23 Apr 2020
Which is The Safest Place For Honeymoon After Coronavirus Crisis?
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

The COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our daily lives. Our beloved shops, restaurants, malls everything has been shut down temporarily, but the industry that has suffered the most from this is the tourism industry. We know you might have planned for that special trip to Bali or Mauritius or Singapore, but all in vain. Seriously, why eat bats? We’ll not go in moral questioning and start with the answer to the question you’ve asked. Since, almost every country on the globe has COVID infected patients, the safest place for honeymoon after coronavirus would be a destination that has the lowest number of cases. Now, you wouldn’t want to go on a honeymoon to countries like North Korea right? From the list of most popular honeymoon destinations, Maldives is the country with the least number of COVID cases. According to the data by WHO, as of today, Maldives has reported a total of 23 cases out of which 16 have recovered. The government of Maldives is working 24*7 to ensure that the island-country has no more cases and can be opened for tourism once the global crisis ends. So, besides the exotic beaches, tropical climate, and electrifying nightlife you have one more reason to visit the Maldives. After all of this ends, you will find it quite relaxing to finally be out somewhere, laying down on the beach, cool breeze gushing past your cheeks, life will be joyful once again. Why Maldives, other than it being the safest place for honeymoon after coronavirus crisis? Why Maldives, should not even be a question. Have you never come across the stunning pictures of deep blue lagoons and pristine beaches with overhanging palm trees? Let’s give you a quick overview of what all you can do in Maldives. Hit the alluring beaches Beaches of the Hulhumale island and Bandos Island in Maldives are the top hotspots for swimming and relaxing on the white sand. The splendid view of the turquoise blue waters and white sand will make your jaw drop. The Hulhumale beach, in particular, is globally famous for swimming. The glaring water at this beach is shallow and the reef about 100 meters from the shores stops big waves. If you’ve only watched dolphins on TV, now’s the time to get some live action. Along with a magnificent sunset at the Hulhumale Beach, you can witness dolphins playing along with your speedboat, jumping in and out of the water. Explore the marine life safest place for honeymoon After Coronavirus crisis Amid this lockdown and summers, we can’t stop the urge to go swimming, can you? Imagine swimming and diving in the calm blue waters of Maldives and witnessing the diverse marine life. With vibrant lively corals, over 100 species of fishes and other marine life, Scuba diving and Snorkeling are must-dos in the Maldives. The Banana Reef in Maldives is famous across the globe for being a great diving spot. You’ll truly be surprised to see the amount of diverse colorful life, caves, and underwater cliffs in Maldives. Exploring marine life is a top activity for honeymooners to try out together. Go for adventure sports safest place for honeymoon After Coronavirus crisis Adventure and thrill always help people bond and a honeymoon without them wouldn’t be much of a fun. Being an Island-country, Maldives offers a lot of water sports. Parasailing, banana boat ride, and jet ski are top sports for couples to try out together. Besides these, you can also go for flyboarding, kitesurfing, wakeboarding but all these sports require skills and training, so if you have time to spare, you can learn and then go for them. The crystal clear and blue waters in Maldives, make water sport a lot more exciting, Romantic dinners, spa dates, and more safest place for honeymoon After Coronavirus crisis Probably the best place to go on that dream dinner date with your partner. You have multiple options, you can either go on a beach or a cruise. Book an exclusive dinner on a cruize where you’ll be served food with wine and live band to perform for you. Or go for a candlelight beach dinner, a table set up at the shore, balloons tied to your chairs, candles buried around your table & chairs, and a bottle of wine. You can go for a nice walk after a satisfying dinner. Once you’re done with the dinner date, you can go for a spa date in Male to rejuvenate yourself. Shop at the local markets to get your hands on handicrafts, souvenirs, and some local textiles. This blog of course is a short one considering there are so many places to visit and things to do in Maldives, you can read our blogs on Maldives to know more about what Maldives offers. Conclusion According to the team at ineedtrip, Maldives will be the safest honeymoon destination after this coronavirus crisis. Till further announcements, follow all the rules, stay inside, and keep social distancing. The sun will shine brighter soon and you’ll go on that dream honeymoon. Let’s fight against this together! If you want to pre-book Maldives honeymoon packages, you can head over to our booking section right away.