06 Jan 2021
Your shopping guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

One of the most popular shopping festivals around the globe, the “Dubai Shopping Festival or the DSF” first took place in 1996. The year 2020 is the 25th year of its operation. Over the years, the festival has seen more and more brands, stores, shops participating, and even a higher number of attendees. What started as a shopping festival has now become a major tourist attraction in Dubai. There’s just so much to talk, that we’ll miss the main part, i.e, this year’s Dubai Shopping Festival 2021. So, the dates are finally out and the festival is already on, it is running since 17th December and will go on till 30th Jan 2021, so pack your bags, if you haven’t already. This shopping experience in Dubai will be an extra amazing adventurous experience in Dubai. Here, you will find each and everything with heavily discounted items whether it’s apparel, gold, home decor, and much more.

Dubai shopping festival is not only restricted to malls, but you can also find it in small markets, hideouts and flea markets too. If you are a shopaholic then this is the perfect time for you to shop and it is all worth it. During this festival, you can also enjoy live shows and activities which will be at the Dubai shopping festival 2021. Moreover, the government is taking complete safety measures to ensure that your trip is secure and you face no health issues whatsoever.   

Where does the Dubai Festival take place?

This is a city-wide festival in Dubai, you can find this festival in multiple locations. If you will be clear about the locations from which markets you need to buy, then this will help you in your shopping. So here we are listing some famous market places from where you can buy a lot of stuff. 

1.Global Village

2. Al Rigga Street

3. Dubai Mall

4. Night Souk

5. Al Fahidi Fort

6. Gold Souk

7. The Layali Dubai Concert

8. Promenade at Dubai Festival City

9. DSF Desert Camp

10. Asianet Film Awards

11. Mall of the Emirates

12. Deira City Centre

13. Festival Waterfront Centre

14. Lamcy Plaza

15. Dragon Mart

16. Mercato Shopping Mall

17. Lulu Village

What are the things I should buy at Dubai Shopping Festival 2021?

Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the precious time for shopaholics people and it arrives once a year. So this is the best time in Dubai to grab things of your choice with huge varieties and bumper offers and discounts. Most of the malls and shops provide different varieties of apparel on huge discounts. Here are some of the things you should buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival 2021.  


Pic Creds: Instagram/@syblanco

DSF is one of the best opportunities to buy some gold. We all know Dubai is famous for its gold and its purity. The best time to shop for gold is at the DSF festival and you can buy it at low prices.  Moreover, all the gold shops (including the ones in Gold Souke) offer a huge range of designer jewelry and shops will give you a certification of purity. If you are planning for the Dubai Shopping festival 2021, you must buy gold jewelry.  


Pic Creds: Instagram/@artisansofleisure

One of the necessities which everyone is fond of perfumes and cosmetics. You will get a wide variety of perfumes, body washes, body lotions which are duty-free and much more you can shop. You can get the top notch brands like Chanel, Burberry, Bvlgari, De Beers, and many more brands of your choice you can get from Dubai Shopping festivals and at low prices as compared to other days. So shop out the best perfumes and cosmetics at special discounts.  


Watches are an important part of a dress up and you will find a lot of diamond-studded watches available at massive discounts during the Dubai shopping festival 2021. You can pick one of your favorite brands like Rado, Michael Kors, ICW, Burberry and you can buy them at heavy discounts.   


If clothes are on your mind, then this is the perfect time for you to shop. Right from your favorite brands of casuals to party wear- brands like Bogi, Jack& Jones, Burberry, Armani, Prada, Bebe, Rodeo Drive, and much more. You can buy all type of brands at heavy discounts and there is a huge collection and variety which you will find in DSF. Not just textiles, you’ll also find a huge variety of shoes (every brand you could think of), cosmetics, accessories at the Dubai shopping gestival 2021.  


Can ou imagine living witout gadgets in this mordern era? Neither can we. If you’re looking to get an iphone or maybe a high-end laptop, DSF is the perfect spot for you. Being a land free of taxes, Dubai offers heavy discounts on gadgets year around. However, the arrival of DSF means extra discounts, so shortlist your devices in advance and get them from there. (Do note the custom limitations and duty on such products).  For gadget shopping freaks this is the best time to grab the gadgets at the lowest prices. Want to know about the best places to visit in Dubai? Read our blog here.  

Is the Dubai Shopping Festival worth it?

Yes, yes, and yes. Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to shop and you will get everything at the lowest prices of the year.  But, is it safe to go there right now? Totally, yes. We at ineedtrip can help you have a safe, secure, and wonderful trip to Dubai with most of the sightseeing, airfare, hotel stay, and even dinner in the Sahara starting at just Rs 27,999 per person. Want to know what’s more in the store? Check out our Dubai packages section right now!  

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