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Situated on the Pearl River Delta, So ,Macau was historically a fishing village. Even more the Portuguese arrived and

settled in Macau in mid-16th Century. Thus, Macau’s architecture, art, traditions and food reflect the

integration of Chinese and Portuguese cultures.After the handover in 1999,So Macau became a Special

Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and exercises a high degree of autonomy under

the principle of “One country, two systems”.In 2005,

late 1999, when it constituted the last remaining European colony in Asia.Portuguese traders first settled in Macau

in the 1550s. In 1557, Macau was leased to Portugal from Ming China as a trading port.

Macau History

More than anything, Macau is about enjoying the contrasting atmospheres, a mix of laid-back Mediterranean

and hectic Chinese pace, beautiful and well-preserved colonial architecture, traditional Chinese temples and

ultra-modern skyscrapers, great Macanese flavors and of course Chinese dim sum.

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the city, all that remains from Macau’s grandest church at th

e height of the colonial period is its beautifully carved facade and the stairway that leads to one of the

most stunning views over the town.

This is the heart of Macau, the main town square, surrounded by a collection of beautiful colonial buildings:

the Loyal Senate Building, the main Post Office, beautiful churches, galleries, stores, even a Starbucks.

This is a great starting point to exploring the city. You can take Bus  from the Ferry terminal to bring you

here and then explore by foot the surrounding area.

The oldest temple in Macau, dedicated to the goddess A-ma, where the name Macau originates.

Also known as Tin Hau in Hong Kong, A-Ma is the Goddess of the Sea.

This temple is a favourite with locals and is well-frequented, always teeming with activity, burning

incense coils and wish messages from the many worshipers coming to pay their respects.

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