03 Apr 2020
Where are the world's so-called glowing beaches
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Like us, you might have seen those pictures of ‘glowing beaches’ on the internet quite a few times now. If not, you can check them out within this blog. This post mentions some of the best beaches in the world where all you beach lovers can feel the cool breeze. Where you can listen to the relaxing sound of waves. The sparkling blue water right beneath your feet will be like a cherry on the top of a cake.  Before we get to the good part, a little insight into what makes these beaches glow? 

So, what’s the deal with these ‘glowing beaches’? How come the water glows, neon blue? We could say that there’s some ‘blue magic’ going on in the waters. But ‘blue magic’ would be a catchy tag to the actual process called ‘Bioluminescence.’ Bio…, what? As Shakespeare said, ‘What’s in a name?’, we won’t bother with the terminology here, let’s get straight to the locations.

Where are the world's so-called 'glowing beaches'?

Does this image look edited? IT’S NOT!

We know you can’t hold the excitement to get a complete list of these beautiful beaches. We also know, that once you get the list, you’ll plan a holiday trip to one of them. 

You ready? Here we go! 

So, there are more than 15 places around the world that are host to these magnificent bioluminescent beaches or ‘glowing beaches’. The list includes the likes of Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico among others. But these are no match to the two other destinations that we have described here.

So before you plan a trip to any of these places, read below, we have SOMETHING SPECIAL for you. We at ineedtrip can plan a customized honeymoon or holiday tour package for you. We will take you to 2 of the most fantastic beach destinations around the world that are home to such bioluminescent beaches. Why only these 2? Because we Indians, dream about both these destinations (well, at least most of us do). And they would be incredibly budget-friendly when compared to others. You won’t have to travel to the USA or New Zealand or other ‘big’ (in terms of currency) countries and put a hole in your pocket to see that sight. 

Reethi Beach, Maldives

Where are the world's so-called 'glowing beaches'?

Image Credits: https://rove.me/

The Maldives, yes! Any list of the best beach destinations around the world will be incomplete if it doesn’t have the Maldives on the list. With the white sand beaches, vibrant corals, clear waters, and some stunning treks to hike, Maldives is truly a wonderful place to visit for your honeymoon or holiday. “Where is the glowing beach?” you might ask, it is located on Fonimagoodhoo Island in the Maldives. 

Reethi Beach or the ‘ glowing beach’, offers a truly mesmerizing sight. The beach is calm with white sand and turquoise blue water in the day and sparkling neon blue lights on no-moon nights. Already imagining yourself taking pictures? Book a customized holiday package to Maldives with ineedtrip and get amazing discounts! You can sit there and think about other such wonders of nature.

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Padangbai Beach, Bali

Image Credits: https://www.thisiscolossal.com/

It had to be here! Bali is a literal dream for all beach lovers and probably the best romantic getaway in the world. Bali is so beautiful that we have people traveling every year to the same place. Most of the photos of those jaw-dropping beaches that you see on social platforms are of beaches located in Bali.  With turquoise-blue waters and beaches with diverse corals, this place is the gem of Indonesia.

Padangbai beach, located in the Port City-Padangbai, is a bioluminescent beach and is home to a magnificent sight at night. But what’s so good about this one? You can visit the glittering waters AT NIGHT on a boat. You can talk to the local fisherman out there, or take a night ferry to one of the close-by islands. Still not satisfied? You can even take a night dive at the site and immerse in the blue lights. When you come out, your diving gears will be glowing courtesy ‘phytoplankton.’ Is Bali on the list of your must-visit international destinations? Well, you got one more reason to choose Bali as your next travel destination. We have got some amazing deals for you if you’re planning to visit the place. If not, our customized holiday packages to Bali will definitely convince you.

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Okay, so now you know where these ‘glowing beaches’ are located. You also know which ones you should visit to keep the budget in check. And that SOMETHING SPECIAL we talked about earlier? We at ineedtrip have customized some amazing Bali and Honeymoon Packages for you. They are loaded with offers and incredible deals that you’ll not find anywhere else. What are you waiting for?