08 Apr 2020
7 Best Places To Visit in Bali For Honeymoon
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

If you are looking for an exotic destination for the first trip with your partner, Bali is the place to hit. We’ll take you on a virtual tour with this blog on the best places to visit in Bali by ineedtrip. Within the 17000 islands of Indonesia, Bali is the most famous one, and it has every reason to be. With an abundance of glittering beaches and lush green forests, Bali offers an escapade like none other. Your honeymoon should be such that it creates lifelong memories of romance, adventure, and bonding. The exciting nightlife, picturesque attractions, and delicious food that Bali offers are unmatchable by any other beach destination. 

Bali attracts thousands of tourists every year, and even after that, there is no disturbance of peace and privacy. With beaches so silent where you can sit and listen to waves crashing or to beaches where you can experience electrifying parties, Bali is truly a paradise for couples and beach lovers. If you are having any second thoughts about Bali as a honeymoon destination, this blog will change your mind. And you’ll get a chance to choose from the most exclusive Bali honeymoon packages by ineedtrip. 

The Best Time to Visit Bali

Bali is a happening place year-round, but you would want to go at a time where you can enjoy the real beauty and exquisiteness of Bali. 

Weather Wise

Since it’s close to the equator, the place has a tropical climate, and only two main seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. So, the ideal time to visit the site is between March and September, it rains in the other months, and you won’t be able to enjoy the beaches (what’s Bali without those?). The weather around these months is warm with less humidity, and it’s best to go for activities like Scuba diving and snorkeling.

Crowd Wise

Need not remind you, this will be a honeymoon trip, so you’ll be looking forward to visiting at a time when the place is less crowded and has pleasant weather. Bali is flooded with tourists in July and August and the holidays, including Easter and Christmas. So, if you want cheap hotels and beaches with fewer crowds, you should plan a trip between March-June or September.

If you want to check some pre-designed packages, keeping in mind both the crowd and weather, explore our honeymoon packages to Bali.

How many days should you be staying to visit these 7 best places for couples in Bali?

Your honeymoon trip ideally should consist of at least five days. By five days, we mean days of actual stay (excluding travel time). For a place like Bali, even one month isn’t enough; you will feel that your trip ended before even starting. 

Bali has so much to offer that one trip isn’t enough, still, with a lot of effort and reviews from customers, we have managed to pin down the seven best places to visit in Bali for honeymoon. To visit these places, you need to plan a stay of at least 4 days in Bali, where you’ll be exploring some of them in a single day and allotting a full day to the others. Keep in mind that this is the shortest time that you’ll have to stay in Bali to get around these places. If you have more time in your hand, we would recommend a stay of 7-8 days. 

How much money would you need to get around these best places to visit in Bali for your honeymoon?

The budget totally depends on your choice of lifestyle in Bali. Since the currency of Indonesia is one of the weakest, you’ll feel super-rich while exchanging it for the rupee, but once you get there, you’ll understand that the prices have been adjusted according to the currency. Most of the places that we have mentioned are free to enter and explore, so you’ll only be spending money to get to these places. 

The glorious Nusa Islands and the Gili Islands are a bit far from Bali, so you’ll be taking speed boats to get there, and you’ll also be taking a guide to go hiking Mount Batur. And there’s also the fact that you’re on a honeymoon, so you’ll want to keep your partner as comfortable as you can and probably wouldn’t want to be frugal on your very first trip as a married couple. 

A total of Rs 25000 per person will get you on and off both the islands, a trek to Mount Batur with a guide, and local travel to other destinations. 

Mount Batur

A mountain as the first place to visit on a beach destination? Bali, has many surprises to offer and this is one of those, Mount Batur is not just a mountain, it’s an active Volcano. The place is famous for its breathtaking sunrise, and people feel rejuvenated once they reach the top. If you want to test your strengths and want to start your trip with tranquility, Mount Batur should be the first place you visit on your honeymoon to Bali. The view will be so pleasing that you’ll want to hold your partner and hope that the moment never ends. After the sunrise, you can wander around the crater of the Volcano, feed some monkeys, and come down to take a bath in the hot springs. (Ask your driver to take you there).

Nearby things to do: Wander around the Volcano Crater, Hot Springs

How to reach: You will have to take a bus or book a taxi around 2 AM, to drop you off at the parking point of Mount Batur. You will then hike for 1.5-2 hours to reach the top before sunrise.

Things to carry: CourageFlashlight, Hiking Shoes, Rain Jacket, Snacks

Nusa Islands

Finally, a beach destination, this would have excited you, right? The picture that you see above is of the famous t-rex cliff that attracts millions of tourists. The place in the picture is the Kelingking beach located on the Nusa Penida, one of the three Nusa Islands. You’ll find this place in everyone’s list of best places to visit in Bali for a honeymoon. Nusa Islands are famous for the crystal clear water and the white sandy beaches. 

They say that the sand is so white that it sparkles (metaphor obviously). There are caves down at this beach, where you can sit to get some shade or eat your snacks. You won’t find it too crowded, as the walk down to the beach is on a steep pathway, but it’s worth the risk. The less crowded beaches, turquoise blue waters, and the serene environment make Nusa Islands the perfect place for couples to spend their day time. Ineedtrip also recommends that you try snorkeling here as these islands are hotspots for snorkeling with Manta Rays. Here are the Top 7 things to do in Nusa Penida if you feel like exploring the island.

Things to do: Kelingking viewpoint and Beach, Snorkeling, Crystal Bay, Devil’s Tears

How to reach: Speed boats or local boats from ‘Sanur’ in Bali. Journey time 1-2 hours

Uluwatu Temple Cliff

The Uluwatu Temple offers a mixed feeling of blood-rush and calmness altogether. The temple’s divineness will soothe your mind while the sound of waves crashing against the cliff at the bottom will give you goosebumps. As you can see in the picture, the temple is located at the edge of a 70 m high cliff, and the view from the edge is worth dying for (figuratively). A forest surrounds the path to the temple, and tens of monkeys will greet you on your way to the cliff. You can stand hand-in-hand and look down at the blue waves striking the naturally crafted boulders and imagine a beautiful future that lies ahead for both of you. You can also go to Uluwatu Beach to surf (if you know how to), or you can just stay here till the evening to see the sun setting down the peninsula. 

Nearby things to do: Visit the Uluwatu Temple and cliff, catch the sunset Single fin beach.

How to reach: There is no public transport to get here, so you’ll have to book a cab.

Things to carry: Excitement and Beachwear, if you plan to swim.

Gili Islands

Gili Islands have the clearest waters among all the nearby islands in Bali. The water has a unique greenish-blue tint, and you can clearly see the sea bed below your feet. There are a lot of activities for you to explore as a couple, like getting on to water swings, capturing sunsets, or going for scuba diving. Wait, did we tell you that Gili Islands offer the best scuba diving experience? Once you dive underwater, you will witness strategically placed sculptures that are now home to vibrant marine life. The picture above would be giving you an idea of the peace and tranquility that you’ll get at that place. And once you feel that you’ve had too much alone time, you can hit the night parties on these islands, we’ve heard they last till 6 in the morning. 

Things to do: Snorkeling at Gili Meno, Scuba Diving, Capturing Sunsets

How to reach: Take a speedboat from Bali (2 hours), or travel to Lombok on a ferry and then take a boat to Gili.

Things to carry: Enthusiasm and Beachwear

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Look at the greenery in this picture, doesn’t that excite you? The Tegalalang rice fields in Ubud are the perfect place for a couple to hang out by nature and spend a day bonding. You can fly high on the naturally built swings or learn about Bali’s farming culture. The strategically casted stairs and the greenery around them are perfect for taking out that DSLR or to get some Instagram pictures. Besides visiting this heavenly place, you can also take an hour’s drive further to visit the Sekumpul Waterfalls, which are a cluster of seven waterfalls. Both of these places can be visited on the same day. And ineedtrip recommends that you take the Sekumpul waterfall trek and go all the way down where the refreshing waters meet the land. Take a bath, get some pictures around, and don’t forget to tag us on your Facebook and insta! 

Nearby things to do: Tour of Ubud Monkey Forest, Goa Gajah

How to reach: It’s a central town, so either catch a bus or book a taxi.

Things to carry: As per the convenience


If you’re up for some fun and adventure, we suggest you visit waterbom Bali. It’s kind of an adventure park where you can go for some water rides and chill out in the pool. Kuta is perfect if you finally want to be a part of some crowd and enjoy the culture of Bali. You can visit Kuta Square to get some souvenirs and to buy some gifts for your partner. Kuta is a very happening place, so giving Kuta Beach a visit in the evening, you’ll find people lying out on bean bags under colorfully lit umbrellas. If you missed out partying on the Gili Islands, Kuta is the place for you. The atmosphere around Kuta is quite electrifying, and we bet you got some cool moves to show off to your partner. 

Things to do: Visiting Kuta Beach, Kuta Square

How to reach: 10 km ride on Cab or bus from airport 

Lovina Beach

Okay, this might be an unpopular opinion, but Lovina Beach is one of the best places to visit in Bali on honeymoon. Unlike what Bali is most visited for (the white sandy beaches), Lovina beach is one of those unique beaches with black sand, thanks to the volcanic activity. And no black sand doesn’t mean the beach is dirty, the sand is just painted black by nature. You should visit this place before you go to the white sandy beaches, only then the contrast of the beaches in Bali will truly mesmerize you. Lovina Beach is perfect for a stroll down the shore with your partner during sunset or to go for dolphin spotting. Yessss, how can we forget that, if you’ve only seen dolphins doing tricks on the TV, you should get up early and get here around 6 am to see some live action. Hop on a boat that’ll take you in the middle of the ocean to watch dolphins jumping in-out of water, and doing tricks by your boat without any external influence. 

Things to do: Dolphin Spotting, Water sports

How to reach: Cab or public transport from Kuta (2 hours drive)


With all these fantastic places to visit, it’s safe to say that Bali as a honeymoon destination is the best choice. You will create a lifetime of memories and create moments that you can talk over a hundred times. Bali is a place that’ll help you rediscover yourself and build a bond so strong that it challenges Fevicol. If you have made up your mind, here are some Bali honeymoon packages by Ineedtrip that ensure the best prices and top-notch itinerary.

That’s all, folks!