If you visit here first, you wouldn’t want to leave). But you probably know all of that, so let’s start with the top 7 things to do in Nusa Penida.

1. Swimming at the Atuh Beach

There are many other beaches that we could have mentioned for swimming, but Atuh Beach has some special sights. The Atuh Beach is a stupendous beach on the Nusa Penida that offers a different view around the year. During low tides, the water drifts away from the usual shore and leaves the underlying rock formations clearly visible. During normal to high tide, the crystal blue waters of the Indian ocean hit the pristine white sand of the beach to create a picturesque sight. 

The beach is surrounded by a decent number of green cliffs that add to the overall beauty. There’s an arc about 30-50 meters from the shore, it’s perfect for cliff jumping or to watch the sunrise through it. To access the beach, you’ll have to take a 10 minute downward hike. Beside the Angel’s Billabong Atuh is the best spot for swimming on the Nusa Penida.

2. Visiting The Monster At KelingKing Cliff Point

Popularly known as the t-rex cliff, this is the only place people know the most about before visiting the Nusa Penida. The kelinking cliff is such artistically crafted by mother nature that it resembles a t-rex from head to tail. If you look at the picture, the head and neck lie on the left side and form a “U shape” to give the looks of a back and tail on the right. The stunning blue waters and untouched white sand of the beach will call you for a relaxing swim. The hike down however, is quite dangerous, your only support will be a weak bamboo railing. 

The 30 minutes hike gets very steep at points and it will literally feel like a vertical descent. We reckon you go down a bit on the hike, take pictures and get back. If you happen to visit the beach during sunset we suggest you get to the right side (the tail) and find a good spot to sit. The sunsets at this beach are worth dying for. Wait for the sunset only if you plan to spend the night on Nusa Penida, you might not get a return transport later at night. We love this beach so much that we’ve written a separate blog on it that has all the details about how to get there what to do and more, you can read it here.

3. Spending A Night At Rumah Pohon Tree House

Image Creds: @thenorthernboy

Thanks to some explorers and photographers, this hidden gem on Nusa Penida gained the popularity it deserves. The Rumah Pohon Tree House is located at the Thousand Island viewpoint near the secluded Atuh Beach (yes the one we talked about earlier). The view of sunrise from this place is told to be the one of the best in the world. You’ll have to hike a bit to reach this place, but once you settle in one of the 3 tree houses, all the fatigue will seem worthy. The tree will rock you back and forth to sleep, whilst you gaze upon the star studded sky. The cool breeze and the cosy feeling of being in the arms of your loved one in the tree house will be something you won’t get to experience anywhere else. Wake up early to see the stunning pink-golden-yellowish sunrise from your tree house. This is one of the best things to do in Nusa Penida for Couples. 

4. Snorkelling At Crystal Bay

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The Crystal Bay beach is quite famous for stunning waters and drinks by the beach. You’ll find multiple stalls that sell drinks, and even offer chairs with umbrellas at very cheap prices. The beach is lively all day and it is the top hotspot for Snorkelling on Nusa Penida. It is one of the only places in Nusa Penida where you might find the Mola Mola (sunfish), that’s up to thrice as big as humans. You’ll find the colourful corals up close to the shore (just about 30 yards). If you don’t book a snorkelling tour, you can just grab the gear, swim for 30 odd yards and dive down to witness the diverse marine life of Bali. Besides the lively coral, you’ll find many species of fish, sea mantis and sea turtles. The clarity and calmness of the water also add to an overall wonderful experience. 

5. Sunset At Broken Beach and Relaxing at the Angel’s Billabong

The broken beach isn’t exactly as the name suggests. Years of crashing of the waves has made a natural passage in the cove here. The view looks like that of a bridge over a canal, but with naturally crafted rock. The crystal clear waters and the magnificent sight might make you want to swim but the water current is too strong and can even lead to death. It’s the perfect place to sit around with your partner and witness the mesmerising sunset. 

The angel’s billabong however is the perfect place to swim in a natural pool crafted by the ocean itself. During low tides, the water is as calm as an artificial swimming pool and so clear that you can see the beautiful underwater rock patterns. If you head up to the hills nearby, you’ll reach the Manta Ray viewpoint. Sit down at the cliff, and stare at the giant Manta Rays moving around swiftly in the water. Even at such height, the water is crystal clear and you can easily spot them. 

6. Scuba Diving At Manta Point

Ahh! Probably the best thing to do on this list. If you don’t know why Hrithik cried after a scuba dive in ZNMD, it’s time to know the answer. The Manta Point is THE BEST place for scuba diving in Bali, if you want to see Manta Rays calmly floating over the sea bed. Although the visibility here is low, witnessing these harmless creatures along with your partner is something we would 200% recommend you to do. Besides the Manta Rays, you’ll find other species of fish, coral and even turtles if you get lucky enough. The cost per dive is also cheap here (just 3000 INR) and you’ll get all the gears and an instructor to guide you with the dive. Careful though, do not try to touch or object their way, as that might cause them to swim away and you’ll probably ruin the diving experience of others too. 

7. Having Fun At The Natural Pool in Tembeling Beach’s Forest

The Tembeling Beach is one of the least explored beaches of the Nusa Penida, maybe because you need to go through a dense forest to reach the beach. But doesn’t that sound adventurous? A ride down the path in the forest on a motorbike would really be electrifying, it’ll look like a scene from the movie “Jumanji” (just not scary). But the best part is not the beach, it’s the pool within the forest, or pools because there are two of them. To reach the pools, you’ll have to walk or drive down a steep and rocky path between the forest. Once you arrive at the parking spot, you can climb down the stairs to reach the pools, which are just a minutes’ walk from the beach. As you can see in the image above, the water is clear and blue despite being in the middle of the forest. A relaxing swim in this pool or the other one (much smaller), will take all your fatigue away. Although this place is not that secretive anymore, its remote location and the fear of walking down the forest has kept it from becoming a tourist hotspot.


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