21 Oct 2020
5 Must Try Dishes In Mauritius For Couples
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Mauritius is a beautiful island country located in the Indian ocean. It’s famous for its beaches, lagoons, and crystal clear blue waters. There are a lot of things that you can do besides swimming in the turquoise blue waters, which you can read about here. However, in this blog, we’ll talk about the must-try dishes in Mauritius. Trust us, you don’t just want to want to miss out on Mauritius’s delicacies. You will find a large variety of food items in Mauritius.



Curries are one of the most popular dishes in India and so it happens in Mauritius as well. No Indian would want to miss having a taste of curry in Mauritius. One of the most famous curries in Mauritius is Creole Curry, it has a sizzling flavor of Garlic, onion, turmeric, and the aroma of curry leaves. Curry in Mauritius is mostly served with bread and rice and you can also have spicy chutney with curry. There’s no particular spot to try curry in Mauritius, you’ll get a lot of variety all over the place. So who would not love to have some Indian taste in an outside country? 


Sea Food

How can you not have seafood when you’re visiting an island like Mauritius? You can have delicious crab curry, coriander, chili fish, and fried squid in Mauritius. The perfect blend of fried, roasted seafood with salt gives a unique taste to the seafood in Mauritius. Where to try? Anywhere. Most shacks on the beaches, restaurants serve seafood in Mauritius. If you want to go for a budget-friendly option you can try the seafood at shacks and if you’re up for a fancy dining experience visit a restaurant. However, the most amazing seafood you can try is in the streets of Mauritius. Seafood is definitely on the list of must try dishes in Mauritius.


Bol Renverse

Any Biryani lovers out there? You'll love this dish, even if you don’t like biryani, you must try this. (but who doesn’t like biryani?). Bol Renverse is a type of biryani that has a fried egg, chicken, or seafood as per your preference with some fresh vegetables, spices, and of course boiled rice. The dish is prepared with fried eggs placed in a bowl, after that fried veggies with chicken are added to the bowl and at last the cooked rice is added and then the dish is served hot. You can find this dish in most of the restaurants as this is a signature dish of Mauritius and Bol Renverse would be present on every list of must try dishes in Mauritius. 



Boulettes is one most amazing dishes in Mauritius. The name is weird we admit and people often mistake it for roulette but it’s not a gamble trust us. You might have tried a different version of this dish with a different name in India, but the exquisite taste of Mauritius will get you asking for recipe. When some dim sum is served with the tempting flavor of bouillon it is called Boulettes. Boulettes are made up of fresh meat, fish, pork, or some fresh vegetables so you will find a huge variety of Boulettes in Mauritius. This is the perfect dish for all and you must have it in Mauritius.


Coconut Cakes

Time for some dessert!

The people in Mauritius love coconuts and that’s why you’ll find coconut water, coconut chutney, coconut Cookies, & amazing coconut cakes in Mauritius. Coconut cakes in Mauritius are made of fresh grated coconuts and sugar and are a delicious dessert. Tomato is another name given to the coconut cakes, but don’t worry there’s no connection to tomatoes. Do tell us how was it once you’re back from the trip.

After reading this blog, you will not find any difficulty what food to have in  Mauritius. The sizzling food of Mauritius will make you fall in love with the place, besides the beaches of course, and you will love it for Sure. If you’re looking for the cheapest holiday and honeymoon packages for Mauritius, head out to our Mauritius packages section. You’ll find pre-designed packages and an option to customize your own package. We promise to be there with you for support 24×7.