15 Jul 2020
Can you believe there's an Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius?
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Sounds strange and quite fascinating right? Mauritius, the heaven of the earth as quoted by Mark Twain, has a wonder that baffles everyone. Before we get into the details of the underwater waterfall, let’s first talk over the beauty of Mauritius.

Looks like the almighty gave special time while designing the island of Mauritius. The pristine beaches, blue waters, marine life, mountain cliffs and everything about the place is just perfect. We don’t think there’s a place in Mauritius that “isn’t good”. Famous for the picturesque beaches and lively corals, Mauritius gives a unique sense of completeness. It’s like you have arrived at a place that offers the fun of both worlds. The silent beaches during sunrise are perfect for meditation and the electrifying nightlife is worth sacrificing a night’s sleep. Mauritius offers thrilling watersports and many brilliant destinations to leave you awestruck, to read more about the best places to visit here. And once those places make you want to pack your bags, remember that ineedtrip is here to help you plan a stress-free trip. 

Let’s address the monster in the room now! 

Where is the Underwater Waterfall located?

The underwater waterfall is located right beside the monolith Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius. Glad you asked! The Le Morne Brabant is a mountain that has a history of its own. Slaves during the colonial era took refuge at this place and formed settlements at the caves and summit of this mammoth mountain. Since, those times this place has become a symbol of freedom, sacrifice, and struggle of the place. 


If you want to take in the best views of the underwater waterfall, hike to the top of the Le Morne Brabant. The hiking experience will be unique in itself, hire a guide, who will not only guide you throughout the hike but also show you the historic caves located all over the Le Morne Brabant.

What’s the mystery?

The illusion is truly startling if you see it from the Le Morne Brabant or with a helicopter ride. It looks like the water is dropping down to thousands of feet below just beside the land. However, it’s just an illusion. Why did we call it an illusion? Because, ‘the truth sometimes lies far behind the naked eye’. What we see is an underwater waterfall, but the actual magic is created by the sand. You see, the land beside the shelf that Mauritius lies upon is about 150 m deep, but at this place, the depth suddenly shifts from 150 m to over a thousand meters. The sand on the shores naturally washes with the waves and falls into this depth, creating an illusion of the underwater waterfall. So that’s the mystery.

There’s another such mysterious location in Mauritius that is popularly called “seven-colored earth” and you can read more about it by clicking on the link.

What else?

Although it’s an illusion, this sight is something everyone should see once in their lifetime. Besides the underwater waterfall, Mauritius is home to many wonders like the Seven colored Earth, the Charamel waterfall, etc. The place is lively and famous as a scuba diving and snorkeling destination. 


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