Travel Tips & Official Guidelines for Dubai after Covid-19

18 Sep 2020
Travel Tips & Official Guidelines for Dubai after Covid-19
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

The enchanting city of Dubai is always on a traveler’s mind. We are especially attracted to the charm, luxury, relaxation, and cheap jewelry shopping that Dubai offers. However, with Covid-19 affecting global travel, every traveler is disappointed, sitting at home, dreaming of travel. Now that Dubai is open to travel, we know you are more than eager to get on to that flight and be on your way to explore the city. But of course, we need to be cautious and safety, health should be our top priority. In this blog, we will help you with the latest travel guidelines that you need to follow, to have a safe and stress-free trip to Dubai. And we would just like to add that we at ineedtrip are offering Dubai Packages after following all the necessary guidelines from the Dubai and Indian government.

What are the official guidelines from Dubai?

Before we talk about the tips and things you can do to have a safe trip, we should first take note of the official guidelines. Dubai was opened for tourists on 7th July 2020 and since then many tourists have been planning to visit the place. To make sure both the locals and tourists are safe, the Dubai government has laid out some guidelines.

1. The first and foremost requirement for tourists to travel to Dubai is to present a negative PCR test. PCR stands for Polymerise Chain Reaction and you’ll be only permitted to Dubai if you present a negative test of the same. Keep in mind, an antibody test or a test taken at home will not be considered valid.

2. The test and report both should be only from an ICMR approved laboratory and the report shouldn’t be any older than any 96 hours. 

3. A thermal test upon arrival is mandatory.

4. Passengers might have to go through another PCR test upon arrival and will have to stay in the hotel until the report comes out negative.

5. In the unforeseen circumstance of a tourist’s report coming positive, he/she will be quarantined for 14 days and all expenses shall be borne by him/her or by the insurer.

6. You must follow social distancing norms, wear masks, and wash hands regularly.

7. One must also complete the Health Declaration Form before departing to Dubai.

8. You must also download the COVID-19 DXB app before stepping out of the Dubai airport.

These are the main guidelines by the Dubai government to ensure all tourists have a safe trip.

If you need help in planning a trip to Dubai, check out our guide on how to plan the perfect trip to Dubai.

Official guidelines for returning back to India

While we hope that your trip to Dubai is completely safe and full of fun, you must keep in mind the guidelines put up by the Ministry of Home Affairs of India. As per the revised guidelines, any traveler returning from a foreign trip will have to submit a self-declaration on stating their safe health. Upon arrival, each passenger will have to undergo a thermal test. He/she will also have to quarantine for 14 days. All social distancing guidelines have to be followed. The government officials might ask you to take the Covid-19 test if you show any symptoms.If you want to know what all you can do in Dubai and how you can make your Dubai trip more memorable, read our blog on the must-do activities in Dubai.

What should you do?

It is given that you will have to follow all these official guidelines. But there’s something else that we can do too: 

1. Keep sanitizers handy always.

2. Maintain social distancing.

3. Wear gloves where possible.

4. Wear face masks.

We have to start living with Covid-19 and fight it by following these measures. There’s still uncertainty over a vaccine so this should be the new normal for us. Apart from that, enjoy your trip to the fullest, capture precious moments, and lay down on the beach. We at ineedtrip are willing to be your trip partner to Dubai. Our Dubai honeymoon and Dubai holiday packages are currently being offered at great discounts. We’ll help you with all the necessary guidelines, visa arrangements, flights, hotels, and more. Just get in touch with us here.