11 Nov 2020
Posted by: Aniket Agarwal

Bali's serene beauty is world famous and there's popular saying, "If you don't travel to Bali, you don't travel at all". There are so many super fun activities, sightseeing, food and of course beaches for you to drool upon. But, today we're here to talk on Nusa Dua, if you want to read about Bali, read our blog on the 7 Best Places to Visit in Bali. Nusa dua is one of the three Nusa islands located in southern Bali, Indonesia. Although, Bali is full of many exciting activities, but this is one of that places you cannot afford to miss. Nusa Dua is the upscale district of Bali and it is considered to be a resort hub. Since the place is so good, with this blog we will help you on the best things to do in Nusa Dua.


Water blow is one of the most natural water blows in not just Nusa Dua but the whole of Bali. They say water goes up to 10 metres in the sky before hitting you on the sweet bridge as you can see in the picture. The water blow is just near the Grand Hyatt Hotel. It is a perfect place to explore the natural beauty of water. Do make sure that you maintain a proper distance from the water blowhole as it can be dangerous too. If you just search for this place on the internet, you will find thousands of photos of this place.If you want to bath in the amazing waters of the beaches of Bali, and if you don't know how to swim, this is the spot for you. Visiting the waterblow on Nusa Dua and bathing there is one of the most amazing things to do in Bali.


There are a lot of resorts which you can visit in Nusa Dua among which one of them is the amazing resort named St Regis. Although St Regis has a lot of branches all around the world, in Nusa Dua it is particularly famous for its tea. You can visit st Regis and try out the special Balinese Tea and you will for sure love it. You can have tea as many times with buffet and try out some delicious snacks and a lot of special Balinese eateries. This is all for tea lovers. 


One of the main attractions in Nusa Dua is the night Devdan show. Devdan show will introduce you to the culture of Balinese dances, performances other than this will give you a glimpse of different kinds of music, costumes, and traditions from all over Indonesia. Their performance will make your mood fresh and you can also expect aerobics and other athletic feats. This is a perfect place to have some joyful and cheerful experience and their show is worth watching and takes all your heart away.


Anyone who loves pirates can head towards the pirates bay in Nusa Dua. Here you can find a pirate-themed restaurant that also has a huge wooden ship where you can sit and enjoy the peaceful environment. One can spend their whole day in pirates bay. You can also climb up into a large wooden treehouse, sit inside the small bamboo huts and also enjoy tents as well as bonfires and can also choose to dress up in pirate garb and enjoy the pirate mood. You can spend your whole day and enjoy your pirate bay experience.


Nusa Dua is famous for its sports activities and you will find a huge collection of water-based activities. These water sports activities include jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, and can also go diving off the coast. All the hotels in Nusa dua can organize water sports activities. In Nusa dua, you will find water sports activities with standard prices. When the winds are high you can go parasailing. When planning to Bali how can you miss out on water sports activities?


Nusa dua beach grill is one of the hotspots in eateries in Nusa Dua. The grill is located on Gegar beach and you can dine with your toes in the sand and take a view of turquoise waters. As you are just close to the sea, seafood is a must-try in a beach grill. You can try out some crab dishes, spicy prawns, and even lobster. You can find many options to enjoy your lunch or dinner at the Nusa dua beach grill. We offer multiple Bali tour packages that are fit for every budget. If you want to customize your own package we can help you with that too. Just visit our Bali Honeymoon & holiday tour packages to know more about our packages and don't forget to check out the itinerary.