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Sports in Hong Kong are a significant part of its culture. Due mainly to British influence going as far back as the late 19th century, Hong Kong had an earlier introduction to Western athletics compared to other Asia regions. Football, basketball, swimming, badminton, table tennis, cycling and running have the most participants and spectators. In 2009, Hong Kong successfully organised the V East Asian Games and was the biggest sporting event ever held in the territory. Other major international sporting events including the Equestrian at the 2008 Summer Olympics, Hong Kong Sevens, Hong Kong Marathon, AFC Asian Cup, EAFF East Asian Cup, Hong Kong Tennis Classic, Premier League Asia Trophy, and Lunar New Year Cup. Hong Kong athletes over see improved, as of 2010, there are 32 Hong Kong athletes from seven sports ranking in world's Top 20, 29 athletes in six sports in Asia top 10 ranking. Moreover, Hong Kong is equally impressive performance of athletes with disabilities in 2009, having won four world championships and two Asian Champions.

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Hong Kong Nightlife

Victoria Bay at night, Hong Kong
Victoria Bay at night

Hong Kong provides a vibrant nightlife. Do not fight the temptation to join the party. Things to do: take a luxury night cruise over Victoria Harbor; visit pubs, bars, nightclubs; or stroll in the bubbling streets with the locals. Don't just sit back and watch.

Night Tour
Do you fancy touring by night on land and over water? We recommend Lei Yue Mun Seafood Village Dinner Cruise. Begin this wonderful 5-hour trip at dusk with the flag lowering ceremony at the Golden Bauhinia Square (if time permitted). A stopover at seafood bazaar at Lei Yue Mun Seafood Village will follow. You get to see Hong Kong on the runway of the old Kai Tak airport and shop in the Temple Street Open Market after the seafood banquet.

Star Ferry's Harbor Tour with A Symphony of Lights, Pearl of the Orient Dinner Cruise, and Tsing Ma Night Cruise offer memorable sights as well. Land stroll is a most breathtaking one: a cable ride to the Victoria Peak, where you get spectacular views.

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Culture and history info

Structurally, one of the first laws to define people's relationships was the Hong Kong Matrimonial Ordinance passed in 1972. The law set the precedence to ban concubinage and same sex marriages with a strict declaration for heterosexual relationships with one partner only.

Other economic changes include families in need of assistance due to both working parents. In particular, foreign domestic helpers have become an integral part of the household since the late 1980s.

Traditional Chinese values such as "family solidarity", "courtesy" and "saving face" carries significant weight in the minds of the people. Hong Kong's mainstream culture derives from, or is heavily influenced by, the Cantonese from the neighbouring province of Guangdong, China. There are also substantial communities of Hakka, Fukien, Teochew and Shanghainese people.

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Once home to fishermen and farmers, modern Hong Kong is a teeming, commercially-vibrant metropolis w More info


Hong Kong, along with the famous city of Macao (Macau), is one of the Special Administrative Regions (SAR) of China, enclosed in the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea. The city is a leading financial, economic and trade city in Asia and in the world often compared with Shanghai, New York and London. Being British’s concession from 1842 to 1997, Hong Kong, literally meaning the “Harbor of Perfumes” in Chinese (Xianggang) for its past as a major trading seaport, has a history and culture mixing of past Chinese and British influences. The city comprises more than 260 outlying islands including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Lantau and the New Territories. Ranked as an economic, political, entertainment and shopping hub, the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong is ruled since 1997 by what is called the “one country, two systems” principle. The actual currency, the Hong Kong Dollars is one of the most traded currency in the world. As a highly developed city in terms of transportation, tourism and business, Hong Kong is getting more and more famous in the international community. With a population mainly originating from the neighboring Guangdong Province, Hong Kong flourishes with so many different cultural influences that travelers may feel like in Europe. Using Cantonese, English or Mandarin Chinese, most of the people living in Hong Kong are bilingual and trilingual. Let yourself be impressed by the amazing modern architecture, skyscrapers and harbor of Hong Kong for a visit that will never let you down!

History of Hong Kong – Ancient British concession

Man Mo Temple, which was original built in 1848, is the oldest Chinese temple in Hong Kong.

In History, Hong Kong was known as a far-flung outpost of the Chinese Empire until the importation of opium by some European traders in the 1800s. During the 19th century, British vessels started to represent a great part of China’s transactions with foreign countries but this is started in 1841 that things turned completely for the little island of Hong Kong. Hoisting the British Union flag on the island and signing then the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 ended the First Opium War, Hong Kong was ceded to the British Crown. This was the starting point of Hong Kong being known as a British colony. The Second Opium War enlarged the territory of the British who took finally possession of the area known today as Kowloon in 1860, for the New Territories then in 1898. At this date, a 99-year lease was granted to the New Territories area, a mark of Hong Kong’s limited status in time. During the 20th century, Hong Kong experienced a rapid growth even though it had been occupied for a time by the Japanese during the Pacific War. But the limited lease of Hong Kong under the British Crown started to be the center of all politics in the 1984, the city is supposed to be given back to China in 1997. As History showed it, Hong Kong was given back to China on the 1st July 1997 and took the special status of a SAR that is to say with a free market economy as well as personal social and legal systems for 50 years. The British era ended, the 5 centuries of Chinese cultural influences intertwine with a 150 year Sino-British history that create Hong Kong’s unique outlook and character. With an economy speeded up and the arrival of mass-tourism from mainland China despite the restriction concerning visas for mainland Chinese nationals, Hong Kong’ influence is increasing more and more at an international path. This booming history of Hong Kong is something that just can’t be denied while we enter this other China, the place being so much alike Britain and even central London!

Hong Kong nowadays – One of the most important cities in the world

Beautiful night scene of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

Today, Hong Kong is one of the most important cities in the world. In close relationship with the Mainland despite the “one country, two systems” policy implemented until 2047, Hong Kong is a marvel to explore. Being a real dream for people who love to do shopping, Hong Kong flourishes with every kind of goods that can be seen in Europe or America. Pure mix of Sino-Western world, the city is a blend of Chinese traditions and exotic western influence. The many skyscrapers and high buildings depicting in front of the harbor give a worldly famous panorama of the city. Financial city after all, Hong Kong has also become a main tourist destination where anyone can handle a visit easily, as it is so small and conveniently served by transportations (subway, tramway, bus…). While visiting Hong Kong, almost all nationalities are allowed to stay without any visa from 30 to 90 days. For more security before leaving the mainland, check the customs according to your mother country anyways. Seeing Hong Kong’s romantic vistas across Victoria harbor, the beautiful Repulse Bay, experiencing the huge diversity of cuisines, shopping malls, meeting people from all over the world and tasting the great British influence of the population and the city’s architecture…A time in Hong Kong is never long enough to discover the richness of this Sino-British city! Home to a Disneyland Resort and of many luxury brands seen in all the biggest cities in the world, Hong Kong will undoubtedly offers you an amazing Hong Kong tour!

Languages spoken

Chinese, English

Currency used

Hong Kong dollar

Area (km2)

1,104 km²

Country Info

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory, and former British colony, in southeastern China. Its vibrant, densely populated urban centre is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline. Central (the business district) features architectural landmarks like I.M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower. Hong Kong is also a major shopping destination, famed for bespoke tailors and Temple Street Night Market.
Currency: Hong Kong dollar Trending
Ethnic groups (2017): 92.0% Chinese; 2.5% Fillipino; 2.1% Indonesians; 0.8% White; 2.6% others;
Date format: dd-mm-yyyy; yyyy年mm月dd日
Official scripts: Traditional Chineseb; English alphabet
Local time: Thursday, 8:54 PM
Weather: 20°C, Wind NE at 8 km/h, 93% Humidity