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A basic flight search at https://www.ineedtrip.com/flight checks the price of the flights right away. We assemble the best flight deals from across the web and put them in one spot. Then, on the search results page you can apply filters to look at choices for the flights and effectively pick the best flight deal displayed on your screen, with no extra fee from I Need Trip. What do you gain? Online flight booking with the cheapest airfare to fly down to your destination!

How does ‘I Need Trip’ find low flight prices for you?

‘I Need Trip’ processes more than thousands flight inquiries and presentations results from hundreds of airlines, permitting it to track down an assortment of flight prices and choices. It additionally shows results from 1000+ properties alongside holiday packages, activities and a large number of verified reviews, so users can see all the best possible results and book according to their wish.

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What is I Need Trip’s flexible dates feature? 

Sometimes we are not sure about our dates, however if your desired travel dates have some leeway, flexible dates will show you flights 3 days prior or after your desired dates. That way, you can check whether leaving a little early or late, you might get the online flight tickets at an extremely less price. You can also choose the flexible 'end of the week' or 'month' search options and find the cheap air tickets that fit your choice.

What is the best day of the week to book flight tickets?

According to past search options, Tuesday was supposed to be the best day to find cheap flight tickets. This is no longer the case. As more business travelers have begun booking their flights during the week, interestingly the day has shifted to Sunday now. So, to save more on flight tickets try to book flights on Sunday, but 21 days ahead of your departure. 

A little tip: Fly on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, because these days the flight prices are considerably low. Book flights online!

Is it cheaper to book flights at the last minute?

There is a belief that if you book flights ahead of time, your air tickets will be less expensive. Nonetheless, in opposition to the prevalent view, booking airline tickets late is sometimes less expensive. According to research, online flight tickets are for the most part cheaper if booked three weeks before departure than tickets booked a half year ahead. However, this isn't required. The cost of flights changes every day or even hourly in different cases. Commonly, it changes because of the expanding request of a specific course by the travelers. So sometimes booking near the travel dates is cheap and sometimes it’s expensive. 

A little tip: Don’t take the risk! Kindly book early! Get cheap airline tickets!

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Some tourist destinations in India with the cheap flight tickets: 

  1. Cheap flights to Goa 
  2. Cheap flights to Bengaluru 
  3. Cheap flights to Kolkata
  4. Cheap flights to Delhi 
  5. Cheap flights to Mumbai
  6. Cheap flights to Jaipur 
  7. Cheap flights to Andaman & Nicobar Islands 
  8. Cheap flights to Ladakh leh
  9. Cheap flights to Udaipur
  10. Cheap flights to Jodhpur

Some international tourist destinations with cheap flight tickets from India: 

  1. Cheap flight to Dubai
  2. Cheap flight to Maldives
  3. Cheap flight to Thailand
  4. Cheap flight to Sri Lanka
  5. Cheap flight to Nepal 
  6. Cheap flight to Bhutan
  7. Cheap flight to Bali 
  8. Cheap flight to Singapore
  9. Cheap flight to Malaysia
  10. Cheap flight to London

Best budget airlines to fly within and outside India:  

  1. Air India Express
  2. AirAsia India
  3. IndiGo Airlines
  4. SpiceJet 
  5. GoAir 

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