03 Apr 2020
Skydiving in Singapore | Skydiving without jumping from a plane? Oh! YES
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

It sounds absurd, yes, but it is totally possible to experience skydiving in Singapore, without jumping from an aircraft. How, you ask? You’ll first have to board a plane. No, not to jump out of it, but to travel to the location where you’ll be diving i.e. Singapore.

Besides its beaches, luxury and shopping fests, Singapore is a dream place for adventure lovers too. You can try adventure sports like driving a sports car on an F1 track, reverse bungy jumping or this special SKYDIVING. 

Let’s get into the details of that skydiving escapade that we’ve mentioned.

Where to experience skydiving in Singapore?

To experience this unique skydiving in Singapore, you will have to head over to iflyworld at Sentosa Island.

 iFlyworld offers indoor skydiving where you’ll get all the feels of skydiving. The most surprising fact? You’ll be flying at about 5 feet above the ground. 

The entire flight session lasts for one and a half hours, and they’ll even train you before your flight. How will you fly? Well, they have an inbuilt wind tunnel, which has air gushing in and out at a fast pace, making you float in the air. As per the reviews by people who have visited Singapore, with our Singapore holiday packages, the freefall experience is very similar to diving from a plane 13000 feet above the ground. The best part? It’s in SINGAPORE and it’s completely safe.



How much does it cost?

Before you finalize your trip based on the prices, we’ll give you two more reasons to visit the Sentosa Island.

1. S.E.A Aquarium: One of the largest Sea aquariums around the world, and probably the best part of the tour, this underwater aquarium in Singapore will let you witness over 100,000 marine animals, some so beautiful that you won’t be able to stop gazing.

2.Universal Studios: YESSS! You will be visiting multiple theme parks and thrilling rides within the studio that’ll hit you with nostalgia. Battle Galactica and Transformers the ride, are some of the best theme-based rides around the world. If you are a movie lover, there won’t be a single second where you don’t enjoy it!


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Coming back to the question, the price! Indoor skydiving in Singapore will cost you between $89 to $299 (Rs 6300-Rs 20000). This amount is very low in comparison to the cost of actual skydiving which is around Rs 7500 to Rs 28000 globally. 

Even with that cost, this indoor skydiving experience is something that you must not miss out on. If you’re worried about the budget, we‘ve got you covered. We’ll take you to Singapore with the best itinerary and lowest prices. Check out our customized Singapore holiday packages, you won’t get such crazy deals anywhere else!

See ya later, folks!